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24 BEST AMAZON BUYS 2018 | Things I Buy On Amazon | Ysis Lorenna

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel I
hope you’re all doing well today I’m gonna share with you my Amazon best buys
I’ve been an avid Amazon shopper for about eight years now I was looking
through my account and my first order was placed in 2010 which was when I
moved here to the UK sort of like 2009 10 so I’ve been shopping on Amazon for
about eight years and I shop there a lot I have Amazon Prime which a lot of
people do nowadays and it’s so handy I find it so useful to get things on
Amazon you can get anything and everything and you can get Next Day
Delivery which is great so I’ve been seeing lots of these videos floating
around and I actually find myself searching for these videos actively
typing Amazon Best Buy’s just to see what I’m missing and what is the next
thing that I’m gonna buy let me know if you do that as well I don’t do that with
like other shops but some reason I’m obsessed with finding things that people
have bought on Amazon that I don’t have so that I can get them my videos gonna
be a mixture of things it’s gonna be home stuff baby toddler bit of fashion
like running stuff try my best to get everything together because it’s been
eight years of buying stuff so I tried like to get the best of the best stuff
there have been a lot of things that I bought them work that great and other
things I just know that you guys know about in any case so I didn’t want to
like repeat information so if you’re not already subscribed I would love for you
to subscribe I post three times a week on a man’s day men’s day it’s a new day
of the week there on a Monday Wednesday and Friday at 7 p.m. now let’s get
straight on with the Amazon Best Buy’s I’m gonna start with like home where
lifestyle stuff because I feel like that’s the kind of thing that everybody
can relate to and my first Amazon Best Buy are these
packing cubes I showed these on my Instagram when I went on holiday
recently and you guys went crazy for it and you were sending me messages asked
you for the links of these so I thought I would show them because they are from
Amazon so these have been amazing we have traveled quite a bit this year and
every time I travel I pack my kids clothes in these packing cubes and then
I put them in the suitcases they have absolutely changed my life when it comes
to packing and unpacking you get quite a few of them inside the cubes this is the
biggest size and in here I usually put jumpers and trousers jeans things that
are really big and bulky it’s quite wide and deep as well so you can layer things
up and you can also stack things because it kind of expands but the zips are
really strong and they don’t break easily they are from the branch called G
for free and then inside that you get two medium-sized ones and then you get a
smaller one and a tiny little one these have been amazing I find them so so
helpful what I like to do is I keep everything in the packing cubes even
when I unpack I don’t unpack things out of the packing cubes or just leave them
in the cubes cuz I know where everything is and I usually like separate things by
outfit but I digress these are a great great Buy and I will
obviously leave links to everything below next thing that I bought on Amazon
for the home which I have used so much and I love it is my steamer now I do
apologize the fact that it is quite grubby we use it a lot and we wash it on
a daily basis I bought this I think after I had my first son when I started
weaning him and I wanted to steam his food for like purees and stuff because
it’s a little healthier it retains more of the nutrients if you steam rather
than if you boil it the bottom bit is a bit where you put your water there and
then these two are two separate steamers
so it’s good if you’re like batch cooking and you want to steam like
carrots and I don’t know pears at the same time because you can stack them up
and you can put each one in its compartment so I really like my steamer
and it was a great find on Amazon the next thing I can’t actually show you but
only set some footage here and it’s our garden patio furniture cover not the
furniture itself but the cover did do a lot of research and which one to get
because we have like a corner set and then a table in the middle so I wanted
something that would cover everything together and not just individual pieces
and I found this on Amazon and it’s been great it has plenty of room if I want to
put more things underneath the cover as well it’s quite long and wide and we’ve
had horrible rain here for a while here in Wales and my furniture set is
completely bone dry our cushions are not waterproof and I’ve kept them underneath
the cover and they are absolutely perfect next thing that I’ve really got
loads of use out of is my lettuce holder that I keep in my kitchen it’s just such
a simple and quite cheaper thing that you can find anywhere but I got that one
from Amazon I think it’s really cute it has lots of little compartments and it
just makes things a bit neater and tidier instead of like piling up papers
because whenever we get letters I usually tend to pick everything up and
just put it on the kitchen counter and things start to pile up so with that
little letter holder I just put things on there and it looks a lot neater and
more organized my next best buy our cable clips with self adhesive so I’m
