$80 Tablet vs $800 Tablet Review (Amazon Fire Tablet VS iPad Pro)
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$80 Tablet vs $800 Tablet Review (Amazon Fire Tablet VS iPad Pro)

– The iPad Pro versus the
Fire HD 8 tablet with Alexa, a comparison test you need
to see, and a big giveaway, coming right up. (soft tune) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite, I hunt down the biggest
tech deals, I test items, I give them away for free,
and I love side by side comparisons, especially when no one thinks it’s worth doing and I know,
one of the most sought-after pro tablets in the world
that’s almost $800 dollars against a tablet that’s
80, you will be amazed, what happens when I
put these side by side? I’m gonna give away a
free Fire HD 8 tablet at the end of the video and I wanna begin by just reminding you that Fire
HD, it is Amazon’s flagship tablet, the Kindle, that name
corresponds to their ereader, so this is not a Kindle,
and it has Alexa built in. Alright, let’s unbox this. So, can you really even
compare the tech specs between the iPad Pro and the Fire HD 8? Well, at the basic level you
get front and rear cameras for both, dual band Wi-Fi,
you get some great processing power in the iPad Pro,
but one that really does hold up on its own for all of
your daily Netflix browsing, HBO streaming, Amazon Prime
integration, whatever it is. The displays, I mean, you
saw ’em, side by side, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions but I will tell you, the HD
8 tablet has an expandable memory slot, SD slot, up to 256 gigabytes, you do not have something of that nature on the iPad pro. Does the iPad Pro have
all the other advantages? Yes but the Fire HD 8 has the
clear advantage on the price. And now for the anxiously
awaited drop test. I’m not even gonna bother
dropping the iPad Pro ’cause I will tell you it will crack and at almost $800 dollars,
I don’t wanna watch that, but how does a Fire tablet
perform in a drop test? So, first of all, as you can hear, it’s going onto a solid hardwood floor, no scratches, no clacking,
that’s on the side. As you can see, the
tablet, totally unscathed. Now, the big question is
what happens when I throw this face first, let’s go. One. Totally fine, still moving. See that? This is one take, no edits. Oh, it’s all good, still good. Let’s go again. Awesome. Still going. I mean, this is not Gorilla
Glass, this is the durability of an $80 dollar tablet. Let’s get onto the couch and go again. Oh, yeah, this is awesome. Still going. Yeah, awesome, it’s still fine. No scratches, no cracked screen. Try doing that to an iPad. Tablet completely okay, hardwood floor. Lookey here, what do we have? A little bit of indentation. Tablet, fine. Floor? Nuh-uh. That’s how hard I was
smacking this bad boy around. Let’s begin with a simple page load test. You got Safari, definitely
an adequate browser. And you have Silk,
Amazon’s answer to Chrome on this particular tablet. Now, for two uncached
pages, which means I’ve never visited the pages
before, we’re gonna do a quick speed test right now. I have USAToday.com
typed into both browers, we’re now going to one, two, three. And the page load test,
ah, the Fire tablet won, that is amazing, I don’t even
know how that’s possible. Let’s do a YouTube video page test. Interestingly enough,
although they are trying to push the app for both
platforms, the page displays better on the Fire tablet yet again. Look, my face is cut off
so now you all just see a little bit of my nose. Obviously the iPad, which
pushes this Retina display, is a much better display
itself but I will tell you that for $80 bucks, the
display on the Fire tablet, not completely inferior to the
point where it’s unwatchable. Again, this is a really
unfair disadvantage to the Fire tablet but the videos
do look great side by side. – And.
– A big– The speakers are actually
comparable, it’s difficult for me to convey an audio
test because you can’t hear the speakers through the
mic but I will tell you that in terms of volume
level, they are comparable, and then in terms of video, this is where the Fire tablet has the advantage. The Fire tablet is built with
integration to Amazon Prime, which means they’ve further
optimized all of their apps so they load quickly. The Prime integration
with the video service is fast beyond belief. I mean, I’m telling you,
you can also download the movies that you
watch for offline viewing which is a feature of the Fire Tablet but watch, I’m gonna
skip ahead right here, this is a very average
internet connection, we’re looking at eight megabits per second which is the hotel I’m in right now and look, I mean we can skip, we can load. Amazon builds the apps to make them sing and if you’re someone that wants
to stream movies on the go, even use Netflix, whatever it is, if you’re using Amazon
Video that I’m telling you, it is unreal. In addition to the beautiful display, one of the other things that I like when you are enjoying
content on a Fire tablet is you get the x-ray technology. Amazon owns the internet
movie database, IMDb.com, so you get some great
trivia tied to the film or show that you’re watching
as well as any of the actors or performers on screen. It’s constantly giving you that data if you just scroll to the side
and then when you wanna stop, well, you just enjoy your
movie and this is beautiful crisp display given that
it is an $80 dollar tablet. My favorite test, not
traditionally performed in YouTube unboxings or comparisons, the humor test. Alexa, tell me a joke. – [Alexa] What does a grape
say when it gets stepped on? Nothing, it just lets out a little wine. – [Matt] Ha ha. Tell me a joke. – [Siri] Matt, I don’t
really know any good jokes. None, in fact. – [Matt] What? How is this even a thing, come on? Any joke? Tell me a good pickup line. – [Siri] Are you a 45 degree angle? Because you’re acute-y. – [Matt] Okay, that was pretty good. Tell me a good pickup line. – [Alexa] You must be
the square root of two because I get irrational around you. – Alexa gets the point because she’s being a little more aggressive
with me and I like that. So, can you really compare
a Pro tablet to an HD 8? Well, you could do whatever
you want, it’s YouTube, you guys are watching and
I really appreciate it, I thought it would be fun to
show side by side comparison. Am I advocating for this is a tablet that a professional could use? Absolutely not. But it’s very portable, it is
a great way to consume content rather than produce content. If you’re making things, the
iPad Pro is your better bet but so many people are
buying these overqualified, overpowered, overpriced items,
when something like this for the next vacation could do the trick. I’m now gonna give one
of these away for free. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool, the next lucky subscriber who’s commented in the last six months
gets a free HD 8 tablet, congratulations goes to Karen
Pratt, you are the winner, just email [email protected] to claim your free Fire tablet. Yes! Mm, go, oh, you saw, see? No shoes on. It’s ’cause we’re
comfortable with each other. Anyhow, I wanna mention
that if you’ve missed out on today’s giveaway and you wanna
make sure you take advantage of the next one, very easy process. Click on my happy head right here. It will get happier when you click it if you subscribe to this channel. If you need help turning
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the demos over there, and that last big roundup of
deals I did, right over here.


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