7 ways to make your e-commerce business wildly successful – secret tips – J.R. Fisher
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7 ways to make your e-commerce business wildly successful – secret tips – J.R. Fisher

7 ways to make your e-commerce
business wildly successful secret tips hey have you been wanting to really grow
your e-commerce business I mean in a serious way I mean make it really really
successful well I got to tell you there’s certain things you’re gonna have
to concentrate on to actually achieve that a lot of times people go in the
wrong direction but in this video I’m going to show you the simple things you
can do to make your e-commerce business wildly successful and we’re starting
right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher if you’re new to my
channel what do we do here we teach you we teach you how to start
run and grow online businesses now I’ve been selling online since 2009 and we’ve
sold millions of dollars in both physical and digital products and on
this channel I share those things with you so that you can get good results too
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working on your business and you found some things that worked well some things
that didn’t work put your comments below I would love to hear them if you’ve got
questions about how to grow business but those comments below – now
let’s get to it number one being legal is a priority
it’s so funny because when I do trainings I’ll have people ask me stuff
like do I need to get a business license for an online business or an e-commerce
store and I’m always amazed that they would ask that question because what do
they think of online businesses they think it’s not a real business do they
think it’s something that doesn’t get taxed do they think it’s something they
don’t have to keep records for yes yes you’ve got to keep it legal number one
important thing is get legal go check with the state go check with your city
what requirements are there set up a business account right oh my gosh it’s
your bank don’t use your personal account for your business they’re two
separate things right they’re entirely two separate things so you’ve got to set
them up differently now most banks when you go to set up your business account
you won’t even set up the account unless you have that business license with you
so the first step is to go get your business license and the next step is
actually go to the bank and set up your bank account now you’re ready to get
started number two don’t rush the launch okay so if you’re starting this business
I know you want to get going and I have people say to me can I make money today
can I make money tomorrow you can I mean yeah you can but you got to be ready to
make money don’t rush it make sure you’ve got everything in place I just
mentioned your bank account but you know what are you gonna do for accounting
what are you gonna do for advertising what are you gonna do for inventory
you’re gonna have inventory and you can have some males drop shipping what are
you gonna do so don’t rush that launch we all want to get stuff out there I had
a client not too long ago and she wanted to run ads on Facebook she was all set
on running ads want to run ads and I finally said what are you gonna run ads
to and she’s like oh yeah that’s right you have to
have a sales page to run the ads to that particular page so you got to build that
page first so it’s a lot of the things that you want to do you’ve got to kind
of think it out you got to figure out am I ready to do this don’t rush it I’ve
seen people go out and run ads to a product and they didn’t have a page set
up right or they’ll just run them to their website that doesn’t work you’ve
got to have it set up right number three set up your shipping okay you say well
I’m selling digital stuff I don’t have shipping you do have shipping and your
shipping maybe the software that’s going to deliver that digital course to them
it may be the software that you’re actually gonna build your course on if
you have physical products you’re gonna have shipping now you may say well I
have drop shipping so I don’t have any shipping you do have shipping because
somebody’s shipping it out I know a lot of people say they’ll be use a Shopify
store but Shopify integrates with Aliexpress and that particular drop
shippers gonna have to ship it out and the mistake I see very often is that
they select the cheapest form of shipping which is totally wrong because
if you pick the lowest cost of shipping you’re probably gonna have massive
delays they may not get there there’s no way to check on it so I tell people you
know if you’re going to use something like Aliexpress you’re gonna use drop
shipping make sure then you use the preferred one which is any packet app
any packet is the one that’s going to get it there and it’s going to get it
there on time and it may not be the shortest time and it most definitely
won’t be the cheapest way to do it but e packet is the safest way to do it see
what now that set up now if you’re actually shipping out your own products
you got to decide are you gonna do it are you gonna put it in the envelope but
you’re gonna put it in the box and if you do and that’s what you’re gonna do
what shipping company or to use when you set up your shipping
you’ve got to set up a business account with these shipping companies and they
will negotiate the rates based on what you tell them that you’re gonna ship on
a monthly basis so it’s okay to hit them a little bit high in the beginning and
have a higher estimate because they’ll give you a lower rate if you do that and
then later on if you’re not shipping that they may change your rate but you
don’t have to go back and pay for the reduced prices that you got on the
