20 Best WordPress Themes for eCommerce [2018]
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20 Best WordPress Themes for eCommerce [2018]

In this video, we’ll reveal the 20 best
eCommerce WordPress themes for 2017 – 2018. We analyzed 100’s of WordPress themes, based
on speed, design, ease of use, mobile responsiveness, and functionality, to bring you only the best
WordPress themes for eCommerce in 2017 & 2018. A few that made the list include Atelier,
Neto, Oxygen, Hugo, and ShopIsle Pro. We’ll explain why the theme scored well,
and highlight any areas where it didn’t perform as well. We’ve created a blog post with all the details,
that you can follow along with on the OHKLYN blog, at OHKLYN o-h-k-l-y-n.com/blog (we’ll
add a direct link to the post in the description below). All the links to the themes covered in this
video will also be available in the description box below, and on the OHKLYN blog post for
your reference. We’re recently put together a number of
free step-by-step eCommerce WordPress tutorials, featuring a number of eCommerce themes on
this list. So, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel,
and check out or recent videos to access those. We’ve included a link to discount hosting
with our affiliate partners bluehost, and WP Engine in the description below, and on
the OHKLYN website. If you want your online store to be lightning
fast, check out the discount available through WP Engine. So, let’s get to it, and take a look at
the 20 best eCommerce WordPress themes for2018. In the top spot is Atelier, with a score of
9 out of 10 Atelier is an awesome theme, and one we’ve
used on a number of client projects. This theme is packed with features, and still
manages to be one of the faster eCommerce themes around. It comes with a huge range of layout variations,
and features a one-click demo content importer, which is awesome! Atelier’s page load speed is more than adequate,
when you weigh up the huge amount of content that it ships with. It’s one of the most feature rich themes
on this list. What predominantly impacts the page speed
score in this instance is the heavy use of images, which is something you are in control
of, through ensuring you optimize your images for web. It has a great mobile score of 74, and the
desktop scored a reasonable 62 on the Google Pagespeed Insights test. Despite its extensive features and offerings,
Atelier remains very easy to use. Atelier also features a spacious and easy
to use mega menu. Hover states, and animations are implemented
to perfection. So that the user always knows where they are,
and what’s possible. The typefaces used in Atelier suit the theme
and its design perfectly. Heading sizes create a natural hierarchy,
and the fonts themselves are easy to read. Atelier also makes good use of animations,
whitespace, and bursts of color, to keep things interesting and alive. It feels modern and relaxed, and will suit
a wide range of online stores. Atelier has plenty to offer on mobile as well. It’s impressive that most of the features
available on desktop are kept, and adapted for mobile screens. The image sliders on product lists are still
there, and work really well. The menu is well placed, and large enough
for even the clumsiest of fingers to use. It would be almost impossible to mention all
the features packaged into Atelier, without dedicating more than half of this video. But the score it received should speak volumes. All the big features like Google Maps, product
viewing options, and demos are all included. On top of that, there is a huge number of
widgets and elements to create engaging layouts, with everything from interactive sliders,
to bar and circle animations, and pretty much anything else you’ll need. It also comes with handy user controls to
switch the shop view from grid to list, and much more. In second place, is Savoy scoring 9 out of
10 Savoy is the picture of minimalism. However, still manages to include a reasonable
amount of features and layout options. That, and its 10/10 page speed score, launches
it to the top of our list. Its ease of use, and minimalist style combine
to create an enviable user experience, making it a great choice for your next project. The first theme to score a perfect 10/10 for
our page load metrics. It scores 66 for mobile, and an outstanding
85 for desktop on the Google Pagespeed Insights test. Literally, the only thing this theme could
improve, is to combine its external JavaScript and CSS. The other areas all scored straight A’s. It goes without saying, that the minimalist
themes score well in the ease of use category. And Savoy does a great job of it. It would be a little unfair to give it a perfect
10/10 though, considering how much more content and elements some of the other themes have
to contend with. Savoy sticks to its minimalist roots throughout. Even the colors are minimal, sticking predominantly
to grayscale. What makes it stand out is the dash of color
