18 Passive Income Ideas ? WORKING In Late 2019 (WITH PROOF)
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18 Passive Income Ideas ? WORKING In Late 2019 (WITH PROOF)

– So in this video today, I’m going to be putting a list together of the best passive income
ideas that I see out there right now as of late 2019. Now before we get into that, I just wanna briefly cover
something really quick that I always wanna mention
when we’re talking about this idea of earning passive income. And if you’re not familiar
with what passive income is, for most of us, this
means making money 24/7. When we’re sleeping, when we’re awake, at all times during the day, or not actively exchanging
your time for your money. So most people out there are
familiar with active income, which is where you go
to a nine to five job, or maybe you go rake somebody’s leaves and you make money derived
from your immediate activity. While there’s nothing
wrong with doing that the big issue with active income is that you’re actively
involved in that process. And if you wanna say go on vacation, or go do something other than work, well, if all you make is active income, you’re not gonna make any
money when you’re not working. So passive income on the other hand, is a way for you to be
making money 24/7/365 without involving your
time actively day today, and continuing to earn money. Now that being said, a lot of people do sell the
pipe dream of passive income. And they tell you that you
can basically do nothing and sit on your butt at home and start making passive income. And I’m gonna tell you that right now those people are straight up lying to you. Because when it comes down
to earning passive income, you have two choices. Number one, you have to invest your time, it’s going to involve
some amount of time first to actually put something together or to build something that will allow you to earn passive income. And if you don’t like that, then you have to invest your money. You have to take your money, put it into an asset
or something out there, that’s going to allow you to earn income in a relatively passive way. So when it comes down to
earning passive income, you either have to invest your time, or you have to invest your money. There is no pipe dream secret out there of a method that doesn’t
involve some amount of time, or some amount of money to
begin earning passive income. But I’m gonna share with you
guys a blend of both of these, some of them require your time invested, some require your money invested. And I’m actually gonna take
this a step further for you guys and show you actual screen recordings showing you how much I’m actually earning from many of these different
passive income sources. So all that being said, my only asked from you guys, since this video literally took me about 10 hours to research. And then by the time I
figured out my editing. This is a doozy here, but it should be a really good resource for you guys. All that I asked in return
is that you go ahead and drop a like on this video. Literally takes you less than two seconds. It helps out a lot with the algorithm. And it will hopefully allow this video to be shared with more people. Because I know I certainly
enjoy these videos that require a lot more research. And the more views I can get on them, the easier it is for me to
produce content just like this. And the last thing I do
wanna mention any resources as we go through these
different passive income ideas, I’m gonna include links down
in the description below. Some of those links are affiliate links. And essentially what that means is at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you decide to click on those links. So if you decide you wanna support me for putting this video together. That is one of the
options to use the links in the description below. But that being said let’s
start off with idea number one for earning passive income. Okay so number one on my list here is selling a digital product. And in particular, what I’m talking about is selling an online course. And for a lot of you guys, this may sound like an area that you’ve never even
really heard of before. But it really has to do with a transition we are seeing here in how
people are learning new skills. And so most people if
they’re looking to learn about marketing or about
a particular subject, well, they go out there and
they get a college education, the big problem with that
is it’s gonna cost you thousands of dollars, if
not tens of thousands. And also by the time things are written in a textbook, they are often outdated. Well, online courses are a way for people to learn different skills without spending tens of thousands of dollars. And these courses are
also much more current and up to date. Because it’s not like these things are being written into a college textbook. Now no doubt here, the
people who are making a lot of money with online courses are the people that are
actually selling them. It’s kind of like this
analogy here of the gold rush. It wasn’t the guys that
were digging for gold that were actually making the most money, it was the guys that
were selling the pickaxes and the shovels to actually dig for gold. So if you are somebody who
is maybe more extroverted, or you like the idea of teaching, this can be one of the best methods for earning passive income. By taking something you’re
already knowledgeable of, packaging it up into an online course, and then selling it to people online. And not only are you making a really good passive
income source for yourself, you’re also helping people in
a certain area of their life where they’re definitely struggling with. So it’s a win win situation. And you might be saying to yourself, who in the world is going
to buy an online course? But you would honestly be surprised. I actually looked this up as a statistic, because I was curious. The average cost of a four
year private college education is now $32,410. And you have thousands,
tens of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people signing up to go $30,000 into debt every single year as they enroll in private college. So as more people shift
to learning online, we’re just gonna begin to see more and more demand for online courses. So people are gonna fork out 30 grand for a college education, it’s not uncommon for
somebody to spend $1,000 to I’d say 2500 on an online course, that’s gonna be far more
current and applicable. So all that being said, I wanna go ahead and jump into my computer now and show you guys exactly
how much money I’ve made in passive income by
selling online courses. Alright guys, so now I’m
gonna go ahead and jump in and show you some of my actual numbers for different digital products that I’ve sold over the
last couple of years. So the first thing you’re
looking at right here is my teachable dashboard, which is where all of my
different online courses live. And I’ve had a couple of different courses over the last couple of
years that I’ve sold. The first one I ever launched was the stock market investing course, I did just about $43,000
in sales of that course. And that course was open for
a little bit over one year. So still not bad $43,000
mostly from organic traffic. Very little paid advertising. The only paid ads I was
doing were retargeting ads going after people who had
already seen the sales page. Passion to Paycheck, this
was actually kind of a flop I was doing with a friend of mine. We only did 4,000 in sales
and we kind of decided that wasn’t gonna be a road
we were going to go down. Stock Radar was the name
of my membership site, we did about 26,000 in sales there total. And then my newest course
here, I know it says 997 here, but we actually have all of our sales running through ClickFunnels. So all of these courses
you’re looking at here, the investing course, that
was over the course of a year. Stock radar, I had that going for probably eight or nine months. But the six figure
affiliate marketing course I just recently launched. The numbers I’m gonna show you right now, these numbers were in about a period of a month and a half to two months. So the reason why I
went from making 40,000 over the course of a year
to making $30,000 in sales of this course in a very
