10 Strange Amazon Items!
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10 Strange Amazon Items!

NEW CHANNEL Team Edge- But just gaming challenges SUBSCRIBE NOW! Link in the description below! I’m so excited about my chicken phone case *realization of grossness* *Disgusted* OH! Oh my gosh dude! Oh, no wonder that bag was sealed! What’s going on guys? I am Matthias And today we’re looking at ten strange things from Amazon that Bryan went through Amazon, went through your comments, went through your tweets And found some ten ridiculously stupid things- -actually we don’t know if they’re all stupid because today I’m gonna buy it or pass Guys… also click that bell icon next to my channel name on desktop and on mobile to get notified on when I upload videos BECAUSE… I will be commenting back within the first 30 minutes If that matters at all to you… click that button! And I may comment back! To you! cool! Ohhhh….. off to a great start dude… Just seein’ a guy on a toilet… just a great start to my day… Toilet golf MOONMINI Is that like a purposeful thing? Moonmini? Potty… Putter set bathroom game mini golf set putting I would imagine this is marketed towards bachelors And bachelors ONLY Bryan: Yeah Right? ‘Cuz I don’t see any women… Trying this I mean, I’m not gonna say none of you want to try it or none of you will I’m saying the majority I assume… Are gonna be like “What the hell is this?” I don’t know about this though Ya know? It’s just like, there’s a certain point at which you’re like… What am I doing with my life? Hah, hah If you’re not satisfied, please contact us and let us know and we will get an exchange… *Puking noises* Hurrgh! EXCHANGE As in All the poop particles and the pee flakes and flicks… Are all over that thing Bryan: Pee flicks? There’s no way that… if… that… like… Like, if I was this company, and someone was like- “I’m not fully satisfied! Also, I defecated on it.” I’d be like, keep it I don’t want it, I’ll just give you your money back ‘Prestigious potty putting’ ‘This product has changed my life!’ Ugh, keivergill (Honestly don’t know what he said) ‘My putting game and the dinamic of how I spend my time on the throne’ Who cares? ‘Say goodbye to wasting your time on your phone or tablet!’ ‘It’s time to work on your green game!’ Egh… This guy had a little too much asparagus, AMIRITE? ‘Cuz his game is green because he ate the… …asparagus… Bryan: It doesn’t turn your pee green Bryan: It makes it stink ‘Pure fun! Perfect gift for “that guy”‘ See? I have good instincts! I figured… ‘Fine, as expected’ ‘It was cheap’ ‘Green is a flimsy fabric felt flimsy plastic’ ‘It was a gag gift and I knew it be made cheaply’ Oh, they gave four stars. Okay. ‘Fine, as expected’ Here we go kids, we’re gonna test this out and see for ourselves, add to cart! Heh, heh! ‘A perfect putting game for avid golfers’ *sighs* Could you imagine being… Bryan: That guy? That guy… “Hey mom! Guess what? I got a modelling gig!” “What’s it for?” “Sitting on a toilet… with my pants down…” She’s like “Johnny!” “I told you not to do those photo shoots anymore!” And he’s like “No, no! This one’s fully legit!” “You’re not gonna see anything!” Bryan: Eww! How much you wanna bet this is the designer of this product? Ha ha ha ha! He like, couldn’t get anyone else No dude… Hold up, hold up, hold up! Don’t touch anything! Bryan: WHAT? Look at all the scrapes and scratches on this- Bryan: OH HECK NO! You see all the scrapes and scratches? Bryan: It’s been used. o__o It’s been used! Bryan: Holy crap! WASH MY HANDS!!! Bryan: WASH! WASH, WASH! Straight up though… Why is it all scuffed up? *Deep sniffage* *Coughs, regretting deep sniffage* Gotta clean my internal orga- Bryan: Oh my gosh *Cough attack* Bryan: Oh! Ha ha I mean like, there’s possibility… There’s possibility that it wasn’t used Bryan: No bro! Then why are there streak marks and scuffs- Well, my- my guess is that maybe the products were just loose in there scuffing each other up Bryan: No, no bro, I’m sorry- No! I don’t wanna believe it Bryan! I don’t wanna believe it! Oh, off to a great start, guys if you’re here… As a part of that bell icon, you’re part of the notification squad make sure you give this video a like right now to prove you’re here I wanna see that. I wanna see you showing up, *sings* OH SHOWING UP! Oahhhhhhhhhhh, I just had a gag reflex, dude Creamed Possum in Coon Fat Gravy Garnished with Sweet Potatoes No way Is this a joke thing? No… this isn’t Is this a joke? *Matthias is deep in thought* For the hard to satisfy, gourmet palate For a taste you’ll never forget from the hills of possum valley And a dead possum Not true contents *Matthias breathing a sigh of relief and Bryan laughing in the background* That was about to be upsetting. A gag gift Finally dude! there is so much other stuff that doesnt say gag gift Bryan: Bro, you just missed it, look