5 Poshmark Tips to Sell More on the Platform

Poshmark is one of my favorite ecommerce
marketplaces because it’s the only one I know of that I can automate and
practically leave there all day on its own while the sales trickle in don’t get
me wrong I love eBay I love Hamazon and I love Macari along
with a number of other side seller apps but Poshmark is certainly one of my
favorites today we’re going to over five Poshmark seller tips that are gonna
allow you to make more sales and make more money on the platform or app so tip
number one is to list your items more expensively from the get-go then you
expect to sell them this creates a sense of value when you drop your prices
whether that’s throwing a closet clear out sale which happens about two to
three times a month or if you’re just dropping them and making an offer to
likers as you accumulate more interest in a listing and if you sell it at that
higher price point initially then great more power to you now two of the things
that I touched on our closet clear out sale and making offers to likers those
are two of the most valuable tools that you can utilize in your posh Marc closet
to prompt more sales right that’s the number one reason or one a hey in 1b
really because there’s two of them there that you want to stick to higher
listings initially so that you can drop your price and still maintain the air of
value so I usually sell more during a closet clear out sale or the two closet
clear out sales that happen right then I do the entirety of the month without
them the reason being is doing a closet clear out sale
what Poshmark will do is Poshmark covers the shipping for the buyer and then
obviously they get a 10% discount so if you drop your your items and your
listings down ten percent from the rate from the original purchase price that
they’re listed at well then that that the people that like those listings are
going to notified that hey this has free shipping for the next 24 hours and oh by
the way the prices drop ten percent so they don’t have to pay the shipping and
they get a cheaper price one of the best ways that you can initiate more sales on
Poshmark is to utilize these closet clear outs to
your advantage but just like tip number one you can’t do that if you start
listing your products too low so list them high and be patient tip number two
is to organize your closet for visitors and for more sales so there’s two ways
to basically do this right you want to put your sold items at the bottom by as
you as you get excels and as you accumulate more sales you’ll see that
you get that little sold tag on it right so what you want to do is you want to
share all the items around that so that you’re sold ones end up at the bottom
because when you share an item it moves to the top of your closet so you want to
make sure to organize all your sold items toward the bottom of your closet
so people don’t have to scroll through a bunch of sold stuff to see exactly what
is available still for sale and the next one is to put your most desirable items
at the top of the closet you’ll start to notice that as you put your most
desirable items at the top of the closet that’s really gonna prompt a lot more
sales on those specific items because the majority of people that come to your
closet are only gonna share back the top two to four things maybe because the
majority people are doing it from the app and you’ll notice that once you have
on the app you can only really see the top two to four items and they’re the
easiest to share if somebody’s coming back to do share for share kind of like
like for like on Instagram right so if you share something in theirs and
they’re gonna come back and share something yours
they’re not gonna scroll down to like ten listings below and share one of
those no they’re gonna share the top two or four listings so make sure that
you’re organizing your your closet items for that actual optimization when people
come back and share them tip number three is to organize your closet for
specific parties so what do I mean by that for instance let’s say that there’s
you know I don’t know a jean party going on right now all right and you have two
or three jeans in your closet well what do you want to do you want to organize
your jeans to the top of your closet by sharing them and then what I want you to
do is go to the jean party and start sharing from there now you can really
utilize tip number four that we’re gonna go over here in a second to get more of
your bang for your buck when you’re doing this
but in short what you want to do is you want to organize your genes to the top
of the closet or you know whatever the niche or party that you know is
currently going on if you have listings for that and then you’re gonna go to the
gene party and share a number of listings and just continually do that
why is that why do you think because anybody in the gene party is either
listing genes so they obviously are interested in potentially looking and
liking your genes in the future or they’re there to buy and as you start
start to share more and more stuff it’s gonna bring more and more traffic and
more and more shares to your closet also like we talked about before the top two
to four listings in your closet are gonna get the most visibility the most
traffic and the most potential likes and shares thus pushing your genes out to a
number of and variety of people that are currently on the platform looking for
what looking for genes right so make sure you’re utilizing that to your
advantage don’t just organize your closet – by
putting the sold items to the bottom and your best items at the top but also
organize it for the specific party that’s going on currently and the
specific party that you’re sharing from at that current time period that is one
of the best tips that I could give you to prompt more sales and really convert
a lot more of your pasta more closet traffic into purchasers so tip number
four is to use automation software like I said in the intro it is one of the
only places and e-commerce marketplaces that I know of that you can automate
consistently and successfully so that you can go about your life and you don’t
have to worry constantly about you know organizing your prices and organizing
your list things and bringing traffic to your listings or even paying for like
PPC on Amazon or something like that right no you can use automation software
to bring consistent traffic while you’re going about your life now there are many
services out there but I personally love simple posture and that is a Google
Chrome app I’ve done a number of videos on that in the past I will make sure to
drop one currently up in the right-hand corner right now if you want to check
out how to actually implement it and how to actually use it go ahead and do that
I love this I’ve been using this for I don’t know about a month or two now and
it only costs ten dollars it’s 19 which is a complete steal and if you
you’re not sold on it you can get a free 7-day trial for that it’s not an
affiliate link I don’t have an affiliate link for that but if you’re not sold on
it you can use it for seven days for free and then keep just cycling through
seven-day free trials so you don’t actually really ever have to pay for it
although $10 is super super cheap and the reason I love simple posture and
automation in general is because it takes your time out of the equation so
that you’re constantly bringing traffic to your closet constantly sharing other
people’s stuff constantly liking it constantly common and constantly
engaging on the platform or app while you’re going about your life you’re
eating you’re sleeping you’re watching TV or whatever it is that you do on a
daily basis you don’t have to constantly be on your phone or on the the website
sharing and going crazy tip number five is one that I see a lot of beginners not
really understanding and that is to be patient and not expect your listing to
sell right away okay you could be leaving a lot of potential profit margin
on the table if you’re trying to really really list your items low or even if
you list them high like I initially said to and then you’re dropping them too
fast right be patient don’t expect your listings to sell right away or you know
realistically within a couple of days even okay some listings will sell almost
immediately some will sell in a couple days
some will sell in a couple weeks and some might sell in two months when you
find the right buyer obviously there’s no way to test specific you know the the
specific sales velocity of an item or a Nissan Poshmark it’s trial and error but
one of the best tips I could give you to sell more at higher margins is obviously
to scale your listings up more or less things but also be patient and don’t
always expect your listings to sell right away okay so use the automation to
bring in consistent traffic use the sharing techniques that we’ve gone over
in this video to then bring more traffic to your clock cause it consistently and
properly price your items higher than expected and don’t drop your listing
price too low and too soon because not only will you potentially sell it at a
lower margin but it also if you drop it too low too fast
buyers will see that and it will create this air of you know no value in that
listing this is something that I noticed across the board whether you’re selling
on Amazon eBay Poshmark or Macari or literally anywhere if you price your
price point too low buyers will make the assumption that
it’s lower for a reason because there’s not that much value in there so price it
high have patience and go ahead and wait your listing will sell eventually if you
give it time so those are my favorite five Poshmark tips that will help you
sell more on the app on the app or platform excuse me what is your favorite
pasta Marc seller tip though what is your tip if you can get one tip to a
beginner what would it be to help them sell more on the platform
let me know down in the comment section below remember to Like comment and
subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see in the next one

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