short period of time, was again, because I educated myself on how to actually create
and sell an online course. So I ended up signing up
for Digital Course Secrets, which is a course offered by Kevin David. And this is somebody who
has sold over $10 million worth of digital courses. So he definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes down to
selling online courses. And that is why this launch
was far more successful than any course I’ve done prior. But this is definitely
very passive income. Because once you create this course, it essentially lives here forever. So I’ll show you guys
what that looks like. We’ll open up my course
here on affiliate marketing. And I’ll preview what the students see. And as you can see, it is basically just all
living in here on its own. So as people are signing up
and purchasing your course, they’re automatically going to get access to all the different
content within your course. And it all happens
automatically behind the scenes. And so that is definitely
one of the best things about having an online
course is you build it once. And then once it’s
actually up and running, you can generate sales for yourself. And it’s gonna be completely passive running without your active involvement. Now one of the best things
that Kevin does show in his course, digital course secrets is how to actually get course sales without having an existing audience. Because obviously, I have close to 500,000
subscribers on YouTube, I have an email list and
I have different resources available to me that not everyone has. But Kevin shows you how
you can actually make money with an online course without having a huge existing audience. So Digital Course Secrets is definitely one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. And the results definitely
speak for themselves here. If you guys are interested
in learning more about digital course secrets, that’s gonna be the link
in the description below. There’s also a link there
for a free training. Maybe you’re not ready to
commit to the entire course. But you’re just curious to learn more about you know how you
actually can make money and in particular passive
income with a digital course. Well the link for the free training and the link to sign up for his course are down in the description below. Okay so idea number two
for making passive income is like the OG for me. This is like the first way
I started making money, I made YouTube videos, and
then I started leveraging the Amazon Associates program. And this is literally the easiest way to start making passive income. It actually frustrates me how few people are actually taking advantage of this. But I will say this, because it’s easy, because it’s low barrier to entry, it’s not the most profitable method for making passive income. But if you’re just getting started and maybe your goal is to make $100 per month in passive income, which I think is a very good goal, you could easily accomplish this through Amazon affiliate links. And what I’m getting at here is you would simply take products that you already own and
things that you’ve purchased. So for example, I’ve got
my Blue Yeti microphone sitting over here, conveniently. Or maybe I have this other
camera here, this G7X Mark II. Let’s say I bought these
things which I did already they’re on my desk. I could sit down and make a review of the Blue Yeti microphone or a review of the Canon G7X Mark II. And then I just simply go over to Amazon, join the associates
program and then link up to Amazon in the
description of that video. And essentially what happens is every time somebody
clicks on that link, and makes a purchase over on Amazon, I would earn a commission in the process. So this is how I started
making passive income. Not really my main focus now because there’s better
opportunities for me out there. But I wanna jump over into my computer now and show you guys just how much money I’m still making through the
Amazon Associates program. And if you’re looking to learn more, I do have a much longer in depth video on the Amazon Associates program, which I will link up in
the description below. So here’s a little peek at my
Amazon Associates dashboard. Now I really don’t focus
on this at all anymore. I’m never really making any videos that are driving traffic to Amazon, just because there are definitely better affiliate opportunities out there. But when I first got started
as an online content creator, Amazon Associates was
one of the easiest ways to start making passive income. If you’re not familiar
with how this works, basically people click
on your affiliate links. And when they go ahead
and make a purchase, you will get a commission of that sale. And one of the coolest things
about this particular program is that they don’t necessarily have to buy what you sent them there
for in the first place, no matter what they buy, as long as it’s within 24
hours of clicking your link, and it’s in a category
where you’re allowed to earn a commission, you will earn commission on those sales. So as you can see here
over the last month, it looks like I’ve earned
about $61 and 67 cents. That may sound like a lot of money. That may sound like chump change. But either way, this is
money that I’ve earned for literally doing nothing. This is just from existing
links that are already in my YouTube videos that
continue to get clicks, and continue to drive purchases. So 60 bucks a month for
literally doing nothing, that is the definition of passive income. So if we go a little bit deeper here and look at the reports, we can see exactly what I’ve been selling. And this is the data from
July first to July 31st. This is the total month profit
here of $48 and 88 cents. Now again if I was driving
more traffic to Amazon, I could easily get this up to 150, $200 a month without a problem. But I have better opportunities
that I focus my time on, just because this is a low
commission environment. But if you scroll down
here and take a look, this is the popular things
that people are clicking on, and then how I’m earning a commission. So my most popular items here
are “The Intelligent Investor, “Stock Investing For Dummies”
and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, which are the three most
popular investing books I recommend on my channel. And then “Think and Grow
Rich” by Napoleon Hill. So that is basically how all this traffic is getting to my Amazon links. Is from recommending these
four particular books. I’ve mentioned them at
different points in my videos. And now people will organically
click on those links, and then make purchases. So if we go over to the earnings tab, that’s gonna show us how
much I’ve actually made from these different resources. And I wanna go ahead and
sort this by advertising fee. And we’ll see what has
earned me the most money. So in the month of
July, I sold five copies of the “Intelligent Investor” and I earn $2 and 80 cents. So here’s an example of a
product I’ve never recommended or talked about, the Oral B Black Pro 1000 rechargeable toothbrush, I
sold one of those for $39.94. And I earned a commission
of $2 and 40 cents. Viva Naturals Fish Oil supplement, again, a product I’ve never looked at never laid my hands on earned $1.70. Now I’ll go ahead and show you guys how much I earned from Amazon
Associates long time ago. Because I used to focus more on this before I had my different
affiliate opportunities, just because I wanna show you that you can actually make
you know decent money here. So this is my report for last year 2018. I made like $3300 from Amazon Associates, I was promoting it more, I was including links in different places. And so there was a point in time when I was making 300 to $500 per month just from Amazon Associates. And so I think it’s
one of the easiest ways to get started making passive income. Simply going out there and
putting together reviews of books or products that you already own. And then linking up in
the description to Amazon, I think it’s a very
easy way to get started earning passive income. Okay so number three, my third method here for earning passive income is investing in crowdfunded real estate. Now this is a relatively
new investment for me, I just started buying into
