$500 PROFIT – My First Look at Eflip Online Book Arbitrage – eflip tutorial guide how to make money
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$500 PROFIT – My First Look at Eflip Online Book Arbitrage – eflip tutorial guide how to make money

(Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. Good sh… Rezzy Resells. You
see that? That’s hustle. (music) What’s up guys, it’s your
boy Reezy Resells here. I am going to make some money
using Book Flipper right now. I want to see how many books I can buy, how much money I can make
in about 10 minutes or so. This recording is only going
to be 15 minutes initially so depending on how long I waste talking in this intro we’ll see
how much money I can make in that time. I have never used eflip software I did
go read the FAQ but other than that, I have never used it. This is my first time so this will be a
learning experience for the both of us, me and you both, so let’s get into it. 14 minutes left on this broadcast.
Let’s see max rank, let’s drive that down
even more 100,000. Max new offers, I’m going
to put that to 40. Max used offers, we’re
going to put that to 40. Trade-in value, I don’t care about that.
Max Amazon price, no limit. Minimum…price we’re going to put
this at $70, yeah we’ll go to $60. Minimum new price, nothing. Max used price, no limit
on max used price. Minimum, just to weed out the super
low ones, we’re going to go to $0.10. See if we need to revise that any more
or any less. Minimum publication date, we’re going to chill with that for now. Let’s do a search. So it’s looking like we got something
here ranked 29,000 published in 2010, Stretching Exercises for
Qualitative Research. What is this for? Okay calculator,
used, new, Amazon, used price. Let’s… I don’t think I’m
figuring something out right. Let’s figure this out, used prices? Definitely not clicking
on something properly. Used, no used? Okay, so there is used but the disparity is… or isn’t there. Forgive my computer…
it’s not being very smart. Is there no offers for there? Just going
to move on for the sake of speed. Let’s see 61,000 (rank)… so… okay. So we need to change
the max used price, we are going to put the max
used price to $2 for now. Max new price, that we are going to
pay, I’m assuming that’s what this means, which is the
merchant fulfilled price. We’re going to put $30.
Let’s do a new search. Okay now we’re getting somewhere.
25,000 rank, Amazon $67, but it’s new for $2.
Let’s look into this. Rank situation, not a lot of info
but how long is that 3 months, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 sales at least.
Let’s dig into this a little bit. Amazon new for $67, $50… see what… let’s try and trip out on why. This is going to that automatically
not showing the non-prime offers, is there not any? Is that the deal? I feel like there is, my computer
is failing me right now. See okay… maybe there isn’t. Let’s go into the next
one, used a $1.18. Okay so here we go, this book $9.50
for a like new. $6.92 for a good. That’s a paperback. Ranking of average of 807,000,
current 21,000 selling right now. And the FBA price is… looks
like Amazon sells this for $188. Check out the Camel real quick.
Did we already look at this? We did I think, let’s
look one more time. Camel has a lot more data. Keepa, I don’t know if you
guys saw that right there. Let’s bring that back up real quick. So here’s Keepa? I believe so… I’m getting a new computer
guys, this is driving me nuts. So here’s the Keepa, 3 months, a year.
I guess it has all the data, I just probably wasn’t looking at
it all and here’s the Camel graph. Yeah it’s legit, so this sells enough
copies for in… you know 3 months or 1 month for me to warrant
considering buying this. And you can see… what is this? Okay operating system design UNIX. You’re going to like new copy, this
says paperback so want to not get that hardback right there. And here’s a like new, author’s signature on the page and get this for $13 so I
think we have a winner. Let’s go see what this
calculator looks like here. Calculator $5 to buy it, price the book at I mean
Amazon is selling it for $188 so I’m pretty sure you could sell this. Confident to sell this for a $100 easy,
especially with this acceptable being $29 and it says hardcover
and this is a paperback so don’t even worry about that person. So if you price this for $99.99, that’s
a profit of $75.12 so we’re going to buy at least one copy of this book. It’s not incredible, I mean look
at the average rank 807,000. So right now, it’s selling
but not enough to make me want to go buy a bunch of copies. So we’re just going to
grab one copy of this book but that’s going to be a
$75 profit right there. And you can see with that one purchase,
almost 8 minutes into the broadcast, including learning. I’ve already made enough money to pay
for one month of this service so for those of you that are unsure if it’s
worth it and you know on the fence… So I’m going to grab this copy here. I
don’t want this one with highlights. I almost want to get that one but it’s
