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– What the (squeaking) is wrong with you? You guys think you’re
(squeaking) Kylie Jenner. It’s not funny, yeah. Being a parent is not a joke. ♪ I’ll be waiting, won’t give up on you ♪ ♪ I am waiting, always
waiting for you, you ♪ – What is going on, hunties and huncles? Today is just a weird day. I never thought someone would come and try to help me plot on Latoya. Are y’all ready for this? We’re gonna do a little social experiment. – [Boy] Bubka! – Hey Zaynie, say hi to everybody. – Bye bye. – [Man] Bye, okay. Milan is here. – I’m here. – [Man] with her mischievous self. – To get Latoya back. – [Man] Wow, back? What did she do, oh, with the car? – Yes! Just, I never forgot about that prank. And I know it was her idea, you had barely anything to do with it, you’re still responsible but I’d rather just get Latoya back for pranking me with the car. – [Man] All right, so
go ahead, let them know what this social experiment
is gonna be all about. – So I was just at Aunt Jackie’s tanning, and I was thinking to myself, I think I should tell. – [Man] Zaynie. – Huh!
– You kinda loud. All right, I know you
tryna defend your mom, ’cause she pushed you out, but your mom, she gon’ get one today. Okay, go ahead. – So I’m thinking, that I should tell
Latoya that I’m pregnant. – [Man] Ooh! – And you found found out first, I told you first, and now
we’re breaking it to her. I’m thinking we should do that. – [Man] I don’t think
that she’s gon’ believe that you told me first. – You don’t think so? – [Man] No, come on. – Sticky? – That’s too sticky, there’s
no way you would actually come to me first. I just feel like I
should be the mastermind to kind of set this all up. – [Milan] Okay, so I should tell her that I’m pregnant and
you’re gonna put like, cameras around the house
or wherever we’re sitting? – Well. – [Milan] And I’m gonna be
like, I have to talk to you. – Yeah, exactly.
– Okay. – [Man] So I’ll set it up. When she gets back, just tell her I need to
talk to you in private. – Yeah.
(Zayn crying) – [Man] And then, oh my God Zayn! (Zayn mumbling) – [Milan] Where should I bring her? – [Man] Where do you wanna
go, in our room or downstairs? – I’m thinking we should go to her room ’cause the kids and stuff
are gonna be down here and I think maybe we should set
it up in the room somewhere. – [Man] Okay. – On the bed or something. – [Man] I have to figure
out how to hide this ’cause that’s the tricky part. – That’s the trickiest part. – That’s the hard part. All right y’all, comment
below how you think LaToya’s gonna react when Milan tells
her that she’s pregnant. And you better not just, you better go with it for a little while. – There’s absolutely no way
that I could be pregnant, just so everyone knows, so
I’m tryna figure out, like, if she’s gonna ask me some
questions like who, how, and I don’t know like. – [Man] You know what, you
should even make it interesting and just say I don’t know who it is. (laughing) – Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna
say I don’t know who it is and she’s gonna be like, you hoe! That’s what I’m gonna do,
I’m gonna say I don’t know. I have no idea. – [Man] Just say after Lyric’s prom. (laughing) – At the after party! – [Man] The after party was too lit! – After party was way too
lit and I just don’t know. – Ooh, what the hell! Damn! Aight y’all, we gon’
see how this pans out. Ima go set up, Latoya’s
with her mom, I don’t know, probably Sephora, somewhere buying, ’cause all I see is receipts
coming in the email. (laughing) (electronic music) All right y’all, ima be
minding my own business and drinking some water
downstairs, hope it goes well. – Yeah, hopefully she faints or cries or. – [Man] Latoya’s ’bout to pull
in any minute from Sephora. – Of course, more makeup. – [Man] Okay. (upbeat music) – [Latoya] What do you need? – Okay, I didn’t tell
anybody well I told my friend because I was like, thinking that I’m pregnant because I don’t know if I’m going crazy but I googled, like, symptoms
of pregnancy and I have almost every single one
of them, so she was like, “Well, you might as well take a test, “like there’s nothing to lose if you don’t “think you’re pregnant then
you should take a test.” So I took a test and I’m damn pregnant. Nobody knows except her and now you. So what the hell am I supposed to do now? – You’re pregnant? – That’s what the test said, I mean. – Where is it?