this about 14 months ago. But essentially what you’re doing is investing money with
people all over the world. And that money is being invested in private real estate deals. So if you haven’t guessed it already, this is one of the methods
of earning passive income where you already have to have money. You’re taking your money,
putting it into an asset, and allowing that money
to go to work for you instead of actively
involving your own time. So if you already have
some money set aside, this could be an interesting way to begin earning some passive income. So let me jump over now and show you guys my Fundrise dash board. Which is the crowdfunding
platform that I recommend. And I’ll show you guys what my returns have been like so far from this method of earning passive income. So here we have a look
at my Fundrise dashboard. And again, this is one of those methods of earning passive income
that requires money to make more money. As we said, at the
beginning of this video, you have two options for
earning passive income. Number one, you have to invest
your time to build something or number two, you have to invest money that you already have,
and allow that money to earn more money. So my investment in Fundrise was $1,000, up until April of 2019 and
then I jumped it up to $5,000. So these numbers on the left here might look a little bit low. But it has only been a $5,000
balance since April of 2019. So in total, I’ve earned
161.44 from Fundraise. I’ve been an investor since June of 2018. So a little bit over one year. And the thing I like about Fundrise is you can literally start
out with a $500 portfolio. So if you look on the left here, you can see exactly what I have earned. I earned, 125.37 through dividends. 38.86 or 36 through appreciation. And then Fundrise is very transparent about the advisory fees you’re paying, which in this case they collect 1% fee of what you have invested. But overall, I’ve had a great
experience with Fundrise. I definitely recommend
them for people looking for passive investments and
when you already have money. And they’re just very
transparent and straightforward about what it is that
you are investing in. You can see exactly what
projects you’re investing in and literally click on any
of these and get details and see exactly where your money is going. This is just not the same
as investing in a REIT, which is a real estate investment trust. This is a private REIT, but a public REIT like buying shares on an exchange, your not gonna have
that same transparency, of knowing exactly what
you’re invested in. So Fundrise is one of
my favorite investments for earning passive income once
you already have some money. And I plan on scaling this
up to $25,000 invested over the next year or so. If you guys do decide that
you wanna check out Fundrise, the one thing I will say is make sure you have a minimum time horizon here of at least five years. Because your money is
actually being invested in real estate projects just like this. And so they can’t guarantee the liquidity. So if you were to try
to take your money out at some random point in time, if they don’t have enough freed up cash, they can’t guarantee that. So you have to understand that as somebody who invests in
crowdfunded real estate, and I would just say as well, if you think that you’re
gonna need this money in two, three, four years,
don’t invest it here. This is a five plus year time commitment. But that being said, if
you wanna check it out and learn more information,
I have a link for Fundrise down in the description below. Alright so idea number four
for making passive income is leveraging the most popular social media platform out there. No it’s not Facebook, it is
none other than Instagram. And so what we’re calling this
here is Instagram marketing. Now that in and of itself
is kind of a broad topic, because this could mean
marketing yourself on Instagram. Marketing somebody else’s page. Marketing a business on Instagram, and there are so many different ways to make money and to make
passive income on Instagram. So let me just run you guys through a couple of different ideas here. Number one, let’s say for example, you build up a personal
brand page on Instagram, build yourself up as an influencer. And then you start selling
your own digital product or selling your own coaching or even just doing affiliate
marketing on Instagram. That’s just one of the
ways you could do that. Second of all, let’s say you
find an influencer out there, like myself who has a
lot of stuff going on and maybe they don’t have time to manage their own Instagram page. Well, you can manage Instagram pages on behalf of someone else, and they will pay you week after week, month after month on a recurring basis. And then third and finally, let’s say you have
businesses in your area. I’m pretty sure we all have businesses near where we live in a lot
of them suck at social media. And these days if you’re
not on social media, you are just not relevant. So you could help businesses establishing a presence on social media. Now I know what you’re saying, you’re saying, wait a second, Ryan, that sounds like a lot of work. How in the hell is that
going to be passive? Well, how this becomes passive is you take these day to day tasks of
managing somebody’s page. Or even managing your own
page or pages for a business. And you train a VA, a virtual assistant on how to do the ins and
outs of this operation. And so essentially, what
you’re going to be doing might look something like this. So here, you right here in the middle and you’re working with a client that is paying you $1,000 per month to manage their Instagram
page for their business, or whatever it may be. Well, you’re going to take
all of that responsibility. And you’re gonna hire a well trained VA, a virtual assistant from overseas. And let’s say you pay them $250 per month, they’re doing all the legwork for you, you’re just going out
there and getting clients. And essentially, they pay you 1000, you pay your VA 250 and
you’re collecting $750 per month in the process. That is how an Instagram marketing agency can become 100% passive. And so at the end of the day, no, this isn’t gonna be passive
income from day one. You’re gonna have to actually
build up this business, get a couple of clients,
figure out how to grow and manage Instagram pages yourself and then train a virtual assistant. But once you have done
all of those things, it can be a very passive business. Now if you are looking to
learn more about Instagram, in particular Instagram
marketing agencies, or just how to grow your own page or someone else’s on Instagram, I wanna go ahead and point
you towards a free training a friend of mine, Josue Pena, has put on. I’ve interviewed him on my channel on two separate occasions and this guy is just absolutely killing it on Instagram himself
with the different pages he has equity in and with his
Instagram marketing agency. So that free training
is gonna be linked up in the description below. If this is an idea that interests you, anything related to
Instagram, he is the go to guy in terms of learning the ins and outs of growing Instagram and starting your own Instagram marketing agency. Okay so idea number five
for earning passive income is a pretty boring one, but it is still passive
income at the end of the day. And this is earning interest
income from your bank. Now most people go to a traditional bank, and they keep their money in
a traditional savings account. And they earn like .06% interest per year, so it’s like no money at all. But a lot of smart people put their money in an online savings account, which has significantly
higher interest rates. And then that income may
become more substantial. So I’m gonna jump into my computer now and show you guys just how much money I’m earning in passive income
through my online savings account earning interest income. So here’s a look inside
my online savings account where I’m earning interest and this again, it takes money to make money. But if you already have an emergency fund, or maybe you have money set
aside for a major purchase, like a house, or whatever it may be, putting that money into a high yield online savings account is