not worth it to sit here and save $3 so I’m going to get this for $13.50
so $65, $64, $63, $62, $61.50 profit right there boom. Add to cart, they got one in stock
so at this point I would proceed to checkout for that one. Let’s see how many more I can
get in the next 5 minutes and hopefully it doesn’t
get bought out. I’m not going to check out right now
because obviously that would show information I don’t
want to show you guys. Usually, you want to check out fast
with these purchases so that they don’t get swooped up out
from underneath you. Here’s the next one we’re
going to go look at, The Science of Technical Analysis. This book has a rank of 80,000. It was published in 1994.
Amazon is selling it for $85. Average rank is 539,000, the
current rank is 90,000. If you look at it for a year, this
book sells enough for me to consider buying a copy. Let’s look the lowest very good
is going to cost me $13.13, what’s the dollar tax
from my man bacobooks. $1 less here for OrangeBooksOnline. Let’s go look what the FBA price is. So there’s an FBA copy for
$15 and for $25 and for $35 so this isn’t probably not going to
be a winner for me as far as price. Yeah so scrap that, one out
of three, not bad so far. Let’s bring this up, max
used price we’ll go to $4. Max new price, keep that around $40. Going to bring the max
used price up to $30. Amazon price, we’re going
to bring that up to $80. Bring the offers up a
little bit (to $60). We’re going to bring the rank
up a little bit (to 250,000). We’re going to do a new search,
ready to get some more results. Okay so a lot more results. I like to sort these by rank but I mean
it’s not really that important because rank is not static so average rank would
be great if you’re watching Caleb. I know that probably is a pain but I
think it would be a really useful tool for us to have average rank. So okay get serious here. Let’s
look at sorting it by rank okay, Introduction to Financial Management.
Used $11.75, Amazon sells it for $101. (Student Solutions Manual) $9.99
(used), $104 (Amazon price). (Fundamentals of Multinational Finance)
$0.91 (used), $202 (Amazon price). Let’s look at this one Fundamentals
of Multinational Finance 3rd edition. I can get a very good copy
right here for $4.90. Next very good copy,
$12.67 FBA not that great. Let’s see though, $13 to $39 blah blah
blah, not a winner. Not going to be a winner guys,
backing out, backing out. Let’s keep going, keep going. 248,
240 (rank) let’s jump it down here, let’s resort this by ascending
instead of descending. Let’s go here new minimum
($100) new price. Going to bring this up a little bit
($20) see what that does to the search. Okay, I like that it saved
the ascending rank. Okay so let’s check this one out, let’s check this one, holding command here to
open multiple links. Let’s see $12 (used),
$111 (Amazon price). Keep in mind, I obviously
don’t know how to use this. I’m just going at it with brute force
here at the moment guys to try and see what I can produce in
this short period. We’re looking at 15 minutes
in about 30 seconds here, so it’s looking like I basically
got $60 of profit in 15 minutes. The very first 15 minutes I ever
used eflip from the Book Flipper. You guys should try it out. So we’re back guys, while
that video was saving, I learned a little bit on
how to use the software. I purchased the one book that I had in
the first video and so far I have five more books in the cart and
I just want to show you these were my new
settings that I put in. I had the used price way too high. I’m assuming this is for a merchant
fulfilled merchant fulfilled and FBA. Jeez, picked my nose on my
webcast that was pretty awesome and I’m too lazy to edit it,
so let’s just get into it. I have some tabs that I opened up.
Let’s look right here, this book looks like a good seller. That’s the action I’d
like to see on the rank. Average rank 245,000, lowest
rank 15,000. Acceptable copies, might have highlighting. Let’s see
(shipping) $4, $4, $4, $4, still to $15 and don’t see an FBA price,
get some good copies here. Let’s see what the FBA price is. Jeez, forgive my messy house guys, see if I can blur it out a
little bit with this exposure. No? Go up, whatever
just dealing with it. Anyways so let’s get back into
this, the lowest FBA good $29.50. $29.99 acceptable. $38 acceptable.
$47 good. $47 good. $48 good. This is looking like a possible
winner, winner, chicken dinner. New $78.31, let’s press
off the prime real quick. And you can see we can get good copies. See the lowest very good is
$17 but it’s all subjective also you need to see… just do a little bit of
reading sometimes helps. ‘May not contain CDs’ I don’t think
this even contains any CDs so… ‘Corner wear, some pages are folded’
acceptable. Excuse me (sneezes). I usually don’t buy too many acceptable
but I will if it looks like they are under conditioning it. ‘Contains some underlining’ I would
like to get one that doesn’t have underlining so or two or three.
So that’s $8… that one’s going to cost $12. Looks like you can get another one
for $14 this seller (agriffin15). And another one for $17, apparently they have it stored
