12 essential tips to create an efficient product page
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12 essential tips to create an efficient product page

The product datasheet is a critical part of the purchasing process. It can boost your sales then just as easily slow them down Having a great product datasheet means providing all the information your customers need to build their trust. 1) Start with a good title. It should clearly describe your product and be unique to each product and its datasheet. 2) ) Next, add customer ratings. These are highly effective in creating reassurance and is often more credible than your sales pitch. Display them near the title with an average star number and the number of ratings given. When visitors click this, they should be redirected to the rating details 3) Below, add a short description of the product. It should be sales-orientated, including competitive advantages and customers benefits for your customers. It should also be optimized for natural search placement. To do this, incorporate lots of keywords in the text without keyword stuffing. 4) Display your product’s options or attributes, such as color, size and quantity. These elements should be clearly displayed, with a dedicated space for each of them. The selection should be simple and logical for your customers. If you have a limited stock, indicate the number of items left. Aside from informing customers, you can increase sales during busy periods by creating a sense of urgency. 5) The price should be clear and legible, so customers can avoid any surprises when it comes to paying. If the price differs depending on the product attributes, state the price variations clearly. If you are offering promotions, highlight them BY using colored inserts to display the percentage discount or showing the original price crossed out, and indicate clearly the number of days remaining or the sale duration. This will encourage your customers to make the impulse purchase. 6) Below the price, clearly display your add to cart or call-to-action button. Opt for a large design, in an eye-catching color, with a catchy copy so customers immediately know that this is the “buy” button. 7) To build your customer’s trust and create reassurance, add payment information below this button. If your site is SSL enabled, use a symbol to show that the payment is secure and add the logos of the payment methods you accept. 8) Also, remember to add share buttons for social networks. These simple buttons encourage visitors to share your product on their network. It’s a simple and free way to attract new customers and getting them to talk about your products! 9) ) Then, add photos of your product alongside the items mentioned above. They are your product datasheet’s main asset. A good image can increase your customer’s decision to add the product to their cart by 75%. Displaying a quality photos is, therefore, essential. To do this, you should: Enable zoom so customers can see your product in detail. You will, therefore, need a professional camera. Stage your products to demonstrate their use. Use natural light rather than flash to avoid colors distortion. And finally, photograph your products in all color tones from the same angle so customers can display them and compare shades. This will avoid them being disappointed with the color when they receive their package. All of these items should be located above the fold, in other words, they should be visible without web users having to scroll down the page. In comparison, the following items will be placed below the fold because they provide additional but not necessary information about the product. 10) ) Here you should provide a long description that prensents your product in detail. Adding technical features and tips from your team to demonstrate your expertise and convert more shoppers. If you have products that have a special significance or a great backstory, make sure to mention it because customers will attach additional value to it. 11) If you have an instruction manual or a user guide, display it in your product datasheet, it will work to reassure your potential customers. You can also make a YouTube video that puts your product into context while attract shoppers, which once again optimizes your search placement. 12) Finally, complete your product datasheet with similar products to complement the one displayed or those most often purchased with this one. The goal is to generate increased sales through upselling or cross selling, just as a seller in a shop would do. The final items should be visible when your customer is browsing the product datasheet, but can be added in your footer. For example, shoppers should be able to easily access the shipping, delivery and returns policy or the contact information. These ones are essential for reassurance, but they will be the same displayed for each product. So, remember to check and optimize your product datasheets by regularly adding or modifying items.


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