– I only took one. I threw it out quickly because I didn’t want anybody to see it. – So your mom doesn’t know? – My mom does not know,
I can’t tell her yet. I can’t tell my brother,
I can’t tell anybody. I just told you and one girl. – [Woman] Oh my God, I feel sick. – I’ve been feeling sick. But if the pregnancy test
says that you’re pregnant. – Why, why? Milan, why? – I don’t know. – Why, why, you’re too young. What are you doing? Milan, seriously, no, Milan. – I don’t know what to do. – You’re done, you’re life is over, man. – I don’t know what to do. – Oh my God, I could cry. – I think I should take another one. – Oh my God. Milan you’re pregnant, if
it said you’re pregnant, you’re pregnant, Milan. What kinda symptoms? – Like I have headaches, migraines. – You’re too young. – I feel sick in the morning sometimes. In the morning I feel like really nauseous and stuff like that so I don’t know if it’s just like a fluke or something. – How could you be so (squeaking) stupid? How come you can’t
(squeaking) protect yourself? What the (squeaking)
is wrong with you kids? – Don’t yell at me like my
mom is gonna yell at me! – What the (squeaking) is
wrong with you, you guys think you’re (squeaking) Kylie
Jenner, it’s not funny, ya. Being a parent is not a joke! It’s not a joke, Milan! I can’t believe this shit. – I don’t know what I’m gonna do. – [Woman] Oh my God. – You can’t be yelling
because someone in this house is gonna hear it and it’s
gonna get back to her somehow. I don’t know what to do,
I’m sitting here thinking. – You’re done. You’re done. You’re selfish and
careless, you’re careless. It is over, how could you
be so damn careless, Milan? You’re too young, you’re
only 19 years old. At least wait until you’re 27, what is wrong with you kids, man, I swear. I can’t believe this! Oh my God, oh my God. – What am I gonna do now? – You’re dead, what are
we gonna say to your mom? – I don’t know what I’m gonna do. – You’re dead, you’re dead. – What am I supposed to do about this now? You’re the first person who
knows so what am I gonna do? Who do I tell first, do I
tell my dad, my brother? What am I suposed to do? My life is over. – You’re pregnant? You’re in school. – I’m in school.
– You’re working. – I’m working. – Do you know, like, what
this is gonna do to your life? You’re not gonna have a life
anymore because of this. Look at what I go
through on a daily basis, it’s stressful having children and you’re so young, you’re
a kid your damn self. I can’t believe this, Milan,
how could you be so stupid! Your mom is gonna kill you. Oh my god, your dad is gonna kill you. – My dad is gonna kill me. – Oh my God, you’re done, you’re done. – And I don’t even, I
don’t know what to do. – [Woman] Obviously we’re
gonna have to figure it out. – I don’t even know who the damn father is so who am I really supposed to tell? – What? What? – I don’t know who
could’ve got me pregnant. – So you’re a hoe? How can you be so dumb? – You called me a hoe? – This is not even a joke ting, eh. This is not funny. – Do you have a pregnancy test? – This is not a game! – Do you have a pregnancy test? – We have to tell your mom. – How am I supposed to tell
her, I can’t tell her now. – She’s gonna find out anyways. – How? – Let’s go. – I’m not, no, because if
anything, I’m having this child and I’m not telling anybody. – Okay, that’s funny because
your stomach is gonna grow, so everybody is gonna know. – I can’t not wear baggy, something baggy. – You’re gonna have to tell your parents, so oh my God, I’m shaking. I’m like, I can’t believe this. Milan you are so. God. All right well this is what was in the cards for
your life, so obviously I have to be there for
you, so what’s next? – Yeah but my mom is not gonna be like, oh I have to be there for you, hell no! My mom is going to beat my
ass and then on top of that my father, oh God. I’m more scared of my dad than my mom. – Yo, honestly, like I
can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, Milan, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. (screams) What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do! Milan, you’re taking this
for a joke, it’s not funny. Milan, you can’t, Milan, this is for real? – What am I gonna do? I have to find solutions
now, you can’t be. – We have to tell your mom. – I can’t. – Oh my God, you’re gonna be a mom. That is. – I can’t even take care of myself. – You’re gonna be a mom. (laughs) Okay, I can’t laugh, I can’t
laugh, I can’t believe this. Okay I’m just tryna.
