5 Things to Do Once Your Book is on Amazon

– You got your book on
Amazon, congratulations! Now here’s five things
you need to do right away to ensure that people actually
see your book, and buy it! Stick around. (rock guitar) Hey there, I’m Julie Broad with Congratulations on
getting the hard work done to get your book finished, and loaded up so it’s now available on Amazon. That’s fantastic. But, the reality’s a little grim. There’s a lot of information out there saying that the average book sells less than 250 copies
– [Voiceover] What?! So that means just getting it on Amazon is not enough. You need to do some
things so that it appears when other people are shopping on Amazon, so that it gets seen so
that it can be purchased. So here’s five things that you need to do once your book is available on Amazon. Number one, and I know
you know this one already, but it is critical, get reviews. The verified purchase reviews
are the absolute best, but initially, you are
absolutely allowed, still, Amazon’s been changing their rules around; what is allowed and what isn’t but books are still okay to be given free and you can ask for a honest review. So, spread that book around to clients, colleagues, friends, and ask them to read it and write a review. Now, the key is that they
can’t be related to you, they can’t be close friends or family, and of course the review
needs to be honest. Here’s the harsh reality of this: You’re going to have to ask
probably five to ten times more people than you’re
going to get reviews. A lot of people will
happily take that free book, but about 20 to 30% will
actually write the review, even if you follow up
and ask them politely to come through on their
commitment, so just know that going in that you’re going to have to get commitments from a lot more people. And what does not work
is posting on Facebook to the masses saying, “hey
listen, please write a review of my book.” It doesn’t work to write mass emails. You have to contact
people individually and get a commitment from them to get those initial reviews. Now that you know how
important reviews are and how hard it is to get good reviews, I hope you are taking
the time to write reviews for the authors that you read and enjoy because it’s something that we can all do to help each other out. Number two: submit your book
to the LOOK INSIDE program. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s right here. So, this is where people
can click on your book and go to certain pages and read them. It gives them a chance
to preview the contents of your book without giving them access to the entire thing. So it’s a pretty cool marketing tool. But, if you haven’t
submitted a Kindle version of your book, which
automatically creates this LOOK INSIDE thing, then
you need to submit your book to the LOOK INSIDE program. So here’s what you do: Go to “Search Inside! Publisher Sign-Up” and then the LOOK INSIDE will be activated on your Books Main Detail
page within seven to ten days after you do the content submission. A couple of things you
need to know is your ISBN number, first of
all, you have to have an ISBN number. Don’t know what that is? I’ve got at least two videos
to help you with that, so you can check those out. But you need to have an
ISBN number, and it needs to correspond exactly to
the one you submitted for the Amazon catalog. The other thing is, the
content that you submit for the “Search Inside”
or the LOOK INSIDE program has to be identical to
what is inside your book. Number three: create your
author page on Amazon Central. It allows you the opportunity
to upload extra pictures, biography, other details
on your book, and as you write more books, you
can add that here too. So it’s a great way for
customers to find you in a different spot on Amazon. Now what you do is if
you don’t already have an Author Central account,
you’ll need to set that up. It says it takes about a
week for it to show up, I think mine showed up
a lot faster than that but just so you know, once you do this, it will appear, and now
you have an Author Central page where customers can find you. Number four: you want to plan
promotions for your book. Probably focused on selling on Amazon, every three to five
months, just to ensure that your book climbs the
rank on a regular basis so that it can be seen by new readers. Because a lot of times the
books that they’re seeing are only the ones that are ranking the highest in certain categories. Or the ones that are
currently selling or are currently being viewed by people who are looking at other books that they are interested in. So you want to plan
promotions that drive sales to Amazon every three to five months to ensure that your book stays refreshed and in front of new people. Finally, number five
is using the Metadata. Basically, you want to think about, there’s kind of a couple
different approaches. One is to think about the key words that you’re going to associate with your book and to keep those updated. There’s a couple resources out there. One’s called “let’s get visible”. Again I’ll link to it down below. Where you can learn about the metadata, you can learn about the
categories and pick one that’s going to make the
most sense for your book. And there’s a lot to this so simply, do some research and look at the books that are already there, and kind of see where they rank overall on Amazon. And if you find a category
where a lot of the books are ranking over a million overall or something like that,
that means that you have a good shot of ranking highly in that particular category. So you want at least one of those. You also want to be inside
of those core categories for whatever your book is, and also have corresponding key words that make sense. One tip on finding key words is inside of Amazon’s search bar, you can type in, start typing in your key words and see what auto-fills. That tells you what Amazon
is already searched for and gives you a sense
of some of the key words that are available, and
that are being used. So that’s one way to find some key words that you might want to
associate with your book so that when people search
for those key words, your book is one of the
results that they’re seeing. And if you have a fantastic tip for selling books on Amazon,
please go ahead and post it down below. And of course, be sure to mention what the title of the book is that
you used these tips for, so that we can all go and check it out. Like this video? Give it a thumbs up! Makes me happy, lets me know
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