in box cc (tomleon772). I remember my merchant fulfilled
days, those were the days. So let’s go look, if we’re going
to get this for $17, $14 and $12 let’s see what it looks like here. Let’s run a calculator
on it real quick. Sometimes the calculator doesn’t
work so I just like to grab this, so let’s see buy for $12, $14
and $16 did it not work? I think it only wants
to work from the… Do I have Rev Calc tab? Yes I do.
Let’s move this here real quick. Now this is probably in the search, let
me see if its on here today because that would save me some time. The
World Today, yeah there it is. Let’s look here, FBA price remember
we can get it for $12, $14 and $16. FBA price is going to be… that one just launched but
it’s going to be about $47. So $12, $14 and $16, sell it for $47, get it for $12. Get it for $14. Get it for $16. And those are all more than a 100% ROI
if you saw the profit down there. So that would make this a great buy,
especially considering the rank on this item with the average rank over
the last 90 days of 242,000. So if you’re looking at that properly. Let’s say we sold for $47, price
the book at $47, buy it for $12, we’re going to make $23. Buy it for $14, we’re going to
make $21, that’s $44 (in total). And buy it for $16, we’re going to make
$19.20 so altogether that’s $60 profit for a cost of what $42. So more than a 100% ROI and I’m actually going to
pick those up right now. This is looking like a
good, a good book to me. Let’s just go make sure it’s not
like a million pounds or something. I would hope that the calculator would
calculate that but we’ll figure it out here in a second. 2.3lbs cool. So that’s going to be a $60
profit right there guys. And you know what, I’m going
to grab this one too. I think they are under
conditioning this. Just got to roll the
dice sometimes guys. Just going to grab one, so that’s $20. Let’s see that’s $40 and I’ll grab one more. Let’s see I’ll grab this $14 one,
hopefully this is under conditioned by mr. a griffin. Counting on you bro, don’t do me dirty. So as you can see I’ve
got 9 items in the cart, let’s check the cart real quick. Just let you guys see the books so this
is just after me playing around for 10 minutes while the
other video was saving. So you saw my first 15, I did 10
minutes of learning off camera experimenting and now this
is the next 15 minutes. It’s actually pretty
great so let’s go guys. 8 more minutes, let’s see what
else we can run across here. Nope, not going to get that,
average rank is too high. This one looks interesting, average
rank is 153,000, current rank 8,000. These are the types of prices I like
to buy my merchant fulfilled books for and let’s check out the prime
prices, they’re pretty high. $35 lowest, very good is going
to be $80. Amazon’s $135. It doesn’t look like this comes with
any type of software or anything. It does say this, let me go make sure, I
always like to double check on stuff. Does not look like it comes with a CD
or anything like that so let’s go back. This can be a really good
buy right here guys. Let’s see what we can get these very
goods for because it’s looking like goods we can sell for about $35, $46 which is great considering we can get
them for $6-$7. Bless you Alissa. It’s looking like we can get a like new
for $22 which is great because we could sell that like new for
$80 pretty easily. Actually going to grab that right
now so let’s check that out. What’s the profit on that one? The
Successful Internship, there it is. Buy it for what was that
$22, list for $80 I know. Let’s go see that real quick. Total short-term memory spazzed out. Looking like $22 for
that like new copy. $22 and sell it for what was
it $80, profit of $42.03 so that’s a 200% return on that book. I’m definitely going to grab that
book. Hopefully Ridge Reviews, I can count on this guy. It’s worth it to take
the risk like new. Let’s grab another one of these
though, one of these cheap ones. I want to hedge my bet a little bit. It’s here, we’ll grab this like new. Did I click there, quit
playing me Amazon. Grabbed that one, go back and make our
picking of a lower priced one that we think is possibly maybe
under conditioned. owlsbooks, see that’s a big seller. ‘Good copy moderate
wear’ this looks great. This one looks great,
I want to grab this only one left in stock, great. So let’s go and see what that other one
would be just to calculate I think it was like about $6 to buy and
sell for $35, $19 profit. So what was the other one? For $22, it
sells for $80 so that’s $60 profit just across those two items right there. Let’s see if I can get one more in, before this screencast
is going to be over. 169,000 average (rank). This is looking
good, looking very, very good. Let’s look here lowest FBA price
is going to be $16.74 pretty good but we’re not done. Let’s check what the very good prices
are looking like because it’s looking like I’ve got to go pretty far to get
to it… geez all the way the next page. How about we just review it like this. We’ll also put the new so we don’t
