10 Best Online Business Ideas To Start In 2020 For Beginners
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10 Best Online Business Ideas To Start In 2020 For Beginners

what’s going on everyone Attan here
from myimtips.com and in today’s video I’m gonna share
with you 10 of the best online business ideas that you can get started with as a
beginner in 2020 and beyond. Now there is a lot of people who wants
to get started with their own online business but they are confused because
there are so many different variations of get started in an online business so
my goal with this video is to help you out so you know what to focus on and get
started with your own online business in 2020 and beyond, What you need to do here
is pay attention and watch the whole video don’t skip on anything because I
do share also some information regarding the different business models here but
first before we do that make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and hit
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video one of the most popular models is
ecommerce and you can do it in many different ways one of the most popular
is drop shipping now Shopify is probably the number one platform here to get
started with something like that if you’re interested in e-commerce have a
look at it at Shopify calm but it works really simple and drop shipping as I
said is one of the most popular models here basically your job is to promote
upload a picture or something from that product and sell it and it goes straight
from the manufacturer actually more or less so you don’t have to deal with
shipping that is why it’s called drop shipping also but for e-commerce I think
Shopify is probably the number one platform here to get started with
actually there is a lot of other business models with e-commerce also but
have a look at Shopify to get started with as a beginner I think it’s
definitely one of the best ways another thing you can do is actually resell on
eBay and here you can do it also in many different ways you can actually resell
on the same platform which means that you buy a product from eBay and you sell
it of course on eBay here oh you might find let’s say phone cases or something
on I don’t know could be Alibaba or whatever and actually sell them here of
course on eBay so it can works with a drop shipping model here also that you
don’t have to deal with shipping here as well so have a look at it at ebates.com
here another very very popular very hot topic right now is the drop servicing
and I just typed it in Google here you can see it is a business model where you
sell services and of course you are not the one who’s going to do the services
ok so you’re going to find someone else a quick example would be lets say that
you sell a website ok sell a complete website you can go to a site like
fiverr.com purchase that website and of course sell it to someone else online
you can advertise in many ways it could be YouTube Google
ads or whatever all free traffic methods there so a lot of variations here and it
doesn’t have to be of course with just selling a site it can be a lot of other
online services more or less so have a look at it very very hot topic drop
servicing okay let’s move on to something else and that is to become a
coach or a consultant if you are experts you have an expertise in something could
be let’s say that you are good at weight loss people wants your information they
want to be guided they want help from you and you can do this from the comfort
of your home you just need a zoom more or less or Skype is another alternative
many people prefer zoom because it’s better quality what they say I think
it’s pretty much the same actually it doesn’t matter but this is a great way
that you can be a coach and consultant without having to travel to some other
cities or something like that so what you need to do is of course market
yourself with your expertise there and get started with this kind of a business
model ok another business model is print on demand and teespring is the first one
that comes into my mind here basically what you are doing here is you more or
less design for the t-shirts since we are looking at tea springs here but it
can be cups or mugs or whatever actually that you can do some design and sell
that tea spring is definitely the number one platform regarding t-shirts here and
you can see that there are some cool designs here so you need to take care of
the design and basically people come here and you have uploaded your design
here and you can see here you you selects basically the size here the
quantity and you place the order and it gets shipped straight to the buyer there
so without you having to do anything of that you just take care of the design
more or less and promote that so a great model also actually with print on demand
another one that is very popular is selling online courses
and I have created two to this day one is daily list play daily list profits as
you can see here and this is about how to make hundred dollars per day online
you can see I made a 420 per day here and basically this is about affiliate
marketing and email marketing and I went the hard way as I call it because I had
to create video cell slider sales copy promote it put it on a membership site
and I did the same thing here with audio video mastery this is my second course
that I created and it is actually about creating audio and video productions
like a pro here the same here I did video sales letter and copywriting so it
can be a bit pricey if you’re not good at it so a good recommendation would be
to get on a platform like this which is your Demi comm now udemy.com you don’t
have to take care of the promotion more or less there you just upload the course