one of the best decisions you can make, and it will also allow you to earn passive income. So as you can see here, I have currently about $60,000 in this account as just an emergency fund. And it does provide me
with a decent amount of interest income. So June of this year, for example, I earned 142.10 in interest. July, I earned 105.24
just because my balance dropped a little bit because
I purchased a home this year. And then in August, I
made 102.30 in interest. Now obviously, yes, I have a pretty high
balance in this account. But earning $100 a month in interest, just from having money sitting here is again the definition of passive income. Now for me I do this through Ally Bank, and it’s mostly out of necessity. There is a much better option, which I’m gonna show you guys which is called Betterment Everyday, because Ally Bank only
pays 1.9 APY right now. The rate just keeps
getting lower and lower. As much as I would love to use
Betterment Everyday Savings. Because I am an affiliate,
I am not allowed to. I hope they change the rule soon. But unfortunately, that is
just the case right now. So Betterment Everyday Savings
offers in APY of 2.3 9%, which pretty much blows
Ally Bank out of the water. If you guys do have savings right now in a traditional bank account or just sitting around somewhere, I would really recommend putting this into an online savings account. And I personally recommend
Betterment Everyday Savings. That’s gonna be linked up
in the description below. The minimum opening balance
for an account is just $10. There’s no fees for this
and up to a million dollars in FDIC insurance. And a lot of people wonder too since this is offered by Betterment, do you have to be a Betterment investor? The answer is absolutely not. And you do not pay any fees to Betterment for having this online savings account that currently pays a 2.39% APY. So this is a great way
to earn interest income, one of my favorite forms
of truly passive income. Okay idea number six is niche blogging. And no, I’m not talking
about blogging about your day or blogging about what you had for lunch, what I’m talking about is is becoming a expert in a certain niche, hence the niche blogging aspect of this and providing extremely
valuable information to people. So this is something I do
personally with my blog, investingsimple.com. I’m gonna jump into my
computer now and show you guys just how much I’m making
from niche blogging. As well as some of the behind the scenes of how I’m actually making
this passive income. Okay, so here is one of my newest methods for earning passive income. It is this blog that I
started about a year ago, and it is called investingsimple.com. You guys can check this out
if you want to see an example of what this looks like in real action of earning affiliate income
passively through a niche blog. And essentially what it comes down to is by reviewing different platforms, and driving conversions, we earn a commission in the process. So just to show you guys
what that looks like if we go over here and we look at some of these platform reviews. For example, one of the most popular ones for us is this Fundrise
versus Realty Mogul or Webull versus Robinhood. But we’re actually gonna talk about those more in a little bit. There’s also different
articles like this one here, 30 best ways to make money online. This is one of the biggest
moneymakers for our blog. And essentially what it is, is when people click on these articles, and if they ultimately decide
to click on one of our links, for example, Webull. If they click this link,
it is an affiliate link for Webull and will earn a
commission in the process. So just how much money are
we making from the blog. Let me show you guys right now. So right here is my handy
dandy little spreadsheet for the investingsimple blog. Right now we are not
focused on making money, we’re focused on building out the blog. Getting as much content
out there as possible, building the back-end infrastructure. So we’ve had substantial growth there of our income this year, we’ve had a little bit of a retraction just because we got lucky early on with a couple of these affiliates and now we’re seeing more competition. But overall for something
we’ve been doing for a year, and by we, I do have a
business partner in this blog. But for something we’ve
been doing for a year, we’re certainly satisfied
with these results. Our best month this year was April, we had profit of $2200, $2100 for May and June and July, you know a little bit
of a retraction there, primarily because of higher expenses as we’re investing more and
more money back into the blog. And we just recently acquired that investingsimple.com domain name. And that alone was a very large investment that we had to make. But this is a great way
to earn passive income. And essentially what you’re doing is going in finding a niche
that you’re interested in and passionate about, and blogging, and then writing reviews
of different products or services in that niche. So this we’re planning on scaling up to a multi million dollar blog over the next few years yours. So it’s cool that you guys
get to see the very early and humble beginnings for
this little side project. And just to give you
guys a couple of examples of random niche blogs
outside of the finance space, this is one right here
called stonefryingpans.com. I don’t know anything about this blog. But this is essentially
what they’re doing. They’re doing reviews of
different stone frying pans, and is a very basic website. And right up top here you can see they have cookware
brands, cookware reviews. So let’s say you know frying
pan reviews, for example, you can get all kinds of
different reviews from them. Like for example, the cast iron skillet, what’s the best cast iron skillet? And again, this blog is nothing
fancy, as you can tell here, but I’m sure they’re making
a decent amount of money just from articles like this. And so if you can see here, you can decide here make your
purchase right on Amazon. And this is where they’re
making their money, is through the Amazon Associates program. But more specifically, they’re driving that traffic from niche blogging. Putting together a basic blog like this that allows them to make money. And when I click on these links, brings me right over to Amazon and you can see their
affiliate link right up here, meaning they’re earning a commission when someone makes a purchase. Now idea number seven is
related to blogging as well. But I also do this on YouTube. So I wanted to break it off
into a separate category. A lot of these different methods
for earning passive income do have a little bit of overlap. But I wanted to get really
specific with you guys and give you highly actionable advice at the end of the day. So number seven is creating
comparison content, I’m gonna go ahead and
jump in my computer now and show you guys a couple of examples of comparison content
I’ve created in the past and how you can do this as
well to earn passive income. So the next strategy here
for earning passive income is creating comparison content. Now yes, this could technically fall under the category of niche blogging or making YouTube videos. But this has been such
an eye opener for me and a huge opportunity for earning more passive affiliate income. That I wanted to break it
off into its own category. And that is simply by
creating comparison content between two different services products, whatever it may be. Now, the reason why
creating comparison content is so effective, is because
a lot of these articles are long tail keywords. Now we’re gonna talk about
long tail keywords later. But what that generally
means is lower traffic but also lower competition. So if you go out there on Google and you type in Fundrise
review, or Realty Mogul review, you’re gonna find investingsimple on page three or page four most likely, because we just don’t have that authority to rank for that search topic yet. However, for Fundrise versus Realty Mogul. This is a article we’ve
successfully been able to rank. I would say this article
alone is probably making us anywhere from 300 to $500 per month. And essentially what it is we’re taking these two crowdfunded
real estate platforms and comparing them with each other. The other beneficial thing about making this type of comparison content is that people are ready