not very into DIY and I hate like drilling holes and putting nails on the
wall I just want things that I can like quickly and easily do I love command
strips for everything so in my room here where I’m filming I had a cable that had
to run through the room led to a very obvious part of the room which I
couldn’t hide with anything else so I bought these cable clips where you just
attach it to the wall with a self-adhesive thing and then you’ll
click the click cables into place and everything just looks really neat and
I thought I just quickly mentioned this it’s not a huge buy it was quite cheap
but it saved me having to like put nails on the wall and get someone to do the
job for me I did it myself it was so quick and easy and it just makes
everything look a bit neater and tidier next thing is something that I cannot
live without now they have it and it’s my spray mop I know there’s lots of
brands of spray mops out there but this is the one that I’ve got and I’ve found
it so so good I dreaded mopping before I got my spray Hobbs just like getting the
bucket and the water and everything was just such a fat but with the spray mop I
just put my cleaning solution in the little compartment put it on the mop and
then it can spray it as you go that’s just been such a handy thing to have
we’ve got lots of hard floors in our house and a mop is absolutely essential
especially with kids that drop everything on the floor I make
everything mucky so yeah the spray mop is such an
essential for me this next thing I haven’t used it for a while but when I
did it was a lifesaver and it was a nightlight that I bought when I was
breastfeeding my daughter in the newborn days and I just wanted like a soft
nightlight something that I could like gradually change the intensity of the
light you charge it and then it would last for like months months and months
and months I’d say three months of four months without needing to charge it
again so I could carry it with me if I was feeding her in another room and you
could take it on holiday with you as well they used it so much in the days
when I needed just a little soft light to change a nappy and to like make up a
bottle or two just like breastfeed without disrupting too much of the like
the mood in the room so that nightlight was absolutely amazing
now moving on to tech I’ve only got a few things but these things are things
that I use a lot the first thing is my current iPhone case now generally I buy
my iPhone cases from Amazon because I just think there’s so much option there
so I found this one and I absolutely love it I don’t know if you’ll be able
to see properly because my light is a little bit too bright but it’s just like
a marble effect with loads of different colors like pinks and blues and
it kind of hugs the phone all around us also protects the sides and it’s one of
those snap on and off silicone cases but it’s quite a top silly put the silicone
case so it protects my phone as well my next tech favorite from Amazon is my
Apple watch chargers stand so you just put your actual Apple watch charger
through the stand here I don’t know if you can see but that white bitch is the
actual charger and the wire is threaded through here and then you plug it in as
usual on your mains I just think it’s so great it’s so easy for me to see in the
night pop my Apple watch on there and it charges it and it’s also there so like
when I wake in the night and I just want to see the time I tap on there and I can
see what time it is I also got this Apple watch strap from Amazon but I
wasn’t going to include in this video because it hasn’t really like aged well
it wasn’t too expensive either so it’s not like real leather but it’s just it’s
looking really grubby and yeah maybe I don’t know I don’t know if I would
repurchase it but it has been really good and I’m still wearing it so maybe I
will leave a link below to it just in case you guys are looking for a cheap
leather looking Apple watch strap the next tech item that I bought from Amazon
that I love is my lassi or Lacey as you notice it I think it’s lassi hard drive
so I use this to store everything my pictures my videos all the footage that
I use for these YouTube videos and it’s amazing the reason why I love this just
instead of all the other hard drives that I’ve owned it’s because there’s
only one connecting Porter cable is actually built into the hard drive here
so there’s no disconnecting from this and there’s only disconnecting from this
in so if it’s only one side if you know what I mean like I’ve reduced 50% of my
chances of my cables disconnecting it might be something small but for me it’s
a huge thing it used to happen all the time and this is also – also a
Thunderbolt port so it’s faster if you’ve got like Thunderbolt on your
computer the transfer rate is faster than the USB transfer so yeah that’s why
I went for this one it is a lot more expensive
normal hard drives I get like a wd-40 bite for like half the price of this so
what I usually do is I buy my other hard drives which are cheaper and when this
is full I put everything onto the other ones as a backup and then clean this one
up and use this one again as my day-to-day hard drive my last tech
favorite is this L’Oreal steam port now I know this is not necessarily like a
tech thing but it’s slightly more tech than your average hair straighteners and
I absolutely swear by these I used to use GHD straighteners which are really
