1 Secret Website Hack to Increase Conversions and Skyrocketing Ecommerce Sales
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1 Secret Website Hack to Increase Conversions and Skyrocketing Ecommerce Sales

– People come to your website, but they have no reason to buy. You’re not giving ’em a
reason to check out right now. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m gonna teach you how
to boost your conversions by creating a sense of urgency. (peaceful music) A simple way to create a sense of urgency, and this is the first tip I have for you, is to use countdown
timers on your website. Let’s say you have a deal,
why not make your deal expire? If it’s an amazing deal, you
should have a countdown clock. Why make your deal last forever? Make it last for five hours, 24 hours, you pick the timeframe. Have a countdown timer,
and what that’ll cause is more people to buy from
your website faster. The second tip I have for you is scarcity. Do you remember woot.com? A lot of people don’t
talk about it these days, but it was one of the first
e-commerce websites on the web, in which they sell you bag of craps, or they sell you a deal, and they have a limited
quantity of these products. Once it all runs out and goes to zero, then you can’t buy anymore of it. So limit the amount of quantity
you have of your product. And if you make that quantity
known on your webpage, people will know, and be
like, oh, there’s only five remaining, or 10 remaining, or 20, or 100, I have to buy right now
if I really want it. And here’s a quick bonus tip for you, if you’re using Shopify,
there’s a theme called Booster, which has all of that built in, the countdown timers,
and even showing people as your product is depleting. So if you have 99 left,
98 left, 97 left, etc., it will show that. And if you just follow those tips, you’ll create more urgency
and generate more sales. (peaceful music)


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