7 benefits of online business | how to start online business from home
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7 benefits of online business | how to start online business from home

What do you think when the word Business
comes into your mind? A large organisation with a big office
and a lot of employees? Ya, that is what business in the 1960s
or 70s would look like. But, the scenario has changed entirely today! The computer revolution and the subsequent
internet boom have led us from the industrial age to this digital era. So, the rules of the 60s, are not going
to much work in our time. You don’t require giant office space or fancy shop
to start your business now. You just need to take your business online. You will be surprised how a multi-million dollar business can be operated even from your home. Hey, it’s not crazy! It’s quite normal these days, Hold on! I am going to explain to you 7 benefits if you start your business online. So without any further delay, let’s get started! Hello, This is Ananya Banerjee and you are watching my channel ”You And Impact”. 1. Sell across the globe. To sell your products or services
you need a market first. Without a market, even the best products
and services remain unsold! A bigger market helps your
business achieve higher sales. One of the biggest reasons why you
need an online business is that it gives you a global market!! Your local product may have great demand in
some other parts of the world. Isn’t it? Moreover, these days people purchase more
from the online portals, instead of buying from the physical store. Research says, 87% of consumers search for
products or services online. So don’t miss this grand opportunity of our time. 2. Minimal Investment Traditional Businesses require a huge
amount of initial investment. Most of the times you need a physical space like an office or a shop to start your business. The maintenance and rent of this physical space also increase your operational cost. However, to start an online business initial investment and maintenance cost are very less compared to the traditional business model. The key factor of online business is the ability to operate your business without physical spaces like office or shop etc. And this reduces the monetary investment
in your business a lot. 3. High profitability Wide market reach will surely generate higher sales and higher profitability for your online business. Along with that, there are some other benefits that you can enjoy through online business. Like, selling your local products or services in your locality may face huge competition. And due to this, your profit becomes marginal. when you go online, you may find better business from the other parts of the world, where you can keep a handsome profit margin. Moreover, minimum investment and operational cost helps you to earn better profit. 4. Sell while you sleep In a Business, you only make revenue when your business is open to your customers. Unlike local businesses, an online business has no limitation of operating hours. Customers can visit and purchase from your online store even while you are asleep. It keeps on working even when you are on vacation. You don’t have to be available all the time,
your business works on its own So, your online business is open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It’s cool ! 5. Ease of control People complain “Running a business is too difficult and requires a lot of hard work”. This statement may be true for traditional businesses. But in contrast, online business is comparatively
much simpler to do. You can manage your business from the comfort of your home!! You can manage your business on the go !! You can manage your business with just a few clicks!!! No fixed hours of work, no daily routine rush
to your office for business. Is it not easy enough to control your online business? 6. Better business promotion and targeting Business always needs promotion and most
of the time the promotion is done through advertisements. Traditional advertising campaigns are generally seen in the newspapers, roadside hoardings, television etc. But these ads are really too costly
for a startup business. Whereas you can run your ad campaign on Google or social media with a fraction of the money. And it is more effective than traditional ads. Because here you can target your
audience more precisely. Social media platforms often use Artificial
Intelligence to segregate people in numerous segments on the basis of age, interests, preferences etc. Moreover, these ads are sharable and
a good ad campaign can go viral in a few minutes. I will make a separate video with more
details on this topic later. 7. Better Customer Relationship In a business having a good relationship with
customers is very important. Online Business takes a step further in this regard. Customer can access all information online, related to your business with a few clicks. They can even post and read reviews of
your products and services. You can also address their problems
through online chat or any other online support system. This will help you to build trust and retain your customers, so that they purchase from your website again and again. As a result, your customer base grows eventually. so i have shared all the 7 benefits of online business. Now you tell me which point did you
like the most and why? write down in the comments below Please like this video if this helpful to you and share among your friends on social media and whatsapp groups so that it may help others as well and if you have not yet subscribed my
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