A 5-Step Guide to Improve the Performance of Your Ecommerce
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A 5-Step Guide to Improve the Performance of Your Ecommerce

I’m David McDowell, SEO Consultant, here,
at DaBrian Marketing Group. Today, I’m going to be talking about the
five (5) most important steps to creating and improving your Ecommerce website. Step One (1): Create a strategy for your Ecommerce
website. If you’re going to look for buried treasure,
you need to know where to dig. Create a plan, develop business-objectives,
and execute. Step Two (2): Use the right point of sale
(POS) system. The problem that many businesses have is that
their Ecommerce platforms and their POS systems don’t match. Inventory doesn’t line up, sales don’t
line up. Essentially, counting sucks. Don’t do it twice. You want to make sure that your POS system
isn’t a “P.O.S.” – if you know what I mean. Step Three (3): Study your customers’ journey. You want to know how they heard about you,
how they found your products, and what they did on your site. This information is extremely beneficial to
improving your Ecommerce. Step Four (4): Meet your customers’ expectations. Your online store needs to replicate the in-store
experience. You want to offer quick and helpful support
– just as you would, in-person. Step Five (5): Invest in the right channels. Your customers have specific purchasing behaviors
and your Ecommerce needs to match that. Once you have identified a platform that meets
your customers’ needs, invest in it. Follow these five (5) steps and your online
store is set. For more information: follow the link, below,
to download your free Ecommerce Guide.

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