$18 Purse and Bag Poshmark Mystery Box Unboxing | Mystery Box Monday
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$18 Purse and Bag Poshmark Mystery Box Unboxing | Mystery Box Monday

hey guys it’s Vicki welcome back to my
channel today’s video is going to be a unboxing so I purchased this box off of
Poshmark it is supposed to be nine I believe it said nine bags like purses
and I paid $18 so we will be going through that so if you would like to see
what I got stay tuned alright so I purchased this
from a SELLER and I’ll give you her name I’ll list it in the description below I
have no idea what I’m going to get it was just a random person that I chose
based off the pricing the bag is over the bag the box is pretty heavy
so yeah I’m curious on what is inside of this based off of the items that she had
in her closet I don’t know I saw a lot of beer Bradley stuff like that so we’ll
see what she has so I’m gonna go ahead and open this box this is a pretty large box compared the
most that I’ve gotten all right so when I open it the first thing I see is this
like I don’t know what so this is just oh it’s just padding all right so then
as you see I got a little thank-you card and it says it’s really cute to see it
says I appreciate you shopping in my pock mark closet joy so that was cute
so these one of these are pocketbooks they seem more like that oh okay so
let’s start going through this bag all right so the first thing that I see oh
it has some things inside of it which I Wow what stuff okay so the first thing
is this reduce reuse recycle bag it’s new with tags EcoSmart and says arms of
angels really cute brand-new so that’s really cute I like
that a lot the next item is a Betsey Johnson it’s
new with tags retail value of $38 so it’s this cute little purse it’s like a
teddy bear and it’s got the tag on it it’s gorgeous inside of it so that’s
cute I love Betsey Johnson stuff it doesn’t
sell that well but I mean I’m sure with the tag on it it’ll sell all right the
next item is a Mud Pie tote it’s a mermaid off-duty it’s a little a beach
tote that’s cute all right this one right here has tags
on it as well it is from Bed Bath and Beyond it says wet bikini so I guess
this is what you keep your wet bathing suit in possibly yeah
that’s pretty cool so you put your wet bathing suit in this that’ll come handy
to sell in the summertime you never see one of those before we usually use
plastic bags okay and then we’ve got this inflatable cup holder from Office
Depot it is isn’t that cute oh my gosh I love it it is like a flamingo that’s
something good that’ll come in handy for the summer as well all right the next
bag is just this cute little I guess it’s supposed like a little crossbody
it’s just a cute it’s got little tassels on it very small my daughter might
actually like this she likes stuff like this
and then we have this it’s kind of like a formal pocketbook not really any no
it’s a Leslie pay so it’s a Leslie fee I don’t know that I think it is vintage
because it’s got the older tag on it so it’s a Leslie big so it is a Leslie Bay
pocket all right we have a new day a new day
target right so this is cute little cross body purse it’s cute
um this brand does sell it retails for $19.99 just a cute little box purse is
along like the chains this is a I’m no name but it’s you so easily
a little pink Paisley purse just no name really cute it’s got three different
compartments and then we have another target item it’s Moroni and it’s just
like it looks like a makeup bag which I might keep that for myself to keep in my
pocket but it’s real pretty all right so this is a wallet travel
wallet there’s not really any see any labels or anything so I think it’s just
a basic wallet but it’s just this basic little green wallet beer Bradley which I
love the purple so purple beer Bradley it’s got the cross the strap not the
cross real cute some empty bags which I have tons of in
fact I have this exact same one so we’ve got these little oopsie bags I find
these constantly at the bins and at his house
so people do barm though and this is a list Claybourne wallet
let’s Claybourne doesn’t do that well for me but it’s a cute wallet I mean
I’ll try to sell it it does have some it’s a little dingy so we have this
pocket book I have no idea what it is there’s a tag that does not say what it
is it says it was fifty dollars I don’t know what it is but is cute it’s a
larger purse it has floral black it’s got the chain so it was cute it doesn’t
say what it is I’m trying to figure it out eventually it might just be a
no-name anyway so yeah that was what I got in this mystery box and I’m pretty
sure that I can make that eighteen dollars back clip um just based off of
the V R Bradley purse I have pretty good luck selling Vera Bradley and this one’s
really cute I’ve never seen this one I mean it might be common but I’m not
completely educated of Eire Bradley I know this will sell and I’m sure I can
get the new ATAG the new day I know this will sell and find a Betsey Johnson also
I don’t know I’ll list it all and you’ll see but with everything that I got I’m
sure my money will be made back easily anyway so I think I did pretty good for
spending $18 I know I’ll be able to make that
back plus the shipping I paid I don’t remember if I pay $4.99 or if it was 649
but anyway regardless I’ll be able to make the money back no problem with what
I got some really nice stuff and I do want to give you the closet name this
case you want to go check her out because she does have other mystery
boxes and right now she’s cleaning out her closet I guess she’s got too much I
think she said she had too much inventory and that’s why she was getting
rid of stuff with mystery boxes so let me find her name so you guys can go and
check her closet out oh the person that I got is from their posh mart name is so
southern girl and I don’t know if she has any more right now the mystery box
was 18 dollars and I paid a total $24 so I’ll definitely be able to make that
back and you can go check out her closet she does have other mystery boxes up
right now honestly I think what I got was good so I’m happy
with what I got but anyway that was it all right so the next video will be on
Thursday it’ll be a thrift haul I spent $40 on this thrift haul if
you’re not subscribed be sure to subscribe give me a thumbs up if you
liked the video and hit that notification bell because it will
definitely alert you when I upload a video all right have a great night and I
will talk to her later I

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