to make a decision. They know about these two companies, they’re just looking for
the last minute details to choose one over the other. So the level of intent behind
this traffic is very high. So for example, on this article here, we have a little summary tab up top that gives the key differences between Fundrise and Realty Mogul. And then if they go
ahead and click on either of these links, these
are our affiliate links. Over on YouTube a video I did recently was Webull vs Robinhood. Again, comparison style content. But as you can see here, there are so many different opportunities to make these comparison style videos. Webull versus Robinhood,
Webull versus M1 Finance versus TD Ameritrade versus
Firsttrade, blah, blah, blah, a lot of opportunities here
for making comparison content. So I know from my blogging experience that Webull vs Robinhood is
a very lucrative search term. So I went ahead and made a video for that a couple of weeks ago. And as you can see here
in just one month time, I’ve accumulated 4000 views on this video. So comparison content, just like this is one of the best ways in my opinion for generating affiliate
income or passive income. And because you’re going after
these long tail keywords, it’s a lot less competitive
and a lot easier to rank for. Okay so idea number eight
for earning passive income is one that I tried about a year ago. And that is by creating and selling access to a membership site. Now if you’re not familiar
with what a membership site is, this is basically creating content that sits behind a paywall that people have to pay a monthly
subscription to access. We’re all familiar with a couple of very popular membership sites, one of these being Amazon Prime, Another being Netflix, another
being Hulu, or even Spotify. All of these are technically paid subscription membership sites. And essentially what you’re doing for this method of earning passive income is doing exactly what Netflix and Hulu and all these companies are doing, but just on a much smaller scale. You’re taking something
that you’re knowledgeable of and creating a membership site. Maybe it’s healthy recipes. Maybe it’s diet plans. Maybe its weekly makeup tutorials, and you’re taking this and
putting it behind a paywall, and earning money on a
recurring monthly basis. So I did this a little while back with a membership site I
had called Stock Radar, where people were getting
weekly stock analysis in that group. So every single week, I would
sit down and provide people with an in-depth analysis
on a particular company. And I actually scaled that membership site up to the point where I was
making about $6,000 per month. Now I ultimately decided to
stop doing that membership site just because I wanted to go full time into affiliate marketing, but still to take
something from zero dollars per month to $6,000 per month in a relatively short period of time, I would definitely call that a success. And so that business model
would look something like this. Let’s say for example, you have 500 people who are you are selling access to a particular membership site for at let’s say $9 per month, well, now you’ve created
a recurring passive income of %40,500 per month. Now, yes, you will have to create the content for this group. But if you do it the right way, you don’t actually have to even be the one creating that content in the first place. Now you see different examples of subscription models all over the place. There’s apps that have subscriptions, there’s diet plans. So you can definitely be creative. But what I like about
this particular method of earning passive income is because of that recurring revenue
model, it’s very predictable. So if you guys do wanna learn more about selling access to a membership site, pretty much the go to place
for this is Teachable. That where I did my membership site, and they basically do all of
that backend work for you. They give people access to the course, they help with last passwords, they collect the money on your behalf. They basically do everything, all you have to do is set a
price and put content in there. Now they have a weekly
webinar they run called the seven steps to a
successful online course. But this also applies to membership sites, I would highly recommend
sitting in on that. And one of my favorite parts
about Teachable as well is that they have a completely free plan that does allow you to
actually make money. So that’s gonna be the link
in the description below. If you wanna learn more about teachable and how you can make passive income through a membership site. So idea number nine for
making passive income is doing reviews of different
apps that are out there. And the reason why I say that is because this is one of the
easiest ways to get started. Because a lot of these
companies don’t have very strict requirements
about who they let into their referral or
their affiliate program. So I’m gonna go ahead
and jump into my computer and show you guys one of the
affiliate networks I belong to, and how we’re making money
on a consistent basis, just by doing simple reviews of apps that are already out there on the market and getting users to sign up for them. So creating app reviews is
honestly one of the easiest ways to start making passive income as well. Obviously, as you can see here, it’s not going to make you a millionaire. But it’s definitely an
easy way to get started and get your foot in the
door with passive income through affiliate marketing. Now I know a lot of
these different methods are all affiliate marketing. But I wanted to go a little bit deeper with each one just to provide
you guys with better insight. So this right here is called Adbloom. This is a affiliate network
with multiple offers in here. And all this traffic
is coming from my blog. Now Yeah, it’s not a ton
of money at all here. In the last week, we’ve
made $6 and 20 cents and year to date, 238.80. But again, if you’re just getting started making passive income, you have to be okay
with numbers like this. And you have to get excited because this is where everybody starts. So yeah, we’re talking $6 per week. But that’s $6 that I’m not working for or doing anything for that
is just coming into my Paypal automatically without
me thinking about it. So where are these
conversions coming from? They’re coming from reviews
of these different apps. So one of these terms
that we are ranking for is an app called Cushion. And I just wanna show you guys
what that might look like. So let’s say you hear about Cushion you, or go ahead and go into Google. And what you type in
is Cushion App Review. Well, when you go ahead and type that in, here we are at the very top. We even have the box, which
is definitely awesome. Right on top here, Cushion
App Review summary. And it gives a quick summary. If you click into the article, and this is looking
kind of weird right now. Sometimes, depending on
when you visit the website, if we’re doing changes in the background, that site might look kind of weird. But anyways, if you scroll down here and end up clicking this
button to sign up for Cushion. This is an affiliate link, and we earn a commission in the process. So just by doing reviews
of these random apps inside this affiliate network, we’ve been able to make small amounts of commissions per month. This is usually anywhere from
40 to 60 bucks per month. But again, it’s 100% passive income. And the other good thing
about doing app reviews is it’s pretty easy for these people to accept you into their
affiliate programs, because they’re not
the most lucrative ones out there for being honest. I mean, earning $3 for an app sign up, you’re gonna need a lot of signups for that to be a meaningful
amount of income. But as a result, because
it’s not that lucrative, it’s not that difficult to get in. So you could literally
reach out to Adbloom here and you could contact them and say, Hey, you know, I want to go ahead and do reviews of these different apps on YouTube and capture
all of that traffic. Not a bad idea for somebody
who’s watching this and ready to take action. But reaching out to app developers and asking them if they
have a referral program. And simply reviewing these apps