packages so that’s another thing to think about for are you gonna use a
shipping facility are you going to use a you know drop shipper somewhere in the
country that has a warehouse where you can put your products and they ship it
out so all these things need to be thought about before you move forward
make sure you take care of your clients super important make sure that it is all
user based when they get to your website make it easy for the make it easy for
them to find the product make it easy for them to checkout make it easy for
them to get the information about your stuff we have a help desk in Kartra
and I’ll put a link to Kartra that’s one of the best you know
softwares that you’re ever gonna want to use for emails and lists and sales pages
and funnels and all that but I’ll put a link down there you can actually get it
for a dollar but make sure you’ve got all that set up too so that it’s a good
experience for your customer that’s super important the next thing I’ll tell
you is make sure you have good quality good quality is really important good
quality across the board it doesn’t matter if it’s a training course which I
have a lot of different training courses matter of fact like I told you you can
get my e-commerce courses $97 value in the description now there is click and
you can get that but whether it’s a course like that make sure it’s set up
properly where they can go through it and it makes sense and it’s in usable
chunks like none of my courses really have any modules that they’re over about
ten minutes because that’s about somebody’s attention span about ten
minutes if they want to go on to the next one they can certainly do that they
can binge and go for hours that they want but it’s ten minutes at a shot and
they’re organized in the form that they’re gonna need to go through to get
to the point where they want to be in the business so that’s one thing
products or physical products like survivalcavefood.com sold somebody else’s survival food their
tasted terrible and people would tell me it tasted terrible and then I started
shipping my own and then we didn’t package it properly and things got
dented and messed up and we fixed all those things along the way so it’s a
good user experience that people keep coming back to us so make sure you have
good quality and nowadays social marketing social marketing is so
important you’re gonna have to have a presence you’re gonna have to be on
Facebook or YouTube or Twitter or some of that and we’re on a lot of those
platforms we’re not on all of them you know I don’t I don’t do LinkedIn I’m not
on Instagram so you don’t have to do all of them but
you got to pick two or three that are gonna work for you we’ve got to be
social nowadays the next thing I’ll tell you that’s part of all this is mobile
mobile Mobile okay and it took me a while to get this but almost everybody
is doing everything on their phone nowadays so you need some type of
provider when you’re building your sales pages when you’re sending your emails
whatever that it’s gonna look good on mobile because that’s where they’re
accessing it now I use part four which I mentioned that you can get for a dollar
to link down there but card for you can actually as you’re building your sales
page you can click and it goes over to mobile and I sometimes forget to do it
my wife the other day told me that you know something when mobile was not
coming up the way it should I think it was a button that wasn’t showing up
above the line and I switched it over to mobile and looked at it and fixed it so
make sure you have some type of software that lets you view whatever you’re
working on on mobile it’s super important next thing I’ll tell you is
collect information information so very important know what your audience wants
if you know what your audience wants you can respond to it and you can get on
what if you give what they want that’s what
they tend to buy from you because you’ve provided them what they wanted kind of
like the Tesla car right he sold a ton of those cars because he gave people
what they wanted them one in a car that would you know go fast they wanted to
call it safe they wouldn’t a car that that charge would get them far as a car
with gasoline in it which it does so he gave it what they wanted and they bought
those cars in droves number six you gotta evolve okay you’ve got to stay in
touch with what the competition is doing out there I know over the years I’ve
changed so many software’s so many email providers so many things that I’ve
changed over the years if I had words I wouldn’t have any income now right so
you’ve got to make sure you’re on top of all that you’ve got to evolve and I
mentioned this before but I’ll mention it again make sure you’re using social
elements and SEO a lot of people quit using SEO because they said well I’m
doing ads now or I’m on Twitter or whatever but the thing is with SEO that
is extra business right if you’re SEO in your pages and if you don’t know what
that is that search engine optimization that’s putting in your title tags in
your descriptions and your keywords so that these search engines can actually
find your information and bring it back to people that’s free business guys
that’s organic traffic okay so you’ve got a plan now to actually increase your
business and you know what to do tell me which one of those things you think is
going to work best for you in the comments below and if you have questions
about growing your business and increasing your sales click those
comments below too don’t forget I’ve got a free course ecommerce course worth $97
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thanks so much for listening in this video I’ll see you the next video also
like one of those videos there little Mikey

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