$9,999 VS $100 EBAY MYSTERY BOX ⁉️📦 Fortnite, Toys & More! (Unboxing)

ayo what’s good on gas Papa Jake here
from Tiffany and we are fast with the brand new video and today guys we are
doing another eBay Mystery Box challenge that’s right guys we’ve got ourselves
some more eBay mystery boxes I shouldn’t oppression slap this examine what’s
inside there could be very valuable items in these but we are doing the $100
vs. $10,000 eBay mystery box the $10,000 is up here and the hundred-dollar
mystery box down here I don’t know why the the more expensive one I was always
smaller I don’t really understand but regardless if you guys are brand new to
the series we open up these mystery boxes see what goodies are inside and of
course check them out for ourselves and if you guys want me to check out other
mystery boxes a let me know down below there’s a bunch online we’ve done one
for nerf they have like candy mystery boxes toy mystery boxes so if there’s a
certain one you guys want me to look for it let me know in the comment section
and of course if you happen to be brand new to the Pappa Jake family hit the
subscribe button as well as a little notification button smack it makes a fun
little sound and you will never miss one of our awesome videos but guys we have a
job to do today alright today is not a regular Pappa Jake day today Papa Jake
removes his title of ultimate box for Builder and replaces it with ultimate
unboxer because we have to unbox these things
Logan handing my tools these are salad tongs how am I supposed to open these
with salad tongs Logan there you go all right perfect we got
our knife it’s time to dive into these so first up as it’s tradition we’re
gonna be starting with the $100 mystery box let’s open this up and see what
goodies we have inside I don’t want to I want to ruin anything inside okay some
stuff inside okay all right we got it open all right you actually found that
didn’t you of course Logan finds a use for
everything first item is delicious chips okay it’s a bit wait I don’t know if I
want to eat these because they came in a mystery box but I thought I was being
attacked some alien species Mini Putt but for your back oh it’s got
to do with this trousers down oh I get it goes look around the toilets like a
Mini Putt toilet game dude this looks awesome it’s like uh okay so it’s like a
mini plug game for you Tula I mean I guess you could just play this forever
you I don’t think it has to be on your toilet but let’s uh let’s open this up
I’m gonna try this out it’s one of the things I love about the mystery boxes is
there’s always like weird items in it mine is this this was created by the
devil himself alright guys so here we go I’ve got my chair so that we’re gonna
pretend that this is the toilet cuz obviously we’re not gonna play this for
real and in the actual bathroom that’d be a little bit weird but you sit down
like so and I guess just use your mini putter here one shot Oh all right Jake around – all right guys
next up in the 100 dollar mystery box let’s see what is inside there’s so many
different funky lling items in here who is this it is mad mater
it looks like it is later it feels like play-doh or some sort of modeling clay
one thing I always like to notice guys is when I look at these mystery boxes I
try to tell whether or not we got our values worth so so far I mean that’s
probably like 10 bucks in the snake in the cans part of like a dollar so
somewhere we’re not really close to 100 dollars but maybe this maybe this will
make it all okay because this will be the coolest thing ever
all right guys check this out so I first was kinda like this looks really weird
I still haven’t fully understand what it is but it’s kind of like a mixture of
play-doh and clay and sand like look at this so it’s kind of like hard can’t
really do much with it you can kind of mold in your hands but then when you
stretch it it’s like really fluffy is that crazy
it’s such a fluffy feeling it’s really weird look at it it like melts in your
hands but then if you scrunch it up really hard it just turns back into like
a solid piece of clay all right check this out guys look at how satisfying
this is you can cut right it’s like the craziest matter I mean maybe that’s why
it’s called matte matter but it’s like so weird
oh yeah make a cube look at it and you can just pull out like a little cube and
you’ve got a little cube of it but then it starts to fall apart at first I
wasn’t expecting much at first I was like why did they put play-doh in our
hundred dollar mystery box but I’m actually glad I have this stuff I
probably had the most fun with this than I have with most of the other stuff
we’ve done in our mystery boxes all right guys put a hashtag satisfying if
this satisfies you that means that and then Oh just melts
back into putty alright let’s put this stuff away on the side guys and move on
to our next mystery box items we got a lot more to go through in this hundred
dollar mystery box before we can get to the ten thousand dollar mystery box so
make sure you don’t go anywhere let’s put this over here and let’s move on hi
I’m who I hand in here see what I can find
got some big stuff you know something too big right now okay let’s grab this
it is oh no way dude we’ve been wanting beyblades all right we got beyblade
burst evolution that looks sweet I’ve had a beyblade in so long
other than the micro one which we had in the box for high school series and you
guys told us we should do some beyblade videos like you could make a beyblade
box for it so maybe this is the first step into making some beyblade videos
but let’s open this up dude I am excited alright guys to check it out I actually
when I was pulling out did beyblade I noticed that there was another beyblade
inside the mystery box so we ended up having to look at this look how cool
this is I’m not really sure what type there it