(door clicks) – Hi.
– Hi. – [Adam] Tryna take a doodoo, sorry Milan. – Right now Adam? – You’re dead. I’m not gonna tell anybody,
but you need to tell your mom. We have to tell your mom. What? – Why y’all look tripped out? – Huh, I don’t know I’m just talking. – Should I leave the door
open, while I do this? – Do what? – My number two. (laughs) – What the heck is wrong with you? You’re weird. – This room looks intense. I’ll just go in the basement. – Yeah, just go in the basement. (door clicks) – What the hell did he come up here for? Milan, oh God, okay, so
where do we start now? We’re gonna have to tell your
mom that you’re pregnant. – You might as well just call her. – No we can’t call her
on the phone, you idiot! We have to call her and
tell her to come here. And we’ll tell her, well you’ll tell her. If you want me to be there I can, but I feel like you need
to tell her by yourself, I don’t wanna be a part of it. Don’t even tell her that you told me, ya? Oh my God, she’s gonna kill me. She’s gonna kill me,
she’s gonna tell me that, I need to tell her first! If she knows that we had this
conversation, I’m dead too. I’m dead. Don’t you dare tell your
mom that you told me, I swear to God I’ll kill you. – You’re giving me stress. – I’ll kill you. You’re giving your damn self stress. Anyways, what’s done is
done, what’s done is done, what’s done is done. Okay, you’re pregnant, I
accept it, now go tell your mom and let’s just figure this out. – Call her and tell her to come here. Call her! Oh my God I hear Zayn crying and all I can think of is my future. – [Woman] I can’t do it. – How do you guys think I’m doing? I’m trying my hardest not to laugh. – This is what you’re ready for? Smell his butt. – No, okay, okay! – Smell his bum. Smell his bum. Smell his butt. Get ready, change him. He’s dirty, give him a
bath, and change his butt. – Okay, okay, okay. It’s a prank. I am not pregnant. Oh God no, his poo is not a prank but I am not pregnant. That is a prank! – Why did you do this to me? But why did you do this to me? Why did you do this to me? – I had to get you back. – Oh my God I’m so happy! – [Milan] Me too, God, Zayn smells so bad, I am not having kids ever. – Oh my God.
– I’m not having kids ever. – Oh my God, don’t ever do it. – Trust me, I’m not having kids ever. – Oh my God, oh my God,
so this is what you did? You pranked me on your own? – With Adam actually. – Wow! – I have to throw Adam under the bus. – [Woman] Adam! You’re a fool! – I had to throw him under the bus. – [Woman] Anyways, go
ahead, change his diaper. – I’m not changing, uh, oh no. – [Woman] Fool! (Zayn crying) (laughing) – Zayn and his stinky butt. I had to throw Adam under the bus. Adam you’re gonna see
this, but because you were also in the prank with pranking me with the Range Rover, I
had to throw you under the bus my guy, I’m sorry,
I’m not really sorry but. (laughing) Look at her, look at her. – I was sweat, am I sweating? I was so nervous, I was
shaking, I was about to cry. – You were really about to cry. – I was really about to cry. – Her eyes went red and everything bruh. Her eyes went red and everything. I tried to cry but it wasn’t coming out. I tried to cry, I did. – So that would be my
natural reaction, wow, okay, well hunties, huncles, they got me and I’m ’bout to go kill Adam. Adam! – I got her.
– You got me. – I had to throw Adam under the bus. – I would have never expected you. – To be pregnant. – To prank me! – Yeah, I don’t even know
how, how are you could believe that I was pregnant though. – And then, no, because
and then when you were like finessing this and that,
when you said you didn’t know who your baby daddy was, I’m
like oh my God, you a hoe! – I know, she called me
a hoe and everything. How could she really expect that me, good youth, be pregnant? – No, she’s a good girl. – Now I’m offended. I’m offended, I’m offended. – Wait til 30, wait til 30, wait til 30. You have your life ahead of you, no children right now, okay? – Never. – No. – Not right now, but never, I can’t. ♪ Pretty brown eyes, I’m falling in love ♪


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