on a blog or YouTube channel is a very easy way to get started in the realm of passive income. Okay, so idea number 10
for making passive income is setting up and running
Facebook ads for small businesses. Now maybe this is an opportunity that you’ve heard of before. And maybe you’re saying, oh, maybe this is over saturated,
I don’t wanna do that. And it’s funny to me how
many people throw that term, over saturated out there. Because as far as I can tell, there are still businesses out there popping up every single day. And a lot of them just
suck at social media, and especially running ads online. So essentially, what you’re
doing with this strategy is helping businesses record,
create optimized Facebook ads. And then after you’ve created these ads, you pretty much do nothing
except send them a monthly report of how that ad is performing,
yet they’re still paying you. So let me give you guys a quick breakdown of how this typically works. So this is basically what it looks like if you are a Facebook ad agency. And no, I’m not just pulling
this out of my you know what, I actually was working with
an ad agency for a while. And this is basically
the industry standard. Most businesses start out with a monthly budget of $1,000 per month. Most businesses have that amount of money that they can spend on ads. Well of that $1,000 ad spend 75% or 750 goes towards the actual ads. 25%, 250 per month goes to you for optimizing and running those ads. Now the beauty of this is that once you’ve actually created
the ad and optimized it and done all the
audiences and the testing, well, assuming that ad is getting that business owner results
and making them money, why would they ever
stopped running that ad? So they’re gonna keep running
that ad month after month. And what you’re going to do is this, once a month, you’re gonna
go into your dashboard, you’re gonna take a screenshot for them, and you’re gonna supply
them with some metrics on how those ads are doing. And in return, they’re gonna
send you $1,000 per month, and you’re gonna keep 250. So if you begin to multiply that across many different clients, this can be a very simple
way to earn passive income. Now if you guys are looking to learn more about Facebook ads, how to set them up, how to run them, and you
want to learn this skill to be able to run ads for
business owners out there, I’m gonna link up to a
free Facebook ads training down in the description below. This is one that Kevin David put together, this is something he did a while back, which was running Facebook
ads for small businesses. And although it’s an opportunity that’s been out for a while, there is still so much
untapped potential here. And it’s a very powerful business model that can allow you to earn passive income. So if you guys want to check that out, that free training is
going to be linked up in the description below. So number 11 is one of my
personal favorite methods for earning passive income. And that is something called
recurring revenue affiliates. So yes, it is a form
of affiliate marketing. But in most cases, the way
affiliate marketing works is I get you a customer and
then you pay me a commission. And then that’s the end
of that relationship until I get you another customer. Well imagine instead,
if you referred somebody to a subscription
service, and you got a cut of that subscription, month after month. That is what a recurring
revenue affiliate is. And this is like the crown jewel or the gold mine of the
affiliate marketing business. So two examples of companies out there that offer this recurring
revenue model are Teachable, which offers a 30% recurring commission. And then ClickFunnels, which offers a 40% recurring monthly commission. So I mentioned them earlier, I am affiliated with Teachable and I’ve been promoting them
for the last year and a half, maybe about two years because
I use the product myself. I’ve been subscribed to Teachable for like two and a half years now. And it’s pretty much the industry standard for selling access to an online course, or to a membership site. So I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys on my screen right now, just how much money I’m making
on a recurring monthly basis. And the important thing to remember here is that I really haven’t
promoted Teachable much in the last year or so. So all of this is just
recurring monthly revenue from people that have already
subscribed to the service. And at the end of the day, if you have a teachable subscription, you’re selling a course or
you’re selling a membership site. And that means that that
teachable membership is making you money. And if it’s making you money, again, why would you ever cancel it? Just like the Facebook ads. So subscriptions like this
tend to be very sticky. So ideally, number 12
was one that probably most of you guys watching my
channel are familiar with, and that is passively
investing in the stock market. And so I’m actually gonna
jump into my computer now and show you guys some
examples of passive investing on one of my favorite platforms out there, which is M1 Finance. Which is probably the
best platform out there for passively investing
in different portfolios or building your own stock portfolio and adding money to
that on a regular basis. But if you guys wanna learn
more about the stock market and investing, I’m gonna link
up to a much longer video I’ve done called stock
market for beginners. It’s just about one hour long
and it’s going to give you a total crash course on investing in the stock market as a beginner. But for now, let’s jump into my computer and talk more about passive investing. So here’s a look inside
my M1 Finance account. Obviously, this isn’t my
primary investing account as I only have $100 in here. But actually, this was
originally a portfolio I started with just $100. So I’m actually had a
pretty decent return on it, just investing in some random stuff here, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and
then the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF. So M1 Finance is hands down my favorite investing platform out there for people looking for passive investing. And that is because of
the expert portfolios that they offer you completely free. So this right here is a
long list of everything you can invest in through M1 Finance. So obviously, if you want to
be a self directed investor and choose your own investments, you can literally go through
all these different sectors and decide what you want to invest in, based on all these different categories and screening tools. So if you’re a self directed investor, you can do exactly that
here through M1 Finance. The expert pies, in particular, what I’m interested in
for passive investing, because this is the type of investing where you set it and
then you forget about it. They offer different
general investing plans, which are mostly just
portfolios of stocks and bonds. Some are conservative,
some are more aggressive. And then they also offer
retirement planning. So they have different
target date retirement funds based on when you plan on retiring. And then they have some
other interesting options like hedge fund followers, income earners, and then your basic stock and bond allocations. All investing new and low fee index funds. Now M1 Finance does this completely free, they do not charge any commissions or any kind of asset management fees for investing in these expert portfolios. And again, this is passive investing. This is where you take your money, you put it in this and you
completely forget about it. And you leave it there
to earn compound interest and earn more money over time. So if you do wanna sign up for M1 Finance, or if you just wanna take a look at it and possibly learn more about it, there’s going to be a link
down in the description below. It is the best platform in my opinion, if you’re looking to get started with passive investing
in the stock market. M1 Finance has an array
of very helpful features, one of the best in my opinion
being fractional shares. And that allows you to
buy shares of companies that trade at a much higher share price for a smaller amount of money. So we all know Amazon is
like $2,000 per share. Well I have $32 worth