miss out anything like idiots. So we got $35, $35, $40, $60 and this
is a high ranking book, this is good, okay good topic. Now let’s undo the prime because when I
sell for $35, $40, $50 and it’s looking like we can get a very
good here for $19 so that is not ideal but if we did get it and
priced it at this $60 or $39, let’s see what’s going to happen. $36 buy it for $19, that’s $6.85. 36% profit
margin so not the greatest but I mean it’s better than nothing right? And if you were to do it for $50
you could get it to 98% margin which is not really that big of a
stretch because if you look… what is this being sold for
by everyone else? $90, so if you wanted to push it and get to
$39, guess you can make $9 (profit) so that’s not really a good one.
We’re going to skip that, we’re going to go to the next one. Could it be good? Let’s see… Okay guys, this is going
to be part three. The third go, so there was another 10
or 15 minutes in between the last one of me learning, me buying some books. I bought a $100 worth of books so
that was a little over a $100 profit, so $160 profit in half hour. So anyways we’re going to get into it
some more. Here’s the new search that I did max used price $4. Max new
price $60, minimum price $10. Minimum Amazon price $60, max Amazon
price $200. Max used offers $30, new the same. Max rank 500,000. I brought the publication
minimum date to 2004. I’m thinking that’s going to
bring me some good results. Probably still not doing this the best
way I could. I’m mostly looking at the Keepa graphs, looking at the average
rank and just going at it from there. So right away, million average rank,
close that one. Go to the next one. 1.9 million close that one. 800,000
close that one. 900,000 close that one. Close, I mean visually
you can just see, close. This one looks interesting 600,000 rank.
Average 30,000 rank currently. Let’s go look $3.85 for an FBA good. Don’t discount it just because there’s
one lowball offer. Let’s go look. Two lowball offers neither of these
should be priced this low RentU, you are leaving a ton
of money on the table. Why RentU, why would you do that RentU? I don’t know it’s so cheap, I’m going
to buy one just to see what happens. It’s just ridiculously cheap. I’ll price
that for $50 so that’s going to be $35 profit right there. They got two
in stock, do I want to get two? I might get two. Let’s continue to review
our search results. Look at this one so action,
not enough action. This one got some action, not enough. How’s that for rank of
a million, looks good. 3 months it was popping,
not selling or what? Okay cool, so now it’s getting
to this new search terms or next page of search results or all
these ones that we didn’t look at yet. We have it sorted by price right
now so let’s get into these. I’m just holding command and
opening a bunch of these. Biostatistics, Enterprise Model
Patterns, Targeted Cancer Therapy. Again, rank is almost not that important
to me because ranks change so much. Average rank is like a thousand times
more important than the current rank and it doesn’t mean anything. A lot of these books I can send a
search to be under a 100,000 then I’ll find a book I’ll pull it up and
the average rank is over a million so that’s not a book I’m
going to buy at all. I’m not even interested in
seeing that book at all. Let’s see Neuroscience,
that’s an expensive hobby. Neuroanatomy… that’s enough,
let’s go see what we’ve got. Computer froze up. Right when I gave up on
it, it decided to load, nope you’re out of the ballgame. We’re getting some slow response
time right now on this computer, I have 16 gigs of RAM, I really don’t
understand why it’s so slow sometimes. We’re at four and a half
minutes into part three. Come on tabs, I got people
waiting on me here. If you’re watching this, please
subscribe to my YouTube. Really appreciate it, it would be
awesome and leave me a comment, thumbs up. Let me know
if you like the videos. This is going to be a no go. See this one, if it’s
ever going to load. This is a huge bummer that delay here. This one looks promising.
Let’s look, not so promising. Why is there like new for $7? Again RentU, you’re leaving
money all over the table. See look Amazon sells it for $62, why
are they offering a like new $7.22, you too apex_media. You guys are killing me with that one.
This one’s backordered, still I’m going to grab this one and
just but I’m just going to send it right back in for $49.99, pretty crazy. See that one’s not coming through.
This one could be going through, average rank of 800,000. It’s not the worst book I’ve ever seen. This is looking good $55 for FBA,
$95 for new Amazon, $80 merchant, FBA third party. Come on computer, you guys saw
that right? Not even responding. So we can get it very good for
about $8 from United Kingdom so that’s going to take
a while to show up. This one’s going to be $11 and
this one’s going to be $8. And we’re going to be able to sell
it for, what does it look like, $55 and we get it for $8 or $11. So let’s go use the little calculator