throughout the page, like the orange cart items counter, and image zoom hover states. The default typefaces are modern, well-sized,
and very easy to read. You could see the designers went for the Nordic
fashion/lifestyle vibe, and have pulled it off beautifully. It’s rare to find a shop that’s so easy
to use on mobile. The gallery retains all of its features from
the desktop site, which is quite unique. The menu re-sizes well to smaller devices,
and is easy to navigate. There are certainly other themes on this list
with a greater level of functionality, however, the most important features like Google Maps,
charts and progress bars, as well as everything you need for a product page, are accounted
for. There is also a good range of layout options
to choose from. Rounding out the top 3 is TheGem earning a
9 out of 10 TheGem is actually a business theme, and made
it into our Best Business WordPress Themes’ top 3 as well. Its great eCommerce capabilities nabs it another
podium spot on this list. Ladened with animations, widgets, and features,
this theme is a real winner. TheGem’s page speed score is impressive
when you take into account how much more content it ships with. The developers have done all the hard work,
and there are no real obvious improvements to be made here. The amount of images and media used just naturally
brings the loading time down. TheGem scored an exceptional 79 and 92 respectively
for mobile and desktop on the Google Pagespeed Insights test. Hands down, TheGem has the best mega menu
on this list. It is well designed, incredibly user-friendly,
and can handle images. It also makes extensive use of preloaders
wherever it’s needed. With all the features, widgets, content, animations,
and elements built into this theme, you would expect TheGem to feel congested and overwhelming,
however it’s one of the easier sites to navigate and provides a great user experience. TheGem is another example of how using bright
colors effectively can not only make a site look fantastic, but also elevate the user
experience. The choice of typefaces are on point, and
they have managed to make the theme feel engaging and interactive, with great use of hover states
and animation. We love how this theme looks on mobile, specifically
the way the menu flips. This solves a lot of problems that come with
using large, multi-tiered menus on mobile screens. Similarly, TheGem finds effective ways to
deal with all the content it has to offer, and presents it appropriately on any screen
size. TheGem has a great range of features. It also has two of its own custom sliders
(Revolution and Layer). Each come with some cool 2D and 3D animations
and effects, which is a pretty rad feature. There are also some niche specific features,
that are worth exploring. Up next we have Neto with a 9 out of 10 Neto is a modern and minimal eCommerce WordPress
theme, that features a number of homepage layouts to suit most preferences. This theme makes great use of whitespace,
combines sans-serif typefaces, and incorporates niche specific widgets into its design to
create an easy to use and engaging experience. Scoring well across the board, this theme
is somewhat of an all rounder, and would be well suited to all types of online stores. This theme scored well on our page speed test,
and the mobile experience is solid. Product pages look great, with product images
zoomable via an easy to use lightbox. Similarly, product variation options and buttons
are well styled, product sharing via social media is integrated nicely, and the description,
reviews, and related products features all look elegant. In fifth, we have Organik scoring 9 out of
10 Organik is an excellent all round theme that’s
refreshing to use. Although it isn’t necessarily the best in
any specific area, it still scores really high in all categories. The theme is aimed at businesses in the food,
or fresh produce industry, and the color schemes and designs really push that clean and fresh
feel. While it doesn’t quite have enough functionality
to score a 10, it’s more than adequate with all the basic widgets and elements covered. The fonts used are modern, readable and well
scaled. And it receives bonus points for the compare
and quick view widgets, awesome gallery, and mega menu. We then have Olsen with 9 out of 10 Olsen ranked in the top spot of our best WordPress
blog themes article. Therefore if you want to incorporate a blog
into your online store, then this theme is for you. Its clean and minimal design, that includes
a number of layout variations is what really stands out about this theme. It’s elegant and tasteful use of typography,
inclusion of relevant widgets, and eCommerce experience make it a serious contender This theme translates seamlessly to all devices,
providing a consistent user experience. Product pages are styled beautifully, with
zoomable product images on hover, and includes a number a product types. For a free step by step tutorial of how to