at the title Oh, gag can *Matthias realizing how stupid he was* Haha, I just totally missed it dude I just totally didn’t even see it dude I’m sorry, that toilet potty thing shook me, man I don’t know what to do anymore, man, I can’t trust the world Is this gluten free? Oh heck yes. No artificial ingredients! Is this real? Its in a real can, but I bought it as a gag gift. It was good for that Can rattles! but it would be a lot better if it contained a liquid and didn’t rattle it sounds like it’s full of gravel which immediately ruined the joke if it’s like soup or something like that shouldn’t like gonna be lucky in there like you like moving around my grandmother used to make this meat was disappointed to find its just faked stop my past lobster have brand-new fantastic value funny lobster plush hat great accessory for any adult or child funny lobster costume lobster costume that’s an entire lobster there’s no but only the items listed above are included sounds like we’re my free gift style meets comfort this is a wonderful stylish hat I feel like I stepped right out of the GQ magazine when I walk out of the house reading this I feel everyone’s eyes on me and I walk around town guys want to be me and girls want to get with me I don’t a tiny bit on the floppy side but super cute for the money is good if you don’t have a lobster fetish it’s probably not for you but if like my family a lot to add it’s practically obligatory no we are not fishermen quickly in a particular viewer the execution is mediocre the nose of the lobster the tendency to bend upwards the meshes uncomfortable the whiskers are not uniformly curved the product idea though is excellent so funny and well-made used what b-52 karaoke a rock lobster I get that part let’s go round and round on the panel now and being a half lifestyle but it was black Bobby that’s what she say hi what does it out was by alright here we go to the rock lobster no no it’s just a lobster why don’t you keep saying rock so this is super cheap material but it for sure some really creepy voter thing was that why won’t you look like the Pope dude not the Pope is armed guard doesn’t have an armed guard am thinking of Darth Vader’s armed guards yeah they’re red Queen hand skipping the Duke free do all tank double beverage dispenser before i read the description i’m trying to figure out what this thing for ok i’m assuming keep getting a glimpse of myself in the screen i’m assuming that this thing is for I don’t know like maybe you’re out i like kind of like a big event and you want to like charge people for soda or beer but you don’t have to like go all the way back to the to the beer place so that way you could be like you like a bit 2550 and you’re like thank you come again like the way so they come again kids walk so it just never can find the guy again think of the fun you’ll have the next beer bash be ready to extinguish thirst at a moment’s notice so i was wrong on my gosh this is just to drink who can drink that much doesn’t say that if you’re serving other people just says that you’ve got it prepped for when you’re thirsty health end of the liquid have to be can i use syrup it’s a small spigot like on a beverage dispenser with a fairly long tube i think it would have to be a fairly liquid product in it I want to be the sweet match then just to let us set up to everybody can I use this for copy will remain hot for a good time sure if you want hot coffee strapped to your back and not do not do is you’re a lot will stay hot as it is not insulated is more of a cold stuff and humor yeah that’s one of the dozen issue though is that it wouldn’t stay cold so towards the end you’ll start to have to charge charge a lot less you know your first year you charge like 25 bucks because the convenience and then towards the end we like 25 cents for this last beer like I kind of warm like that’s why it’s always 15 Samuel still get drunk really cool for like 20 minutes until it gets warm and then it’s quite disgusting plus if you’re not someone who can drink all the alcohol whatever liquid you decided to fill it with your sharing the poorest bounces and it’s very unsanitary why is it important to a copy idiot i would pass right now unless there’s some like the most ridiculous like amount of like ridiculous amount of likes you know let me know down in the comments below should i buy this for future episode and try it out on people wedding surprise box a funny practical joke toy and don’t want boxing surprising the same sentence so the idea is it’s a prank you open it up and immediately the spider comes out to attack you and then once you run out of people to scare you can scare him again not like you’re gonna be like oh I forgot what box was what’s the box i was so excited to get this Frank box for a gift for my nephew he’s over arrow prankster the description says