5 Tips to Sell More Units on Amazon this Q4
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5 Tips to Sell More Units on Amazon this Q4

so today we’re gonna cover my top five
tips to sell more units on Amazon this q4 now this isn’t just q4 related though
this is relevant for selling on Amazon in general this is also more geared
toward online arbitrage wholesale and retail arbitrage and liquidation buyers
okay so basically any other seller besides private label because with
private label you have to kind of have your own listing and you’re going to be
more focused on growing your sales rank on that listing which is not what these
tips are specifically focused on now tip number one is to use a reprice ER or
repricing software reap racers are a complete game-changer they allow you to
always be competing for the by box on a listing which there are maybe multiple
or you know a bunch of competitors on that actual listing okay and keep in
mind too that the buy box is really where a majority of the buyers go on
Amazon and the majority of the sales come from now I thought this for so long
but as soon as I started to use a reprice er my sales really rose
dramatically with a lot less effort on my part now there are several reprisals
you can look into using for Amazon FBA two of my favorite are reprice it and be
cool and those are two that I recommend that you look into now there is also a
lot less sophisticated one that does come in Amazon seller central now there
are some issues with that I’ve noticed that you know sometimes it plays around
with your lowest like your lowest price that you can kind of set so that kind of
can kind of be frustrating if you’re selling you know like use books or
something that’s like really really low value or if you drive the buy box price
all the way down so keep that in mind you can play around with that if you’re
really looking for a low cost one where you don’t have to spend money initially
to get in because obviously that one is free to get from that from seller
central what you want to do is you want to go into pricing and then make sure
they go over to the automate pricing thing under that tab then create a new
rule then set your tired outcome rule parameters and which
listings you want it to actually apply to if I could give you one tip when
you’re doing wholesale or arbitrage or investing in really any products on
Amazon that compete with other sellers within that actual listing it would be
to invest in repricing software tip number two now is to do more product
research ahead of time that means before you buy the product quite often we can
get caught up in you know potential profit margin or being the first to
market sometimes if you’re doing wholesale that we kind of you know
purchase a product prematurely without doing adequate researched that’s
necessary then it sits in our inventory for a lot longer than we expected before
it sells or the margin drops dramatically the truth is if you spent
just ten more minutes per product doing a little bit of
research on maybe your competitors we’re checking how many units your competitors
actually have for that actual you know products or you know making sure that
you’re profitable with an FBA calculator or checking the sales velocity
specifically of a product or this is a big one to checking that you can even
sell it yes a lot of people forget to even check if they’re able to sell it or
they actually have to request approval so that’s a big one now for higher
margins with less time invested this is really what you want to do ahead of time
don’t waste time returning your items that you can’t sell or getting stuck
with inventory because you didn’t do your product research don’t take on
unexpected losses on products that you guessed on you want to be sure now it’s
super simple to check all those things to you can do simple product research on
your competitors with a google chrome plug-in called online seller add-on now
this is a simple one that you can install right from the google chrome
store you can check the sales velocity of a product as well or the potential
sales velocity of a product that you’re looking into with just the click of a
button with the jungle Scout Chrome extension I highly recommend that as
well I’ll be sure to drop both links to those
in the description if you want to go ahead and grab them now you can run the
numbers on a potential FBA margin to using the FBA calculator that Amazon
provides you and simply googling the FBA calculator on Amazon or you can download
yet another Google Chrome chrome plug-in that I recommend called a MZ scout FBA
calculator perhaps the simplest one of all of these though is just to make sure
that you’re checking the products ass and and your seller central to make sure
that you are able to sell it to so when you go to a product and you see that
product you’re interested in make sure to do a little bit we’re not sitting
here doing like 30 minutes of product research okay make sure to do a little
bit of extra research pre-purchase that way you can be confident that you’re
gonna stay profitable that it will sell quickly and that your competitors won’t
be too much of a problem for you moving on to tip number three now and
that would be to ship your products into FBA now fulfillment by Amazon is a huge
game changer for most sellers it allows you to tap into Amazon’s distribution
network which is huge their warehouse storage their employees time and their
customer service now all of that is huge for you as a third party seller because
it means that your it basically means less time and less trips to the post
office less time dealing with customers etc etc they have all the infrastructure
built in there for you so you might as well tap into it that means that all you
have to do is focus on sourcing profitable products then shipping them
into FBA and then letting Amazon do all the work
for you the most important reason that you want to ship into into FBA though
right is not actually because they’re gonna fulfill everything for you
although all that stuff is a nice bonus right it’s not it’s obviously the fact
that you don’t have to deal with customers or returns or any labeling or
anything like that right they’re gonna do all that for you for the most part
but the most important thing is because when your products go into FBA they
become prime eligible for shipping to Amazon customers now that is a complete
game changer and it means your customers will get free
shipping when they purchased your products and they’ll get them in a day
or two max now you might be sitting there saying awesome thanks for the tips
but how does that help me sell more on Amazon simple the two main things as we
