1080p eBay Action Camera Review Follow Up

Hello everyone, and welcome back it’s
CivilGuy here and today I just want to get something off my chest. A few months
ago I posted a video on my very first eBay action camera purchase and you may
have seen it the link is down in the description if you haven’t but as you
could tell in that video I wasn’t too pleased with what I ordered
soon after I posted that video I began to receive comment from folks I’ve had
similar experiences or even better but I have to say this though several videos
on YouTube today claim that you can purchase a twenty dollar action camera
and have true HD 1080p and video quality now either I’m searching in the wrong
batch or these videos are stretching the truth just slightly a bit I will attest
to this right now though I have purchased several 1080p cameras from
different eBay sellers and nearly every experience was surprisingly the same for
those who believe I should be pleased with the video quality as is I gladly
disagree with you I’m actually jealous of those who have actually spent less
than 20 dollars on a camera that can actually do everything such as HD 1080p
at 60 frames per second with time-lapse or even loop recording but unfortunately
that hasn’t been my situation now my goal is not to discourage anybody from
purchasing an action camera if you want to purchase one purchase but be aware of
what you’re getting yourself into also I would suggest you buy one from
Amazon instead ebay is okay but depending on what camera you go for you
might be in for a surprise sure they may cost 10 or 20 dollars more
on Amazon but I’m telling you it’s worth it in the next couple of weeks I
will be uploading a few new action camera unboxings so be on the lookout
for that subscribe so you’ll be notified and also leave a comment down below let
me know what you think and stay tuned thank you for watching and I’ll see you
in the next video

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