20 Best Secret Amazon  Hacks | That Will Save You a TON of Money
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20 Best Secret Amazon Hacks | That Will Save You a TON of Money

hey guys what’s up welcome back to
another money Monday video where we talk all about things money on Monday so if
you’re new here welcome you are so welcome here my name is Kat Theo and
today we’re not actually talking about ways to make money but ways to save you
money so with the holiday season just around the corner if you’re anything
like me Black Friday shopping is pretty fun to go people watching but it isn’t
that fun if you don’t want to get your ankle broken or getting a fight or
something you can literally just go on Amazon and save a lot more money and the
hassle of stayin up it’s all free the moring and fighting with people at wallmart We got other things to do! So today we are going to get into some really cool Amazon hacks that you can
use today to save you a lot more money than you already are shopping on Amazon
let’s go so the first way you can save money on
Amazon is getting in an automatic refund when the price drops so Amazon is
constantly changing their prices of products and there are websites that you
can use so when the price does drop you can get a refund for that the first
books that you can use to get a refund if your price jobs is called paribus.co
it’s free and it’s really easy to use the second website is it looks like that
will alert you if your price drops so it’s kind of similar but it’s different
this is gonna be before you buy the product let’s say you want to buy a
Billy a bicycle but on Amazon right now it is $200 you don’t want to buy it
until it’s $180 so on this website they will let you know if the price does drop
to $180 up so you can buy Billy this bike
all you have to do is set the alert on camel camel camel .com and when the
price hits back number that you want it will alert you ok the third way is
something I actually learned in my marketing class was just really tricky
way that Amazon and other online retailers like to trick you if you go to
purchase something in this game your shopping cart and then you abandon
the shopping cart very quickly have you ever noticed that sometimes they’ll send
you a new smell reminding you that you have something in the shopping cart and
you didn’t buy it maybe they’ll offer you a coupon or give you a discount this
is a really good way you can take advantage of these marketing techniques
to save a little money this is called shopping cart abandonment and there’s a
very high percent of people that do this so what companies like to do if you like
to offer a discount or coupons you finish the order so something you’re
already gonna purchase if you just abandon the car and wait a few more days
you might actually receive a coupon a lot of companies do this and you’ll
notice this if you start abandoning your shopping cart okay the fourth way is
giving the cash rebate for already shopping on Amazon so if you haven’t
already heard about eBay and mister rebates I think it’s called these are
cash back websites now if you’re already gonna buy on Amazon you can go through
this website buy what you’re already gonna buy and they’re gonna give you a
percentage back to you in cash Amazon on ebay.com
is up to five percent so if you haven’t already signed up with him I have a link
in the description and if you sign up it would really help me out my fifth way
you can save money on Amazon is buying products that are in a color that are
not as desirable so not every product this would be an option but there’s a
lot of things that cost more just because of the color of it for example
if you’re gonna buy a high waisted bikini and black everyone likes black so maybe
it’ll cost more but if you decide to get it in yellow it might save you five
extra dollars so check out these options when you’re buying some things where you
have color options to see if you can save money but if the color isn’t that
important to you it could be like he’s way too safe much this fixed way
you can save money on Amazon is getting their prime Amazon store card it is a
credit card but it’s only able to be used on the Amazon website and you get
to say 5% on anything in purchase so I don’t recommend this if you’re just bad
with credit cards in general but if you’re good with cards and credit this
could be a really easy way to save by percent on everything you buy the
seventh way you can save money on Amazon is sharing your Prime account with
another adult so if you have someone else that you can share your account
with you can save each other money so let’s say like it’s 99 dollars a year
for the prime account now it’s 50 if you have two people on it they don’t have to
pay for it you don’t have to anymore so you can save money by doing it you can
always sign up with one address but it looks like your best friend or or
someone that you you know aren’t really close with you guys can just to share
the address and then pick up your stuff so Prime membership at half the price
oh hey number eight is a lot of people don’t know this but if you ever buy
something on your private count and then two day free shipping doesn’t get there
in two days you can actually get a month free of your prime account so if you buy
something let’s say Billy’s bicycles if you buy Billy’s bicycle and it gets
there in three days instead of two you can just contact customer service and
tell them that it got there late and they will actually give you a month
three prime okay so if there’s any students watching this you can actually
get a free student Prime account which doesn’t have all the benefits of a
normal criminal but you know it does have its benefits if you want to get all
of the benefits of the full prime account you can actually get in a 50%
discount if you have an email that is dot e-d-u so you don’t even have to be a
student anymore but if you can still access that edu account you can get a
student connect account for free or you can get it at 50% off my tenth hack is
transferring your leftover Visa gift cards to your Amazon gift cards
a lot of people don’t know that you can actually take advantage of the extra
leftovers your Visa gift cards and put it onto your it what’s on big card you
know how you get these Visa gift cards for your birthday or for Christmas but
when you finish them and maybe you have like a dollar left or $0.50 and you
can’t do anything with it you can actually take those balances and put it
on your Amazon and gift card so if you have a bunch add it up you might be able
to actually buy something on Amazon instead of having wasted cards that only
have like 60 cents on it a dollar two dollars on it the minimal amount for
transferring from the visa to the Amazon gift card is 15 cents so you do have to
have at least 15 cents but if you have at least 15 cents then you can transfer
it to your Amazon gift card okay my 11 pack is if you prime an Amazon account
you’re actually legible to get a free book every single month to the Kindle
lending library if you already paid $10 a month or Kindle unlimited you already
have access to all these books but if you’re just a Prime membership without
paying any more you’re allowed to get a free book every single month okay moms
out there Amazon moms like twelfth little Amazon hack if you are expecting
if you’re about to have a child within the next two months and you’re already