there and they do the promotions and you can actually do a course about anything
more or less you can see that there are really really popular courses here look
at this for example the complete financial analyst course 26,000 people
have enrolled and these sells for $11.99 so just do your calculations here and
you can quickly realize that there are some serious money to be made with
creating courses you don’t have to be a super expert actually on anything here
as long as you know a bit more than a few other people where you can create an
online course here and upload it on udemy.com another platform is teachable
so what you can do is also you can create the course and you upload it on
more than just your Demi calm and teachable is also one of the most
popular platforms here then there is skill shear as well but creating online
courses is something you should definitely consider as a business idea
for 2020 and beyond there writing could be another
that you can get started with an online business idea if you like to write and
text broker is one of the most popular sites here you can see here if I go to
the section where it says I write content it can be actually you can write
press releases you can proofread so it doesn’t have to be proof writing correct
and stuff like that so it doesn’t have to be only that you’re writing articles
okay don’t limit yourself and you can see
here that let’s say for example that you are an expertise in weight loss again
here you can see for if you are a five-star writer which you will be if
you are an expert in weight loss you can earn fifty dollars four thousand words
here which is very very good now of course you have to get started in the
beginning by becoming a to of restore writer so it probably you have to write
a little bit so you can get a good reputation there but there is also a
writer calm so you can it can be writing guest posting I just came up with it
right now also but it’s definitely a great business model there if you like
to write alright so let’s move on to one of my favorite online business ideas and
that is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing really simple you don’t have
to deal with shipping creating the product sir all you have to do is find a
good product to promote grab that link and promote that link it is as easy as
that so I am at Clickbank here one of the
largest networks around and you can see that there is a lot of categories I just
typed for health and fitness and you can see here it’s sorted by gravity you can
sort it by popularity so let me talk see is probably one of the most popular ones
Cinderella solutions so for every sale you make here you can make 61 dollars
and 11 cents but you can actually make more because they do have upsells there
as well so this is a supplement if I remember right but there is also a books
and videos courses on how to lose weight for example and tons of other niches
like woodworking batteries I don’t know mobile
help also tons of offers and you really have to check out the affiliate page so
you can get some information and you can grab a link by just type remote here and
grab that link actually and start to promote it of course amazon.com is also
one of the largest affiliate networks really simple because they have millions
of products that you can promote here okay everything that you can imagine you
can promote it so whatever use you find on Amazon you
can promote that and they do have commissions from anywhere from four up
to ten percent but the cool thing here is they have the 24-hour cookie which
means that if someone comes in here purchased through your link let’s say
for example this item here but they also want to purchase this one you make a
commission for that too so usually most of the times on Amazon they do purchase
want more than one item and one thing at a time so it’s a great way actually to
make money as an affiliate marketer a lot of ways of course to promote
affiliate products their own or limits it totally depends on the products and
the niche there can be anything from blogging you can earn a commission by
promoting a product do YouTube videos Instagram there are really no limits as
an affiliate marketer there okay let’s move on to the final one and that is
actually to become a freelancer freelancing could be anything you can
imagine and of course if you have skills like let’s say for example editing
videos you can do that but it all really depends a bit here on your skills okay
so if i just type videos here on Fiverr which is one of the most popular
freelance platforms you can see your people charges for example this is
approximately around 30 US dollars here video editing in post-production
125 here 30 dollars again so I just took an example here it can be anything at
all I mean you can actually do some transcription let’s say for example
trans I’m sorry transcription jobs so any kind
of a freelance job that you can imagine look at this one thousand plus gigs here
and it’s thoughts at five dollars but they do and of course much more because
it usually is more than five or ten minutes that people wants to have
transcribed audio or video they’re actually so as I said the owner limits
here use your imagination and of course your expertise what you are good at you
might be good at creating thumbnails you’re a graphic designer then you can
do freelancing in overall and there are more sites like up work freelancer comm
and of course a lot of other freelance sites if you decide to go this road
alright so there you have it ten online business ideas that you can
get started with as a beginner in 2020 and beyond hopefully you got some value
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well thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one you


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