get up and running with this theme check out the free WordPress tutorials section of our
website, or view our YouTube channel. In seventh spot, we have Basel scoring 8 out
of 10 Basel offers some pretty neat features. What’s especially cool is the quick view,
compare, and add to cart links on listed items. It also comes with a wide range of layouts
and presentation options to choose from. This themes is packed with features, and comes
with a number of unique options for eCommerce. Although the fonts are stylish, they don’t
have the same impact as other bold and sans serif typefaces, especially in an online shop. Our only real concern with this theme, is
it’s less than stellar mobile performance compared to others on this list scoring 54
on the Google Pagespeed Insights test. It can also feel a little cramped at times,
however, that might be us being a little too critical. Next is Oxygen with an 8 out of 10 When it comes to design, Oxygen almost reaches
perfection. The spacing of elements, use of simple colors,
and their placement inside boxes look amazing! A side benefit of this, is that it makes this
theme really easy to use. An example of great design translating to
a great user experience. The use of an amazing gallery, on pretty much
every image is great. This theme comes with a good range of layout
options, and most of the important features you will need for an effective eCommerce website. Its a real shame that this theme didn’t
score higher in our page speed category, which we weight higher for eCommerce. With some improvements in this space, this
theme would have been a contender for a top 3 finish. If you love everything else about this theme,
you can remedy this shortfall with a managed hosting option like WP Engine, which will
help to improve the speed of your site. We’ll add a link that will entitle you to
a discount in the description below. Up next is Hugo with a rating of 8 out of
10 Hugo is an eCommerce store made mostly for
fashion or lifestyle items. When you view the demo it is full of bearded
men that are immaculately groomed, wearing plaid and denim clothing. This modern, hipster feel is Hugo’s natural
habitat, and it pulls it off with bravado and style. However, this can easily be customized to
fit a number of target audiences within the fashion/lifestyle space. This theme scored well in all categories,
finishing towards the top of the list in terms of ease of use, design, and mobile responsiveness. It’s design looks great across all devices,
specifically the product pages which include some unique design elements that are full
of charm. Rounding out the top 10 is eCommerce scoring
8 out of 10 This name certainly doesn’t leave you guessing! It’s MyThemeShop’s default online store
theme. It comes with six different layout variations
that are each unique, although following the same base architecture. The variations do a good job of covering different
genres like luxury items, sports clothing, and feature both masculine and feminine designs. This theme is incredibly well rounded, with
a solid page load speed, and mobile experience, the eCommerce theme is sure to impress. We then have Hestia Pro with a 7 out of 10 Hestia Pro is a unique looking theme, and
heavily embraces material design principles, specifically dimension. This theme has an interesting take on the
usual visual elements, which you’ll either love or hate. Most elements have rounded corners, and images
have sliding hover animations. It features large, sans serif fonts, that
are easy to read. Although nothing is actually wrong with the
mobile responsiveness of this theme, the design doesn’t translate as well to smaller displays,
however we know this theme will certainly appeal to a number of users. Up next is Divi with a score of 7 out of 10 Divi’s greatest feature is that it comes
with an easy to use page builder. This means that it has a huge list of features
and design options to cover almost any kind of website you could imagine. Even better than that, is that you’ll be
able to create the design you want without any coding experience, and whatever coding
you do know, will make it even easier. However, it also means it will take some work
for you to make it feel like your own shop. The default design feels like a business site. However, it does come with a nice shop that
has all the necessary features, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Divi’s mobile responsiveness is impeccable
and one of the best performers on this list. To learn more about Divi, check out one of
our free tutorials using Divi. Next is Elbrus scoring 7 out of 10 Elbrus is geared more towards businesses,
than an actual online shop. However, it does feature a pretty good shopping
experience with all the functionality you’ll need. It has an especially easy to use rating and
review system, and all product images zoom and can switch between variations. What we like about Elbrus, is that it also