says beyblade burst on both of them but maybe has to let me know are these like
the newer beyblades or the older I have absolutely no idea or maybe they’re
worth money and that’s why they’re in this hundred dollar mystery box but we
have this one here and we have this one here so I think it’s only fair that me
and Logan have a little bit of a beyblade battle unfortunately there was
no beyblade stadium in there so we kind of improvise we’re gonna be using this
pot here but let’s put these on and let them rip you ready dude exploded that was best two out of three we’re
going again oh you do alright well looks like Logan won this
round guys but if you did enjoy this beyblade session and do you think we
should do more beyblades maybe do a dedicated beyblade box fort or another
beyblade video let me know down below in the comments and let us know if you know
anything about these cuz I don’t know if these are good or bad or whatnot Logan
seems like it’s better I mean it’s bigger so I’m gonna figures better in
beyblade terms what seems like they worked out pretty well so let’s head
into the next item in our mystery box alright guys so it looks like we still
got a few items left in here so I’m hoping my hand back in and see what else
we got inside I pull something out small this time some weird feeling okay what
is this become the owner of your very own screaming goat I don’t really want
to be the owner of a screaming go either I don’t really know what this is it
looks like it’s a goat statue yay cuz that’s what $100 is worth
I don’t like that I don’t like that sound Logan I mean I guess it could be
like a like an alarm clock well I’m gonna name you fluffy the screaming goat
okay okay you sit over there fluffy alright next item in the list whoa what
oh wow that’s a big cool item what is this
it is a slime blaster oh dude it’s like ass work on that shoots slime that is
awesome all right guys check it out we loaded up
the slime blaster it it’s kind of leaking a little bit but let’s try it
out here in three two one oh dude it’s like a weird liquidy slime
it’s not like full slime it’s kind of liquidy but also slimy I wonder what to
be like we added more packs to it but that is a really weird toy but I mean
pretty cool that showed up in this mystery box it seems like we’re getting
a lot of toys in this one which is great for us because we can always use them
but yeah so this is the slime blaster I’m gonna go put this in the sink and
we’ll head on to the next item alright guys next up in the box well I
say we have one of these but there’s actually a ton of these things alright
let’s open this up and see what it is it doesn’t really say what is on the
packaging so let’s try this thing out okay so we have a slingshot and then I’m
assuming we launched this from the slingshot but this thing looks very
intense there is a button oh oh that’s cool
okay so this lights up alright let’s try this guys in three two one
whoa that was interesting I mean definitely not as cool as the flying
disco ball flash back to that video that was awesome but this is still very
very cool whoa okay okay that’s what you’re supposed to do already guys last
shot here in three two one whoa all right well we have a ton of
these so you might see some some videos cuz I don’t know why they loaded up the
boxes so many I’ve kind of lost track of all the items in terms of like counting
in my head how much they are but it’s so far seems like we’re getting close to
around $100 value for this box I mean there’s some things that are definitely
really cheap but other things like the bay blades as far as I know might be
more expensive that’s alive gun looks pretty expensive as well but we do have
one more item in this hundred dollar mystery box before we go to the Mega
$10,000 mystery box and it is the Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers I’ve never
actually watched Doctor Who before I’ve heard it’s a really good show so let me
know down below if you watch Doctor Who but as far as I know this isn’t a real
screwdriver I can tell that right off the bat but it is a really cool kind of
gadget so it lights up like this and then when you click a button it fires
out like that which is really awesome and then at the bottom I found this
other button so you can actually push this down like this and it lights up
down here so actually like a really cool little gadget I kind of like it’s like
really fun to play with kinda like shooting it out like this and doing
stuff definitely can see us using this and like a skit or something like that
cuz this has got a lot of cool potential and I love the little secret button at
the bottom looks like a launch button or something like that okay pretty cool
pretty cool all together guys it looks like this wraps up as far as I can tell
the $100 box you know I wouldn’t say it was the best $100 mystery box we ever
got but like I would say it’s the worst either it had a lot of really cool stuff
in it and like I said the started video guys let me know if you want me to try
another one to use that’s like I’ve seen like a four in candy mystery box I’ve
seen like crazy toy a mystery box there’s a ton of ones on eBay that I can
purchase so let me know what you suggest down below I’ll see if I can’t find one
but it is now time to go on over to the ten
thousand dollar mystery box so if you guys don’t know how this works basically
the person that I buy these from I button the last mice the nerf one I
didn’t buy the nerf one from this person but the last two I bought from this
person and it gives you the chance to win $10,000 but it’s only $100 so I have
to really worry about losing law money which is nice so we can buy it for a
hundred bucks and protection with ten thousand it’s like an awesome mystery
box with so many surprises and as far as we know before we open this this could
have ten thousand dollars in it so let’s open this perfect looks like that sonic
