$100 AMAZON Style Challenge (8 TOTAL Looks!)

What’s up, its your boy Jose Zuniga and I
got some more heat for you today. So you’ve been wanting more style
challenges and I wanted to change it up. I didn’t want to do the same thing and I
think this is gonna be cooler. Today I did the hundred dollar style Amazon
challenge ,and personally I think that’s pretty cool because you can buy
everything you see exactly in this video if you liked it down below. I’m gonna
link everything that I got from Amazon. Now to be fair, I ended up spending a
hundred thirty-eight dollars but that includes a pair of sneakers, four tops, two
bottoms and free two-day shipping. Almost all the challenges I’ve seen almost
never include shoes and when they do it’s for one outfit, here we’re gonna
compose eight of them. So we have a lot of outfits, so let’s run through this
quick. Number one that starts simple, we got the black beans, these are Levi’s
jeans I copped for $25, pair it with the striped t-shirt and $35 white sneakers
from Steve Madden and you got a total look for only 75 bucks,
that looks pretty killer to me. But quickly we can swap that out for an
offer number two, swap the t-shirt, throw on the baseball tee, which by the way I
love the fit of this tee it was only $15 and of course the same total price
including shoes head to toe, is only $75. But now that was too easy, you want
something more, alright let’s spice things up. Outfit number three, we’re
gonna include the flannel. The flannel was $21 and it’s again a must for every
guy for fall and winter, if you don’t have one this is the perfect one to pick up.
We just gotta throw that right on top of the baseball tee, you got a completely
different look just by throwing that flannel for a total outfit price of 96
bucks, including shoes head to toe. Alright you’re probably thinking “Jose,
come on, give us some more..” I will, outfit number four, let’s just remove the baseball tee button-up that flannel and throw a
sweater. The sweater was only 17 bucks, now you have a smart complete
head-to-toe look for ninety three dollars. Head to toe, you got four pieces
in this outfit ,that’s pretty sick to me. For outfit number five, again let’s keep
it pretty simple. Let’s just remove the flannel, removing the contrast
automatically makes it seem like you got a different outfit. And since it’s a
v-neck it’s the perfect casual look and perfect for these crisp days that you don’t need any layering. Oh yeah, and outfits only $72. By the way
quick little PSA, like I said if you didn’t catch it in my previous video, we
actually have a Spanish channel. So everything you’re seeing on here, we’re
gonna translate it into Spanish, and you’re gonna see me speaking Spanish. So
if you want to see that or you got a friend, a brother, a sister, a cousin,
father, mother, whoever it is that, that’s been wanting to up its style but they
only speak Spanish, let them know also you can go check it out you know I don’t
know drop a laugh or two and subscribe. Like I said, we’re gonna be dropping heat
for Spanish guys too, ’cause well we want to look stylish as well and the
content isn’t there, so we’re about to change that. So go ahead check out our
second channel, I’m going to have it linked below. Definitely share it and
help us grow that. Alright but let’s switch it up, enough with these jeans,
let’s move on to outfit number six. Let’s toss the jeans to the side, throw on the
shorts and we have a total look, completely different for only sixty
seven dollars. Which by the way, quick little side note, these shorts from
amazon’s basic line, these things are amazing. For only 15 bucks, they have a
range of colors and free two-day shipping, you’re not gonna beat that
anywhere else. Like honestly, the quality is great, they fit amazing, and like I
said $15 I don’t even think H&M can compete with this. And finally real quick
for the last two looks outfit seven and outfit number eight, we got the striped
tee and the baseball tee for two completely different looks from
everything else. This is pretty amazing to me if you ask me, honestly
when I first did the hundred dollar challenges, that was the main gist of it,
to show you that it doesn’t matter how much you spend, it doesn’t matter what
the brand name says, you can buy stylish pieces for a hundred dollars from the
comfort of your couch, and get it delivered to your door from Amazon, who
would have thought. Now the real question is, what does the Amazon gonna hit me up
for a sponsorship? Alright boys, so that’s it for this week’s video, let me know
what you guys think. What outfit was your best, are you gonna start coping heat
from Amazon now? If so, drop a comment down below. Also don’t forget to like
this video and subscribe to this channel and our Spanish channel. Like I said,
we’re dropping heat over there as well, So let your friends, whoever you know
speaks Spanish about our second channel. That’s it for me today, see you next time.

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