real quick, Risk Management right here. We’re going to buy it for $11, sell it
for $55, that’s a $30 profit or a 276% margin so that’s actually really good. Probably… I wouldn’t mind buying
either one of those copies. What is that, this book right here? Yeah let’s look at it for a year I mean
it sells right. $55 low FBA price. So basically if you buy two copies,
sell for $110 revenue but you’re basically acquiring that for
$18 which is pretty good, so I’m going to buy this
copy and this copy. Going to go back, we’re going to grab this
copy also over here. And just to remind you that’s going
to be buy for $11, sell for $55, $30 (profit). So that’s going to be
$60 profit right there for those two. So if you’re wondering if you could make
money using eflip, my answer is yes. No I will be definitely, I will
definitely be doing follow-up videos with these purchases and letting you
guys know how well I have done. Average rank 523,000, low rank 48,000. Okay looking good get a
very good copy for $8.56. Let’s see the prime offers, wow. $53
then $54, Amazon is selling it for $68. $58 is the lowest is the lowest good,
so again this is a book I would buy. I’m actually going to buy it right now. You can see we’re going to get a
very good copy from hippo_books. They’re obviously a huge mega seller
with some feedback like that. So what you do is you click Add to
Cart and hope they have more than one and they don’t of course. So let’s look at that book real quick. That’s the what is this title,
The Art of Feature Writing. We’re going to get a copy for $8.56 and
we’re going to sell it for $53.47. So $8.56 and we’re going to sell it
for $53.47 for a profit of $32.82, 383% margin. So that’s a another $32 profit, that’s
a $100 in the last couple minutes. So that’s in the cart, actually
really like that book, I want to see if I can get
another… another copy. The margin is just really decent on
that. So $54… even if we’re buying it for $15, we’re still going to make
$26 profit. I want to grab one more of those if I can for
around $15 or less. It might be one of these goods and
I’m just going to hopefully… hope they’re under conditioning it. Yeah it is going to be a good copy,
so let’s look at what we got here. Good, orders ship out next day. It just
says good, orders ship out next day. Bookbyte Textbooks,
they’re a big seller, I’m guessing they’re
under conditioning this. I’m going to buy this, hopefully
they have more than one and grab a couple of them for sure. Bookbyte only one in stock okay
so we’re rolling with that. That is another $30 in profit,
so that is $120 in profit. This is a no go. This is a no go.
This is a no go. This is a no go. You see why they’re no goes right?
Visually it’s not popping and I’m looking down here to see
the average rank. What is it? This is about a million basically so
yeah 78,000 right now which is good for my search terms but in reality
that’s not that great of a book. I mean it does sell. And keep in mind that average is
actually for the last 90 days. If you look at this in a month,
it’s selling a couple copies. 3 months, what, maybe 10 copies. I
mean those aren’t all exactly sales but in a year it made some sales. Let’s look, that’s a bad
sign with that low good. Right away FBA. We’re
going to ditch that one. We’ve got a few minutes left here
because I want to grab a couple more books and then say goodbye to you guys. Foundations of Algorithms,
The Cancer Experience, Mexican Immigration
to the United States. Let’s see before my
browser blows up again. I got two minutes left
in this broadcast guys. So average rank 1.2, we’re out of here. Oh but eflip is definitely profitable, I
highly recommend you guys check it out. I’m going to put a link down below
in the comments. If you would, I would appreciate you signing up via
that link. I do get a small commission but it’s not coming out of your
pocket, it’s coming out of Caleb’s. Caleb Roth, the creator, and you know
maybe I can get a cup of coffee or something with that or some spro.
If you know me, you know that’s what I drink.
Spro is short for espresso. So let’s look, Foundations of
Algorithms, this is good rank 558,000. New for $25 FBA that is not
making me happy right away. This is not good, we’re out of here. Let’s look here rank not
that great, not that great. We only got a minute left, can I
buy another book in one minute or at least find one book? Let’s see here, man average rank
would be immensely helpful. I would totally be able to not look
at half of these or 90% of them. Again, I’m sure I’m not using
it the most efficient way. I just learned how to use it. This is
literally the first 45 minutes of me using it and I didn’t watch a guide
or anything, I just read the FAQ. So that’s going to be a no go.
This one is looking promising. Anyways guys that’s going to be it.
Please sign up for the software if you’re interested in doing
online arbitrage with books, I recommend eflip and use this link. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
subscribe to my channel, add your comments down below and give
us a thumbs up if you liked the video. See you later.