good and like in what they used to be my favorite brand of hair straighteners but
since finding the steam pod these are a million times better especially for my
hair I have thick coarse hair and my hair just feels so soft and looks really
shiny when I use this when I go back to using normal straightness I know the
difference straightaway my hair is just not as soft and if you don’t know what a
steam pod is it’s basically hair straighteners with a little steam
capsule attached to it so you put water in this compartment the water goes
through this pipe and into your straightness and it comes out of these
little holes there and into your hair so you know like when you’re straightening
your hair your hair gets really dry and brittle you’re actually putting water
back into your hair as you’re taking the water out so it doesn’t like damage your
hair as much it makes it feel softer so I totally totally swear by these I use
these every week when I wash my hair and straighten and style my hair best by
ever this I’m on to my second one because my first one I used it so much
that the steam holes stopped producing steam but yeah I’ve had these for years
now and I love them now moving on to some baby stuff the first thing from
Amazon that I bought which was really really useful was my angel care bath
support it has like a non-slip silicone back wet newborn babies can be very
slippery little things so when they are in the bath support they don’t sleep
they don’t there’s no like risk of them falling into the bath when they are in
the bath support so that was amazing for me totally a great great Buy I didn’t
have that with my first but absolutely loved it with my second the next thing
that I get from Amazon for babies or toddlers are these say line or saline
nasal sprays now this actual bottle is not the one
that I get from Amazon but it’s something very similar to this one this
is a different brand that I have here because I’ve run out of the one that I
get from Amazon but I’ll leave a link to the correct one my sister who’s a
pediatrician recommended these to me when your baby is really congested to
spray some saline spray up their nose to like clear everything out and it just
helps like decongest their nose and yeah I’ve used these so many times now this
next item has probably been one of my most used items ever since having a baby
and a toddler and it’s my hawk pushchair I think that’s how you say the name of
the brand so I bought this as a second Bush chair because we were going away on
holiday and I needed something that was more portable and I was recommended
buying an umbrella pushchair so that’s the one that I got from the brand called
Hawk and it’s since then become our main pushchair because it’s just so easy to
push it’s comfortable it reclines as well so if your child
wants to have a little sleep they can fold easily you can put it up one-handed
put it down one-handed can’t recommend it enough it’s so easy to push so you
know just like convenient and the last baby thing that I bought from Amazon
which I’ve used a lot is our munchkin nappy change organizer I bought this
when I was pregnant and I’ve used it for three and a half years it’s still very
useful it’s a great place like to organize all the nappies and wipes and
nappy bags and just all the loose ends and you like cotton pads and cotton buds
and things and it just looks really neat it’s still there and it’s still being
useful so I highly recommend it now a few things for toddlers the first thing
is our paw patrol travel bed for toddlers you guys seem to love that bed
whenever I show it on my Instagram we got it for James when we went to Brazil
and we wanted him to have a little bed to sleep wherever we were because we
were going to travel a lot and we didn’t want to disrupt his sleep too much
it’s been fantastic he sleeps so well in that badge it’s a blow-up beds that you
can blow it up yourself you don’t need a pump or anything you just use your mouth
and you blow it up really really quickly it folds really small as well so you can
put it back in your suitcase and it’s really comfy as well James loves
sleeping in that bed and whenever we’ve been on holiday we always take it with
us so if you’re going traveling soon and you have a toddler I highly recommend
looking into that little portable bed another thing that we love in our house
and you guys seem to love it as well when I show my Instagram is our mini
piano for the kids now I got this at Christmastime I think last year and it
was originally for James but my daughter Isabella is actually loves it more than
him they both like it but she loves it and it’s such a cute little piano they
play on it all the time I didn’t think we were gonna get that much use out of
it but it seems like it’s like a little go to thing for them it wasn’t cheap it
was over 100 pounds but it’s definitely like a maine present if you want to get
your kids there for making present for christmas or something like that another
great buy are these swing vests we have one for James and one for Isabella
and they have been so so good especially when we go like to public swimming pools
or like open big areas where they just want to be more free to play but you
still don’t want to take your eyes off them just in case
one thing I would recommend is to go a size up on these because my daughter
Isabella is she’s 19 20 months old the thing or 19 I have lost count 19 or 20