screwdriver came in handy and let’s see we got ten thousand what we have whoa
what is this okay this is very weird well there’s a note
Congrats on getting my mystery box I have packed it with a hundred to ten
thousand dollars worth of goodies what will you discover also here is a code
for for tonight find it below for day isn’t fortnight free so far I mean off
the bat we’re doing pretty well we’ve got a secret fort night coat which I
don’t really understand cuz for tonight’s a free to play game baby it’s
the founders edition maybe this is a code for the founders edition I’m gonna
figure out what this is cuz it doesn’t tell me if it’s xbox steam or
PlayStation I mean for tonight it’s on like everything now so as far as I know
I have no idea what this is for but right off the bat we got a fortnight and
we got some other stuff in here what did we have what should we go for first
I don’t box which are kind of scary there’s this oh don’t tell me this is
another one of those things this is the same person we bought from last time so
I can tell you right off the bat I know this is gonna be this is a $10,000 Rolex
it’s not it’s not $10,000 Rolex it’s a fake Rolex we got this last time from
this mystery box although it’s a different color nice but yeah it looks
like a Rolex it’s kind of got the Rolex design but it is it is in fact fake so
cool kind of feature I mean you get a free watch out of it I did Google these
and these are sometimes weird like a hundred bucks so that’s pretty awesome
all right moving on guys we’ve got a weird rock theme with this one so there
is this rock here and there are these rocks here now I’m no scientific expert
but I’m gonna assume Logan that our $10,000 is hidden in gold in one of
these rocks or diamonds so in one of these rocks
there must be $10,000 worth of something well let’s clear some space and start
digging alright guys so check it out we’ve got both of these out of their
packaging and I’m a geologist so I have no idea what they are this looks more
like a toy these are what I’m kind of more interested in cuz they’re solid
like like literally solid rocks so I don’t know even how I’m gonna get into
them I went ahead and I brought a hammer to try and see if we can break into them
and see if there’s something inside maybe there’s gold or diamonds have you
know like just just gold there’s like just gold come into rocks or is it just
like in the ground alright well I guess first things first
let’s stick with this thing which I gotta admit it looks like a toy it looks
like one of those kind of like fossil toys that you dig into but just to be on
the safe side let’s kind of give it a go here see if we can’t find anything
inside of it see what we got inside this Oh oh we already got something dig it out oh and there we go right off
the bat we have I know this is it’s like a blue stone oh if that’s worth anything
it just kind of looks like marble maybe it’s like a blue marble so I’m put this
inside here yeah cool do some more ding its like minecraft in real life you got
to get down and see if you can find some diamonds come on let’s see if we get
something big in here okay I’m gonna go out on a limb and say
this isn’t the world’s biggest diamond because if this was a diamond it would
be worth um a lot of money but nonetheless this looks really cool you
guys know what I need these rocks are let us know in the comments down below
in it any of these are worth anything I think this is iron I don’t know it looks
like iron to me alright guys so check it out we’ve went
ahead and cleared all of the dust and sand and after all of that we are left
well with all of this how cool these are really awesome so I’m gonna go out on a
limb and say most of these are worth nothing at all I mean I’m pretty sure
that’s crystal this looks like iron to me I don’t know what this did maybe if
you guys know at home let me know what this is because this one’s probably the
coolest looking one and of course we’ve got this red one black one which is
really cool and then this which i think is granite maybe technically it almost
looks like the granite countertop that’s here but in a blue form so so far it
looks like none of these are worth ten thousand dollars you know there’s in the
gold nugget in here there isn’t a little bit of diamond that we can find but
that’s okay because we still have one more set of
items which are these things and I started to kind of play around with them
and I figured out what you have to do is you have to smack them open with a
hammer and inside there’s something special five mean eaten a tail alright
guys so check this out I was able to go ahead and break this link it was really
hard to break but inside look at how shiny that is that is awesome
it’s like a complete kind of like crystal compartment inside on the other
half of it it’s got more crystals as well they look really cool I mean there
wasn’t any gold or diamonds in here and I also went ahead and broke some of the
other ones and it seems like they’re all kind of very similar it’s just like
crystals and stuff like that we have a pun here and there’s really not enough
time to get through this this actually took me like 20 minutes I had to go
outside and smack it with a hammer to finally get it to break open this thing
is solid rock so I don’t think we’ll have time to go through all of them but
I will update you guys and let you know if by chance once I do go through all
these we found gold or diamonds or something like that that pretty much
wraps up this video guys I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you guys enjoyed this
mystery box video if you guys did don’t forget to smack the like button down
below and if you guys wants to do it awesome mr. box like this strike crush
50,000 likes on this video and we will do another one for you guys but thanks
so much this pascal Papaji bounce you guys it’s time for another

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