of Amazon stock here, because I’m able to buy fractional shares. They have automated rebalancing. So as you add or withdraw money, they’re gonna rebalance
your portfolio accordingly. And they also allow you to
automatically contribute to your M1 Finance account on
a weekly or monthly interval. So if you wanna set up a 100%
passive investing portfolio to earn that passive income, M1 Finance is an
excellent option for this. So idea number 13 is
one that’s been around for a very long time
and a lot of people say, wait a second, isn’t email marketing dead? But it’s actually not. And this is still a pretty decent way to earn passive income. And the reason is, because when you set up an email marketing campaign, you’re typically putting together something called an autoresponder. I’m sure we’ve all
gotten these in the past, where you sign up for somebody’s list and they send you emails on a daily basis or maybe every couple of days. Well guess what, that person isn’t sitting there in their Gmail sending you an email. It’s actually a robot
doing it behind the scenes. And so essentially what it comes down to is you can build an email
autoresponder campaign that’s going to connect
with your customers on a regular basis. And then once you build this thing, it basically runs in
the background 24/7/365 without you touching it. And this could be potentially helping you spread awareness about your brand, or getting you new customers. Or if it’s affiliate related, these could be affiliate emails that are earning you commissions. 24/7/365, potentially. And so yeah, it’s not the best
method of marketing anymore. But typical open rates for emails are still in the
neighborhood of 20 to 40%. So if you can still access a good portion of your list just by emailing
them on a regular basis, this can be a great way
to get more conversions or get more customers without
active involvement whatsoever. All you have to do is set
up that email autoresponder and then it runs for you 24/7. So as far as email marketing goes, I personally use and recommend Aweber. I’ll link up to them in
the description below. It’s kind of like one of the oldest email marketing platforms out there, but they’re pretty cheap. And they are very good at what they do. And I like them because
they stay in their lane, they don’t try to do 15 different things. They do email marketing, they do it well. And so I definitely use
and recommend AWeber. I will link to them in
the description below. Alright, so idea number 14
for making passive income right now is through
something called Amazon FBA. Now you may have heard of this before, maybe you don’t exactly know what this is. But for as much money as Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon is making, there’s a lot of people
making crazy amounts of money by being sellers on Amazon. And essentially, what this means is buying a product from overseas, bringing it over to the United States, having Amazon stock it
in their warehouses, and then selling these products on Amazon. So a lot of people
don’t even realize this, but most of the products
for sale on Amazon are not being directly sold from Amazon. They’re being sold by private sellers. And they are making money on the markup. So let’s go ahead and
run through an example of what this might look like now. Now I’m not saying this is a good product to sell on Amazon, it’s probably not because I’m sure people have been trying to do phone chargers for a long time. But it’s an easy example. So let’s say you go on Alibaba, and you buy 1000 of these phone
chargers at 89 cents apiece. Your total investment there being $890. Then you take those chargers, you ship them to Amazon warehouse, and then Amazon fulfill
those orders for you. Well let’s say you go on Amazon, and you list those for 3.99. Well every time you sell a charger, you’re making $3 and 10 cents. If you sell all 1000,
well, you just made $3,100. So that’s a relatively simple example. But this is essentially
exactly how Amazon FBA works. And typically speaking,
you’ll find margins around maybe 30 to 40% with Amazon FBA. So it can be a very lucrative business, if you know how to find winning products and do that product research. So I have a close friend
of mine has been doing Amazon FBA for a number of years. His name is Jordan the
millionaire millennial on YouTube. And I’ve had him on my
channel in the past, I’m gonna have him on
again in the near future. And the majority of the
money he’s making these days comes from something called private label. Which is where you’re actually
launching your own brand or product on Amazon. And that is where you will
often see much higher margins. Now Jordan does have a
mentorship on Amazon. If you guys are curious
about the business. It’s called the Amazon
Millionaire Mentorship Program. And he actually extended
me a discount of $100 off the price of this course. This is actually not gonna be a discount you see anywhere else. That’s gonna be linked up down in the description below. He’s somebody I have an
immense amount of trust for. I’ve met him on multiple occasions, he showed me behind the
scenes of his business. He is a true practitioner of Amazon FBA, and he’s just killing it with the numbers he’s doing with his private label business and his retail arbitrage business. Okay so number 15, here
is up selling a service. And essentially what you’re doing here is taking a service that somebody else is gonna be doing for
you, and then selling that at a higher price to somebody else. Now is this the most
ethical way to make money, I’m gonna leave that one up to you. But you see this happening
all over the world in many different instances. So for example, I have somebody come and mow my lawn just because
it’s like over an acre and I just can’t be bothered
to go buy a lawn mower and I can write it off because
it’s a multifamily property. So I hire people to come do my lawn work. Well, the guy that I actually hired and called up on the phone
isn’t the one out there that shows up and cuts the grass. The guys who show up and cut the grass are just the employees that he’s paying to go do the work for him. So he’s actually marking up their service and selling it to me at a higher price, and then paying them to come mow the lawn. Now yes he does supply the insurance and the trucks and the equipment, but he’s marking up their service and making money as the middleman. So let’s say for example, he’s charging me $50 to mow the lawn, and he’s paying somebody $25 to come show up and mow the lawn. Well, he just made you know, a 100% return on that $25 investment in that person mowing the lawn for him. Well, maybe you don’t
wanna do a whole business and worry about all that. But you can also do this online as well. We just talked about with Instagram, how maybe you have an
Instagram marketing agency, and you’re managing
pages for other people. But you have VA’s doing all
the work behind the scenes, and you’re just marking up their service. So this is one of the
oldest methods out there of earning passive income. It’s basically owning a
business at the end of the day. It’s the old saying, boss
makes $1, I make a dime. You’re the boss in that equation, and you’re making money off
of somebody else’s effort, or labor or service. So idea number 16 for
making passive income is pretty much the first way that I ever made passive income. And that is through YouTube ads being displayed on your videos. So let’s jump into my computer now. And I wanna show you guys an example of a video I made back in 2016. That is still to this day, making me a couple hundred
dollars per month in ad revenue. Okay so here is one of my
personal favorite methods for earning passive income. And that is by creating YouTube videos that are going to be
perpetually being watched day after day, month after month, or in this videos case, year after year. Now yes, this is a bit of a
sensationalized example here. And I’m not saying you
guys should expect this right out of the gate. But this right here is one
of my most popular videos on my channel, Stock Market For Beginners, Trading And Investing 101. Originally published on
December 14th of 2016. If you guys can read that. So I literally posted this