know they go into winning the buy box on Amazon or your listing price and your
availability to the customer that means by shipping your products into FBA well
you’ll be more you’ll be able to win the buy box at a higher price point then you
would otherwise if you did it so you’ll sell more of your units now if
you don’t want to ship into FBA for some reason I understand some people don’t
that’s a pushback that I get every once in a while what I would recommend that
you look into is seller fulfilled Prime and applying for that now I know that
they’re not accepting applications currently at the time of recording this
video because I’ve applied and I’m still waiting for them you know I hate to hear
back from them that said you can apply now and maybe a month or two out you can
get accepted for that now at the very least you should be offering free
shipping as a merchant if your merchants fulfilling your orders okay the way that
you can do that is by making sure that you’re on the professional seller plan a
lot of people ask you know I can’t see it well the reason being for a lot of
people is you’re in the individual seller plan and you need to upgrade to a
professional seller plan then you want to create a new shipping template in
seller central and simply apply that shipping template to all your current
products or all your SKUs or products that you want it to apply to okay so
just like the reprice tour in amazon you’re gonna apply that to your actual
specific products or just select it for all of them
tip number four to sell more on Amazon now is to actually think about sharing
the buy box now when most people you know when they add a product onto a
listing right and they think hey I’m just gonna you know you know just list
mine a little bit under you know maybe like a cent under the buy box price that
way I can you know undercut the market get the buy box and sell mine really
quickly for a profit and that can work sometimes the issue with a strategy with
undercutting the buy box is that most sellers like we talked about before in
tip number one have repricing software so by listing your product
low other sellers all that’s really gonna do is it’s gonna start rat race to
the bottom pricing between you and their software right it’s not a lot of times
it’s not even the other seller sitting there clicking which you might think oh
I’m gonna beat this person every 10 minutes so you think I’ll just be more
on top of it than them and I’ll win the buy box at one point it’s really you
versus their software which is automated and that’s a lose-lose for everyone in
that scenario nobody wins so sometimes not always you know but
sometimes it’s better to simply match the buy box price share the buy box with
the other sellers because then that buy box will rotate between everyone with
the lowest price obviously assuming that you know your delivery bill you’re your
deliver ability to the customer is the same okay and then everybody’s gonna
sell their products at a higher price even if it takes slightly longer and
everybody wins now the final tip is a little bit you know out of the ordinary
for video like this and that is to not yes not just sell on Amazon okay now
while this video is clearly about how to sell more on Amazon you should also
think about looking outside of it for other marketplaces to sell on expanding
to other marketplaces can help your bottom line but it can also give you
more important techniques to then transfer back to Amazon to get more
sales on there right it’s gonna give you different ideas different different
innovative strategies a different experience but perhaps all you know more
importantly than anything it’s gonna give you a different customer that you
might not have otherwise have access to on you know just Amazon specifically now
I recommend that you look into selling on eBay look into selling on Poshmark
and look into selling on Macari in addition to Amazon they all have their
benefits and they all bring different things to the table you might just find
yes you might just find that you gain access to you know a completely
different customer then you would only on Amazon like I said before now this
will increase your customers it will increase your products exposure which is
the name of the game obviously and how you’re gonna sell more and ultimately
allow your products to sell faster overall
one of my favorite ways to sell outside of Amazon on all of these is by using
multi channel listing software now there’s a bunch of these out there but
one that I highly recommend looking into is lists perfectly lists perfectly is a
complete game changer and multi channel listing software just like lists
perfectly will save you ridiculous amounts of time by allowing you to list
on every single platform at once right so you’re not sitting there listing on
Poshmark then listing all Macari then listing on
ebay and wasting about two to three minutes each time for every product
whatever that is or even a minute every time instead you know free for those of
you that are trying to grow your e-commerce sales instead what you want
to do is you want to go to lists perfectly and I think it’s you the
cheapest plan is like $9.99 a month so it saves you a ridiculous amount of time
it’s gonna pay for itself ten times over I’m not affiliated with
lists perfectly at all I’m just recommending you what works for me
anecdotally and then you literally list it once and it disperses it across all
the platforms overall so there you have it guys five tips to sell more units on
Amazon this q4 I hope you enjoyed the video if you really got a lot of value
out of it and you appreciate the insight in this actual video please give it a
thumbs up I really really appreciate it also let me know down in the comments
what your favorite Amazon tip would be how would you recommend to other people
that they address that they adjust their approach to sell more I’d love to hear
from you and I’ll see in the next one


  • Chuck Urgitus

    Great advice Bryan. I've been looking for the chrome extension AMZ calculator but its not in the store. If you have a link drop it in the comments. I've just recently started selling on eBay and Mercari so I would diversify

  • Juan Sotelo

    can you do a repricing tutorial ? i manually check and reprice and i realize where in the long run my items could cost me a lot of time just competing for the buy box because people who freak out start tanking.

  • Oscar Martinez

    Great tips Bryan 👍 Q4 is just around the corner so preparing is definitely a must to make the most out of it 💪🏼

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