5 Ways to Better Photos with Your Cell Phone | Better Photos for Poshmark
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5 Ways to Better Photos with Your Cell Phone | Better Photos for Poshmark

[MUSIC] five ways to take better photos with
your cell phone hi and welcome to Vynes Apparel one of the most important parts
of your online business is your photos frustration can rein in when your photos
don’t come out looking the way you expect it leaving you a little less than
confident in the product you’re presenting I feel and have felt your
pain so let’s get the healing started here’s five ways to take better photos
with your cell phone number one your lighting shoddy or insufficient lighting
will change the quality of your photos causing them to appear grainy dim and
hard to see for best practice try to take pictures in natural lighting if you
don’t have access to natural lighting it’s a good idea to invest in lighting
equipment you can find lighting kits online for about 50 bucks but you can
also upgrade in increments if you don’t have fifty dollars to invest at one time
I bought my tripods and bulbs separately purchasing things as I went but if I had
to do it all over again I would have just invested in a kit initially I
learned through trial and error that lack of lighting is a huge deal and I
wasted a lot of time taking photos in dim light when taking your photos don’t
point the lens towards the light this will give too much exposure your
pictures will be bright but that’s the gist of it they’ll be grainy and it’ll
still be difficult to see the details also try to take pictures in a way that
the light is above you or behind you here’s a tip from expert village about
lighting and camera position when you’re positioning the lights in the studio
there’s two really basic setups that don’t require much light one is a two
light setup in the first scenario you put this light at about a 45-degree
angle to the model we’ll pretend that I’m the model in reality you would
probably have it about six feet out but for demonstration purposes I’m keeping
it nearby then the other light is pointed at the background if you don’t
have a light pointed at your white background it’ll tend to look
gray so it also helps separate your model from the background another two
light setup would be again keeping one of the lights shining on your background
to separate the model from the background and the second instance you
could either use a shoot through umbrella which I have here or a big soft
box in reality you would probably position this directly in front and
slightly above your model and then you would have your model hold the reflector
or use a reflector board stand and this will this when the strobe goes off it
will be lighting the person from above and below so you won’t get any awkward
shadows but it’s a really effective technique and you only need two lights
to do it if you would like to watch more from expert village there’s a link in
the description box if you want to see more from there channel number two
invest in a tripod you’d be surprised to know how much our
hands shake when taking photos even with a steady hand taking photos freehand can
cause a slight blur due to movement when the photo is snapped for clean crisp
photos a tripod can do wonders you can find mini tripods for as low as $5 at
most major retailers number three clean your phone and camera lens smudges
anyone oils from your hands or discs can make your photo blurry and grainy light
is not able to pass through the lens freely because of an obstruction of
fingerprints smears or dirt this is one of the simplest solutions for better
photos that can easily be overlooked know this from experience too clean your
lenses it makes a huge difference number four the angle of your photo until you
get really good at it take photos at more than one angle of the subject like
hits things in different ways depending on the position of the subject and where
the light is located taking photos from different angles will give your store
some variation when snapping the photos you may not see many changes during the
actual photo taking but during photo choosing you’ll notice that minor
changes in the angle can really make a big difference in the quality and appeal
of your photo when creating listings
things best of all the more you do this the more knowledgeable and efficient
you’ll be in the long run number five your phone settings if you have an
Android don’t use zoom Android phones don’t have an optical lens so when you
zoom you’re not actually getting a tighter shot you’re really just making
the picture bigger and then cropping it the image will be grainy and will lack
detail this is one of the settings Android users should avoid on the other
hand iPhone is different certain models of the iPhone do have an optical lens so
a true zoom is an option for many iPhone users check to be sure that you have one
of the phones with two lenses to ensure your photos are true to detail
don’t use the flash photos can come out smeared looking strangely colored and
most times a little blurry the LED light on your smartphone turns on and off at a
long interval leaving enough time for the subject or yourself to move slightly
causing the pictures to be blurry it gives a strange hue to the subject and
can turn out to be really harsh looking learn your phone’s functions if you
really want to learn about the functionality of your camera take a
little time to learn the purpose of your phone camera settings there are
automatic settings built in but if you really want to learn the aspects of
taking better pictures with your phone get to know the functions and their
purpose download photo editing apps there are
many apps to choose from Google Play has many free apps that can be downloaded
read reviews and do a little research before downloading to recap pay
attention to lighting and invest in lighting equipment and a tripod to avoid
blurry or grainy pictures clean your phone and lens photograph from different
angles and learn your phone’s functions to get more experienced and efficient if
necessary look for apps to download for more ideas I hope this video has been
helpful and pointing you in the right direction to better photos with some
practice and a little research you’ll be taking photos like a champ
as you get better you’ll get more efficient and can create
cool ways to showcase your products for more attention and more sales and as
always have fun explore the community create connections and make some money Happy Poshing!

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