an Amazon Prime member you can save 15% on baby products that you need as a new
mother you’re only legible within the firm the last two months of your
pregnancy so you have to be around like seven months pregnant honestly I don’t
really know how you get through that but you can get 20% off on diapers you can
get exclusive offers that are only available to Amazon moms coupons and a
$10 credit when you sign up by the Amazon
okay so I don’t know if you’re like or I’m just like a super extra but I have
all of my Dropbox free accounts maxed out Google Photos maxed out but did you
know that on Amazon they have their own cloud where you can store your photos
and videos for free you do have to be an Amazon Prime member already but if you
are already then this is a great way to have even more storage for free online
my 14th hack is by taking advantage of Anselm’s Instant Video it’s kind of like
the Netflix of Amazon so they have their own series that they’re doing and it’s a
hundred percent free if you already are a private member my 15 hack is amazon
coupons do you know Amazon has their own coupon section where you can literally
get Amazon coupons and use it on Amazon in save money instantly a lot of these
products are things that you commonly buy already but I must say it’s only
gonna save you money if they’re things you already buy if you’re just buying
things because there was a coupon you’re not saving money but if the things you
are buy then this could be a really easy way to save hundreds dollars on my 16th
way is an interesting way that I kind of stole from being an influencer but there
are websites like vipon ripple influencer and snag a shout that pretty
much will give you discounted items for review so literally legally the rules of
Amazon you can’t ask for a positive review so they can’t ask you to give a
positive review but they can give you a discount an item for a review it can be
negative neutral or positive it doesn’t matter but let’s say you want to buy
Billy a bicycle and on one of these websites the three that I just listed on
one of these websites you see a bicycle that is only $40 it’s usually 200 so
they’ll send you this bike for $40 what was that a deep discount and you leave a
review for them it doesn’t have to be positive like I said they can’t force
you to write a positive review you should still be honest in your ear
this is a really great way that you can get discounted products another way that
you will not find anywhere else but I have done this before and I’ve gotten
three things by doing this so is contacting the sellers on Amazon that do
not have any stars so if they have not have any reviews yet you can contact
them and say hey I would like to try your product I said you do not have any
reviews would you be interesting in sending me a product for free or at a
discount for our review once again you cannot promise a positive review because
you should be honest if you don’t want the product don’t know how much review a
lot of people don’t reply to you but you’d be surprised how many people do
another little tip trick is that on Amazon you can publicly put your email address
so sellers can actually contact you if they’re ever sending out products Amazon
customers if you have up your email public they can easily contact you my
seventeenth way is using Amazon’s trade in program to get paid in gift
cards or things you don’t want anymore in the past I have used Gazelle to sell my
old phones and they give you pretty much nothing like $10 or $20 so amazon has
the same program or you can give them your broken phone or phones you don’t use
anymore and they will give you money in a Amazon gift card that you can use it
to obviously buy things my 18 trick is using it a Chrome extension to find out
if Amazon prices is actually the cheapest on the internet or not so what
this Chrome extension does it to browse all of Amazon stores to give you the
cheapest price but not only do they scan Amazon stores but they also scan other
online retailers to see who has the cheapest price so you can buy on that
website because a lot of times Enza is not the cheapest okay I don’t
know my camera just turned off so lost some of my footage but anyways we’re
gonna just keep it moving so my eighteenth way to save money on
Amazon is through Amazon warehouse Amazon warehouse is where you can buy
things that people decide they don’t want anymore and they return it to
Amazon so for example if you decided to buy Billy a camera because you thought
he would be a youtuber but Billy didn’t like the camera and he wants to return
it and so instead you bought Billy a bicycle so you can actually buy this
camera and get out of deep discount so let’s check
this theory now and see if it works so let’s take a look at the camera Canon
Powershot SX 420 okay normally on Amazon we can see that normally retails for
$229 some are $244 another ones $249 ok great now let’s head over to Amazon
warehouse let’s go into the camera section which we can see is 20% off on
cameras that are returned let’s see what we have ok look we have a Canon
Powershot SX 420 for a hundred and fifty dollars so for so you can save a hundred
dollars just because someone returned it semi used so maybe you might be thinking
buying semi used products is not your thing because it can be broken or
scratched you still have a 60 day window to return it and get a refund if it is
broken or scratched or it’s just something you decided you just don’t
want another great way to get discounts on Amazon is through Amazon outlet they
have a lot of parts that have discontinued or out of season and
they’re not going to restock the product so if you can find some pre discounted
products they’re my 20th way and my last way is not really gonna save your money
but it’s gonna do really great things for the community so with Amazon’s smile
anything you purchase through Amazon smile which is pretty much the exact
same as amazon.com but all of your the proceeds they take like a half a percent
of what you purchase and they send it to the charity of your choice so if you
want to buy Billy a bicycle so if you’re gonna spend $200 on Billy’s bicycle then
half a percent of those proceeds are gonna go to a charity that you like so
I’m currently donating my proceeds to the organization that protects animals
like that you can do a lot of other ones so I really like this program because
instead of forking out extra money to donate which you know I probably should
be doing anyways but it’s already something I’m gonna buy anyways and now
the big company is gonna be forking out the money
putting their money into the organization that you choose it’s a
really great way to give back to your community it doesn’t cost any more money
and then using Amazon comm so you might as well just do it you might as well why
not so now it’s your turn have you used any of these tactics to
save you some money on Amazon and what other ways do you’d like to save money
on Amazon I would love to know if you haven’t or subscribe to my channel you
should really think about it because we talked about ways to save money and make
money every single Monday don’t forget to give me a like if you found some
value in this video and share this please with anyone that you think would
also find some value and to save them some money this holiday season okay I
will see you next Monday bye


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