video on like two and a half close to three years ago. I sat down once, recorded this video once, and it’s been earning me money every single month thereafter. So right here, we’re looking
at the last 28 days here. And this is actually the first
time I’ve ever shown anyone my earnings from YouTube. So you guys are getting, never
before seen content here. So I think that deserves a like if you haven’t dropped to
like on this video already, I would certainly appreciate
that for this transparency. But as you can see here, maybe this video doesn’t get
a ton of views, 11,000 views, but I’ve made $724. So even though this video
doesn’t get a lot of views here, we’ve had 11,350 in the last 28 days, I’ve still earned you
know, $724 and 43 cents. So earning almost you know, $750 from a video I recorded two
and a half to three years ago, is a really awesome method
for earning passive income. And I’ll go ahead and show you guys to the lifetime earnings
on this particular video. This is a video that has
made me $21,402 and 71 cents for a video that I created
once that continues to perpetually get views,
day in and day out. So imagine creating multiple pieces of content just like this, that have the potential to earn you a couple of dollars per day. Or in this video’s case,
it’s earning more like 25, $30 per day somewhere in that range. This is the power of YouTube, by having multiple pieces of content, all earning your passive income, they all stack on top of each other. And it can really add up to a decent amount of passive income that should be consistently coming in as that video is viewed. All right number 17 is going
after and long tail keywords. And so this again is very
much related to YouTube and blogging and just
creating online content. So let’s jump into my computer now. And I’ll show you guys
a couple of examples of long tail keywords,
and how you can capitalize on this opportunity to
earn passive income. So when it comes to
search engine optimization and just the way of the digital world, you have two types of keywords. You have long tail keywords and you have short tail keywords. Short tail keywords have the most traffic and the most competition. While long term keywords
have less traffic, but much less competition. So for example, one of my
affiliates is M1 Finance. And I’m actually able to rank for them for a short tail keyword,
which is M1 Finance review. Now I’ve been doing this for a while. So as a result it’s easier
for me to rank for this than somebody who’s brand new. So if you go on YouTube, and
you type in M1 Finance review, well, there’s my smiling face right there with my review of this brokerage platform. But let’s say you’re a complete beginner, and you don’t have the ranking
authority of Ryan Scribner well, what would you do? What you can do is go after
long tail keyword searches that the big guys like myself
are not actually tapping into. And all you do to figure these out is type in the search bar,
your short tail keyword, and see what else populates. So if we do this with M1 Finance, here’s what we’re seeing as far
as these long tail keywords. M1 Finance tutorial. M1 Finance portfolio, M1
Finance dividend portfolio. M1 finance dividend, Roth IRA, M1 Finance pies, M1 Finance taxes. These are all long tail keywords that people are probably
not making content for which gives you the potential
to easily get in there and rank for them. And again, drive conversions
for this particular affiliate. If we go ahead and look
at Webull review again, there’s my smiling face
ranked at number one, because I’m so authoritative in this space with close to half a million subscribers. But if you’re not, here
is some long tail keywords that you should probably be looking at. Webull desktop, Webull paper trading, Webull day trading limits,
Webull versus Robinhood, which I already took that
piece of comparison content. Webull live trading,
Webull account opening. Webull trading tutorial,
Webull app user guide. These are all long tail
keywords that people are just not going after. Like so for example
Webull account opening, I doubt there’s a video out there. Oh there is okay so here we go. Perfect example of of somebody
taking advantage of this, how to set up a Webull
account for short sales, 6000 views in nine months. Imagine if a couple of these people actually clicked on this and
then signed up for Webull. Well, that’s where you start
earning your commissions. And you can do the same
exact thing on Google, which I’ll show you now. I’ll go ahead and type in M1 Finance and see what else
populates just to show you some examples of more of
these long tail keywords. And the other thing that’s helpful as well is starting to fill in different letters. So like M1 Finance
followed by the letter A, M1 Finance auto invest, M1
Finance account minimum. M1 Finance assets under management. So literally all you do
is take these different, affiliates of yours or whatever it may be, find some long tail keywords
that the big players aren’t going after. And then you create content around these very specific search terms to ultimately drive conversions and earn that sweet passive income. Okay and my final one on my list here is called being an owner
occupied real estate investor. Now, technically speaking, no, this isn’t truly passive income. But this is something I
just started doing myself. And I’ve been trying to work
it in anywhere possible, just to really push this
idea home for people because of how much it can
really help you out financially. And essentially, what this means is that, rather than going out there and buying a single family house, what you’re gonna do is
buy a duplex or a triplex and you’re going to live
in one of those units, renting out the other ones
to offset your mortgage. And this is exactly what I’ve done with the property that I’ve purchased. So the property that I purchased is actually a main house
that’s about 2000 square feet with two apartments attached to it. And there’s also a barn on the property. Now if I wanted to get top dollar, what I could do is move
into one of the apartments rent house out and rent
the other apartment. But I like having the space
and I like nice things. So I live in the house for now, maybe down the road, I’ll change that up. But even that being said,
my mortgage on this property is $3,150 per month. That’s a lot higher than if I had just a single family property. But the difference here is that I have these other apartments and
buildings offsetting my mortgage. So apartment number one
rents for about $1,000. So that’s what I’m gonna rent it for when I increase the rent,
that’s the market rate. Apartment number two several
hundred dollars per month. And there’s also a barn on the property, I can rent a storage for $400 per month. And so after factoring all of that in, my cost on that mortgage is only $1,050. Now when I used to rent an apartment, I was paying like $1700 per month for about 1000 square feet. But now I’m in a position
where I have a housing payment of 1050 for a much larger space and I’m building equity in the process. Now is it passive
income, some months it is if you don’t have to,
you know, go fix a toilet or have anything like that. So there will be months that yes, it is passive, you don’t
really do anything. But once in a while you are
going to get phone calls or things that you have to fix up. But the advantage is that since you are actually living there yourself, you can keep an eye on things and keep up on that maintenance yourself. But that’s the final method
there for passive income, one of my favorite ones. And it’s a brand new method for me in a way to basically cut down a lot on your housing payment and build equity in a much more valuable property. And have all those tax benefits
as a real estate investor. But that being said, guys,
that wraps up this video. Thanks so much for sticking
around until the very end. If you did drop me a comment down below, I’m always curious how
many people stick around for these marathon videos. And as I mentioned earlier, I have links to all the resources mentioned down in the description below. But thanks so much for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you start earning
some passive income and I will see you in the next one.


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