made by Amish so they’re really i always thought that meant something special no this is burning the Amish however when I got here it was a big disappointment power you know the Amish underway i can’t say that cause last time I said that about Canadians they just liked the video but guess what no other people watching the video of my right unless you have defected the blue they’re not opposite good mom I’d like this to prank my wife has a christmas present it works like a champ very funny overpriced for what it is and i still think I’d rather buy another if i add through i love trancing friends with this one and you’ll have endless last good quality build and nothing trouble more time slow motion aah that’s good let’s go test it out on some guys on the outside by your devices oh yeah I gotta buy it first that’s right dad your car that is kind of creepy yeah if you want to see how it actually works that probably got you do not bridgit mind breaking made by the Amish oh you said every residue don’t have been my Amish viewers man you know what I’m going to get this life so I’m gonna get just like some people that know honest people know that my friends got there we’re gonna draw names for outstanding count ok so your drivers oh my lord years i have second reaction to it he yell over doesn’t a little bit a little bit to help yeah what do you have for what goes through food have got a new phone we’re going to challenge right now so you’re going to draw some may withdraw all areas of your luxury haha if you want to see more hilarity like that happens a lot of my Instagram story so go make sure you follow me on instagram instagram.com / Matthias i pay and oh my gosh redneck plunger perfect for Christmas the ultimate this is actually hurting my head no jokes now it’s actually ticking ticking ticking the ultimate gag gift fun gag gift for your white elephant parties work as a functioning toilet plunger Oh grows when the world that is so gross I mean I got bang bang your proof for that baby where you need to shoot him out of the toilet i was stuck in there real good compile two different guns what brown it down but when i click order it comes up the Pooh is for people what in it come and eat cheese has the one if it’s brown it’s down what are these people talking about somehow to get each other to render redneck market it’s a cute idea but it does not work because the whole configuration is too short what kind of a big of a 22 you have the noise is soft ok ride you care why he described in turn over the noise of this plunger and a little bit probably disappointed some folks they really wanted to be a real pleasure not just a joke you really have people over that often that cause your toilets you anything everything I mean I think that this person’s like I really wanted people have fun with it and the plunging you know when all my relatives come over and have their massive food you know I want them to at least enjoy the process of unclogging toilets you gag gift not really practical for you fairless too short movable parts would touch water that’s with the growth on the plus side my husband likes to have it just from display next to the toilet but then people are going to use it and you will know that we use it and then you’ll be like check this out and their species will be on your hands just like the toilet party of golf set have flashbacks to that for the rest of my life out of them everybody anything toilet related oh look oh I see the parts that you handle our way too close Pass great big holdup that’s the name of the company there are so many other things you can go your company the other than great pig already work man i’m working great pigs I’ll see you later fried chicken phone case for the iphone what the heck you got a piece of baked fried chicken glued to a phone I’m just trying to figure out why who thinking that’s what I need I need to somehow profess my love about fried chicken to everyone that sees me don’t way through time what a piece of junk chicken leg was glued off case with glue smeared all over the case and they gave me two pieces of the same side of the case so it would be impossible to simple but yeah dude oh that looks rank fantastic the case is so unique my friends are so attracted by it what my friends are so attracted by it this was what my daughter has been wanting to some time now she’s so happy with it she loves the conversation that stirs up here is that conversation yet some checking on your phone actually it’s a phone case what’s that just watch somebody come on what-what mom joins your money on this junk seriously the quality of the product sucks good nice phone case feel like they’re speaking directly to the phone case at this point good nice phone case nice on kids add the card my word actually looks like it’s in a bag that you get chicken in i’m so excited about my