provides more ways to present your business, brand, and team. It’s page speed could be improved, relative
to other themes on this list. However, this theme scored really well in
regards to ease of use, design, and provides a great user experience across multiple devices
and display types. Up next is Amaryllis with a rating of 7 out
of 10 Amaryllis has a number of similar attributes
to that of Hugo. These two themes come from the same studio,
CSSigniter, who produce great quality themes. It has a slightly more modern, and toned down
feel to it, and is geared towards a much wider audience than Hugo. In our opinion, it doesn’t have as much
appeal or charm as Hugo, and lost a point of two for design. Still, this theme scored consistently well
across all categories, positioning it as a very well rounded theme. With simple and intuitive navigation, the
user experience is nice, and this theme responds well on all devices. Next we have The Core with a score of 7 out
of 10 The core is a multipurpose WordPress theme
that is jam packed with features, widgets, and niche elements. This includes a drag and drop builder, sliders,
and a number of product related goodies. It also includes a demo content importer to
help you recreate the live demo examples with just a few clicks. Which is very appealing! The online store component is solid. It incorporates hover states and animations
well, features nicely designed product pages, and translates well to mobile, creating a
consistent shopping experience, regardless of device type. The next ecommerce WordPress theme is BiShop
with a 7 out of 10 Bishop is a fantastic looking theme, and incorporates
some unique design elements. The tiled category pane is quite enjoyable. In the live demo, the theme makes good use
of a strong contrast between orange, white and dark images which provides some inspiration
for what you could create. This themes design, and ease of use are what
stand out. It could improve in the categories of speed
and mobile responsiveness, as it looks great on tablet, however, some elements don’t
feel positioned properly on mobile. That being said, this is a great looking theme
and with a boosted hosting solution will provide a great user experience. We then have Refined Pro scoring 7 out of
10 Refined Pro is true to it’s name, featuring
a modern meets rustic, eclectic and refined design. It creates an almost Magnolia Market vibe,
which seems to be working out pretty well for Chip and Joanna. Product pages are well designed, and incorporate
easy social media sharing. Our only real concern is the slower page load
speed score relative to other competitors on this list. We wouldn’t expect this, given that it isn’t
overly feature or media rich. That being said, it has a very classy feel,
and would work well as an online store specialising in interior design, antique furniture, or
another marketplace of sorts. Up next is Beatrix with a score of 7 out of
10 Beatrix is a well designed theme that provides
a great user experience on all devices. It doesn’t have a huge amount of features,
especially when compared to the other themes on this list. However, what it does, it does well. Its aesthetically pleasing, capitalizing on
a neat and attractive design, the hallmark of TeslaThemes. We would like to see some more animation,
or hover states to make it feel more alive. However, its mobile responsiveness is good,
with just a slight overuse of whitespace, in our humble opinion. The next ecommerce WordPress theme is Infinity
Pro rated 7 out of 10 Infinity Pro is soft on the eyes, and makes
good use of whitespace, elegant typefaces, and pretty colors. Its one of the more ‘lightweight’ themes
that doesn’t ship with that much in the way of extra layouts, features, or widgets. Infinity Pro scored really well in our mobile
responsive category, with it’s attractive design translating well to mobile. It incorporates simple and intuitive navigation,
making this theme really easy to use. Rounding out the top 20 is Shopisle Pro scoring
6 out of 10 ShopIsle Pro is a really well designed theme,
and features the majority of the elements you’ll need to create an epic online store. This theme could have been featured a lot
higher up on this list, but for its lower page load speed score. The default layout is well designed and feels
quite polished. It has a relaxed, and chilled vibe to it that
would be great for a fashion or lifestyle store. It features modern, readable typefaces that
really fit well. And the mobile responsiveness is quite solid,
making this a great option. And that wraps up our review of the 20 best
eCommerce WordPress themes for 2017 & 2018. If you liked this video hit the like button,
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.com. We’ll also include a list of our preferred
WordPress theme providers and marketplaces for you to explore, just in case you didn’t
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