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so someone decided to be so extra with our Halloween videos I’m not gonna say any names you know but I think you guys already know Oh is she hey guys what’s up it’s Roxy so as you guys can see this year I decided to be so extra with my Halloween videos so today we have 30 Halloween customs idea so if you guys don’t know it to be for Halloween just yet then guess what first of all you still have 21 days left and second of all is because your rebel didn’t watch today’s video just yet but before we’re gonna get started I just want to give a huge huge shout out to tons of loud bark for sponsoring today’s video if you guys don’t know Poshmark is an app that you can actually download for free to your phone but that’s not even the best part just yet because the best part it’s that you can actually find some pre-made customs like Halloween customs for like so much less and let’s just say that you guys the one you know to like DIY your own stuff and be creative so let’s just say that you guys wants to be the next joinder scammer if you will so all you’re gonna need for that is obviously some fake fur you know and as you can see I find these fake fur here for only come to them $15 and you’re also gonna be needing guess what a blonde week and let’s see already blonde then you can give up with that but in the guys can see I find these blonde wig in here for only $13 and bi don’t want you to see you guys know feel free to do some offers over there so if you guys feel like paying $10 who knows maybe the cells are going to accept your offer so that’s like very much jo-ann the scammer on a budget vibes so yeah so make sure you guys check them out everything without further ado let’s just move into the video if we come to the rescue yeah be the best it no matter with the rest you evil guys we’re gonna get you if you fall down the stretch out and catch you [Music] paksy take my pics so I could rest my hands oh my god hey guys so tomorrow I am launching my Valentines Day candy kimochi hearts perfume check it out what are you gonna do take Pepsi with you [Music] [Music] [Applause] I didn’t see you part the hard part is the making the coffee you just have to have a good memory which I do 10 passengers we’ve now reached our destination we hope you enjoyed the flight and have a nice day [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] start to Juan Guzman mission [Music] shine bright like a diamond by light in the beautiful sea [Music] I think that I found myself a cheerleader she is always right there of an ear [Music] [Applause] [Music] so that completes this video guys we hope you guys enjoy this video also make sure you check out the posh markup I will leave a link down here in the description so make sure you download the app and also just so you guys know you can literally get an entire costume for like $15 and also you can make offers to people so like you know literally piss or something for 15 and you want to pay only 10 just like make an offer you know you never know maybe the person just want to get rid of it and get a few bucks so that’s really good option because I mean Halloween only lasts for a few hours and then you can get like an entire custom for only $10 so that’s a real vibe and that is pretty much it we hope you guys enjoy this video make sure you hit that like button and subscribe button and also the Batman and all the other buttons if you know what I mean and that is pretty much it thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys yeah he won’t be here but I will see you guys on my next line bye [Music]


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