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    Reezy thank you so much for your kindness and being helpful always. Today I went everywhere in my area that I live, I could not find even one book. I think i need to use eflip eventually. wish you the best and happy holidays.

  • Augustinas Pucinskas

    Will this work in UK? Is there like an UK database for this do you know? Thanks in advance, appreciate your videos!

  • 10.0Gaming

    Hey Reezy. What's amazon's policy on this? I thought people weren't allowed to buy products from amazon and resell them? Thinking about trying this out.

  • Krislyn Miller

    You the man! Signed up for Zen and Eflip today and bought about 11 books in an hour. Was looking for more guidance and this helped.

  • Safiyya Baiyat

    please do more videos on eflip, can't seem to find any other informative videos on it here on youtube. very informative thanks

  • Daniel Guevara

    Hey Mike, so i have a quick question. Does E-flip exclude restricted books? Huge let down if it doesn't. I'm about to jump on board.

  • Cheyne Settlemire

    Hi Reezy, can you have the Merchant send it in straight to one of Amazon's warehouses and just pay the $0.20 for adding the FNSKU? I live in Hawaii and shipping crazy expensive. I got excited watching some of your videos, bought a kdc scanner and bought a bunch of books. I didn't do my research and for some reason I thought I could sending it in as Media mail. According to USPS they said there can't be any Amazon shipping labels on the box. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of inventory from GoodWill and can't think of anything I could do with it. Please help if you could. Thanks Reezy!

  • Johnny Yang

    Hi Reezy, one problem I realized specifically for text books is that you might get international edition from merchants, and you cannot sell it back to fba. How do you eliminate or lower the chance of this? Thx

  • Chuck Hanf

    Reezy, this video got me to go with eFlip. Waiting for my first text book haul to come next week. Do you have any updated videos on eFlip since this one? Do you still use it. Any good tweaks you've made etc….Look forward to your reply.

  • Mohammed Bari

    wow…thank you for sharing your knowledge. Right now I can't fall asleep because of the inspiration that's going through my body.. Lol

    I can use this software on my selling account without getting in trouble? should I make another account?

    I started about 2 months ago and I have 150 things in my inventory. The ball has been rolling and it's all thanks to you.

    words can't describe my appreciation to you right now.

  • Peter Burstyn

    Just so I'm clear… you buy books using eFlip to max out profit with one AZ account, and then sell FBA with another AZ account? Thanks for the help.

  • Richard Mazzacca

    Loved this video. Found your technique for finding profitable books incredible. I will be watching this video a few more times. You went a little too fast for me the first time around. I will be watching all your videos. Great job and thanks.

  • Dan Rifenburgh

    Why do customers by Prime used books? They are more expensive, often. I know they deliver free and quickly, but what else? I don't get it.

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