chicken phone case that’s it oh my god that’s very oh another that backfield Oh through we’re striking out today Oh of what is happening details oh I might actually use this just for the conversation started this here we go haha why why why does this exist it’s just so weird i really want to touch it like I’m afraid like I’m gonna grab it one day and just be like oh what’s that on the back of my fault oh yes right it’s chicken this is not good dude started on because you it’s what did I make low-priced nice uh these names of these companies low-price nice bubbly shower bath washing bathing hair waterproof shield cap for baby kids children blue this picture ray needs to be a meme of sorts you know what you know i just told you to follow me on instagram if you are make this into a meme and tag me in it i wanna i wanna see what you guys can come with this because babies like screw this FML you know my question is what’s the big deal I mean I get as a baby you know maybe you don’t the baby it’s a cute baby too but for the kid to the kids get up suck it up it’s just water its water on your face can we get more sensitive towards like one is iphone while he’s taking a shower and you just hold it underneath and she’s like I’m not getting it wet can’t using baby tub all the water comes out what does that even mean it doesn’t even need anything piece of poop poor quality considering the product is less expensive than the shipping i think you may have been able to figure that one out on your own baby kept trying to take it off so it never really serve the trip it’s cute my daughter likes it and said she doesn’t need to worry about washing her hair anymore what was to worry about what’s worrying about washing your hair maybe if they don’t want soap to get in their eyes just triggering the things i say something I’m gonna pass that’s better I kinda collection face Bank coin bank with a face i think i saw this on buck therapy as well i’m almost positive i did and i’m always father didn’t work well once you reach your hand to feed a coin wow it opens its mouth I’m scared can you get your money out is it like a piggy bank yes you put your money in the mouth and you may lose version was like before I put my valuable change into it can I get it back I was really enjoying this until it came to light and snatch my soul from my body finally we get a reviewer that is accurate he’s saying what other people are thinking waste the money first of all the instructions or Chinese or Japanese well okay okay add the car oh this is way crazier than I thought it was going to be way creepier the heck the packaging always faced little squishy dude why you are really creepy didn’t just eat my soul to keep proving it out how do so no stop going through him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him alright let’s let’s see what the guys think of that thing in your first reaction frog frog frog profits your finger in that hole doesn’t trust me but only in japan was happening here in sea creature giant isopod realistic stuffed plush doll I’m tripping out right now what is an isopod oh my gosh oh no way that’s not real yeah it is dude it totally is holy crab 00 cringing right now man oh my gosh they really like these things in Japan but Diack giant isopods are passionately loved in Japan oky here passionately loved I’m thinking something else right passionately love what else would you think I passionately love that a giant isopod in toba aquarium in Japan and even no fee for over four years what the heck a giant isopod plush doll is made to look as close as possible i want to know more but I don’t want to know more you know I mean is it heavy now it’s the largest specimen which I purchased it isn’t a strain to carry for standard length of time why dude why are you carrying it for extended length of time I love this critter column referring to a type of Japanese body armor and being aid of and and finally i can read those got this for my blood sucking x enjoy your stuff crustacean you that’s great you got like a review of cute but the actual product is smaller than the em sighs implied i call this tiny I got the largest want to end up being smaller than my fellow wasn’t terribly plus just marginally plush not worth $85 brought that’s expensive loved it just very expensive it looks like it’s due to the shipping my gosh this thing is so creepy i have to do more research on this thing later because it creeps me out or mean the real ones yeah Wow guys make sure you check out this right there see that little thing on my finger that was a mouse and it behave erratically go check it out super funny and also click a better subscribe because if you’re new here you want to maybe check out these constant videos that were doing Tuesday Thursday and Saturday all right at five


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