months old and I got her a size three to four years and this just about fits her
and my son is 3 and I think he’s a size 5 to 6 so definitely go a size up on
these so yeah these have been absolutely great another great thing that we got
which you can’t live without is our my carry potty I don’t have it here with me
it’s in our car at the moment but it’s just so so good if you’re potty training
I would highly recommend getting one when you’re out and about you’ll need
something quick and easy and the best thing about it is that if you don’t have
time to dispose of the content you can just seal it shut and dispose it
when you have time trust me I’ve been in situations where there is absolutely
nowhere to get rid of the contents of the potty and it’s just been invaluable
having it and another thing as well is that it doesn’t look like a potty when
it’s closed so I don’t feel like really self-conscious having an actual potty
everywhere I go I feel like it’s another kid’s bag so it looks really nice one of
the best things that we bought for potty training and the last toddler thing is a
bed rail so this one is from a brand called safety first and we use it with
both children it’s been absolutely great for the transition from cot to toddler
bed it just gives them that little extra security that they’re not gonna fall out
of bed and not much to say about a bed rail the reason why I like this one is
because you can stretch it to make it longer or you can squeeze it to make it
narrower it’s just slots under the mattress and it stays there it doesn’t
move it doesn’t like fall out it’s just really simple to use and yeah definitely
a great Buy so that’s it for toddlers stuff now for
fashion and like active wear stuff I promise I’m nearly there there’s only
three things left first thing is my running armband
so I’ve been doing a lot of running recently really really getting into it
and I use this to keep my phone protected and to also like take it with
me and keep it safe so I put it around my arm it’s really kind of you know I
would say really comfortable but it’s comfortable enough for what it is it has
a little space for your key in here and also a little area for you to tuck in
your headphone wires so it’s not like dangling and it has two sizes to adjust
if you have bigger arms it goes on this one if you have smaller arms like me it
goes on this one it’s very simple I’m sure you’ve seen all of these before but
yeah I got mine from Amazon and then I bought something else because this one
was actually scratching my arm a lot under here and giving me like scars and
stuff so I found a fifth belt and I actually really liked it so the flip
belt is just something that you put around your waist
and it has big pockets open pockets like this where you can slot everything in
and I show you it fits and iPhone 10 in there
no problems at all and once it’s in for it to be secured you flip it around like
that and that bit is around your waist secure then you can put keys in there
you can put anything in there and it’s really secure around your waist and I
don’t feel like it’s like riding up or anything I don’t feel like it moves up
on my body or like it’s uncomfortable I don’t feel like it digs into my waist
it’s just really comfortable and a great alternative to an armband if you find
them uncomfortable so yeah really like this it was a little bit pricey for what
it is you know just a piece of fabric with a few holes in it but I’ve used it
a lot so definitely justify the price and my
last thing is a bit odd to show but it’s a bra it’s a nursing bra and I only
showing this because I know there are a lot of moms that watch my videos and I
have quite big boobs and when I was breastfeeding they were enormous so I
found it really difficult to just have the nursing bras that have no support
like no underwire support but you’re not supposed to wear underwire bras when
you’re breastfeeding because it can affect your milk ducts and stuff so I
found ones from a brand called cake Maternity that do underwire bras are
safe for nursing they are very flexible wires so they don’t press on anything
it’s absolutely like the most comfortable thing that I’ve ever worn
ever and I even use these now that I’m not breastfeeding just because they’re
really comfortable but they’re also really supportive so they have the usual
nursing clips here at the top so that you can nurse and yeah just really
comfortable also I found it really easy for sizing to buy like my right size as
well they have a really good chart there so a great Amazon find and not something
that I thought would I would use so much but I’ve used it so so much even now
that I don’t have a breastfeeding baby so I thought I would share that with you
and that then concludes my Amazon best buys it was a lot of stuff but I felt
like I needed to get all the best bits in it I hope you guys enjoyed this video
if you did make sure let’s give it a big thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe if
you’re new and come back on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 p.m. for
more videos also please do share your Amazon favorite things on the comments
below if you have like one thing that you bought on Amazon or a few things
that you’d like to share please do share below because I’m always on the hunt for
something new to buy on Amazon so yeah hope you guys are having a lovely day
and I’ll see you all in my next video bye


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