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Today I will show you 10 useful and interesting
things you can buy in the largest online store Aliexpress. 10.
Flying alarm clock – what is it for? – you can ask. Of course, to pull you out of bed
quickly! When once again in the morning you will want to oversleep, moving the hands of
the alarm clock for 5 minutes ahead endlessly, you won’t be able to make such a trick with
this “guy”. When it’s time to wake up, this kid turns on a creepy siren and the propeller
flies up into the air. To disable the siren, you need to find the propeller, which has
already flown away from you, and insert it back. After this stress you are unlikely to
go back to bed. 9.
And this mug is the most suitable for lazy people who are too lazy to pick up a spoon
and stir the contents. Mug with built-in motor will do all this work for you. Just press
the button and your coffee, tea with sugar, instant soup or whatever else you eat will
be mixed immediately. If it could bring itself to your mouth, it could be priceless. 8.
And this cup will help you to conveniently brew tea so that you won’t have to catch every
tea leaf with a spoon. Put a tea bag to one side of a cup, and when your tea is brewed,
you can drink it from the other side of the cup safely. It is convenient to use it both
at home and at work. 7.
You can agree, it is not always convenient to wear headphones in the winter. If you don’t
wear a hat, you will freeze, but it is not very comfortable to wear them under the hat.
Therefore especially for persons like you they invented a hat with built-in bluetooth
headphones. The hat is compatible with all bluetooth-enabled devices. It can be a player,
smartphones, tablets or laptops. And thanks to a special moisture-proof material even
a strong snowfall is not a problem for that hat! 6.
Since we broached the subject of gadgets for winter, I want to show you a glove with an
integrated Bluetooth headset. To answer the call, you don’t have to freeze your hands
anymore, frantically pulling the phone out of your pocket. You just need to move your
fingers apart in a certain gesture and you can start a conversation. Moreover, Italian
designers which introduced the fashion for these gloves, decided to please everyone and
have made textile and leather copies. 5.
Virtual reality glasses have now become available to everyone, thanks to 2 Google company employees
whom came up with the idea to make these glasses on the basis of a regular smartphone in 2013.
Instead of the built-in screen you will see a display of your smartphone in front of you
and a special lens will make 3D effect. Due to the low cost of this device everyone can
dive into the world of 3D games and movies right at his own home. 4.
In order not to let your smartphone be totally discharged after such stresses, especially
when there are no sockets near you, they invented external batteries. For example, such battery
with capacity of 10,000 mAh can charge 2 smartphones at the same time via USB. A side led shows
the charging status. Plug it and keep watching your favorite movies without fear that the
battery of your phone runs out.. 3.
What do you think about the pocket cinema? A miniature projector, no bigger than a regular
smartphone that can transmit an image to any surface. I’m sure many would like to have
a home cinema. You can afford it with this device. You can make business presentations
or just watch movies with friends using this projector. 2.
This thing looks as if it came to us from the future. A levitating bluetooth speaker
can soar in the air on the principle of magnetic levitation. You can choose songs directly
in your phone via bluetooth. It is able to play as many as 15 hours using battery, so
that is just enough for you. And it looks very cool, do you agree? 1.
Technology is evolving, and today you can buy what seemed impossible some years ago.
Cicret projection bracelet is probably the most intelligent bracelet, because it can
wirelessly project images from your smartphone right to your hand. And you can fully operate
your smartphone, snapping your fingers on the hand as on the screen. With it you can
answer calls, browse the Internet, launch apps and everything that you do with your
smartphone. By the way, it’s waterproof, so feel free to take it into the bathroom, which
is not true of most smartphones. And you can turn on and off the bracelet with a simple
hand movement. You can buy this device at the end of the year. You will find links to all the products in
the description below.


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