A CINDERELLA Story Fairy Tales For Kids –  Full Story
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A CINDERELLA Story Fairy Tales For Kids – Full Story

You know, my friend John stays with his cousins. Yesterday, he came late to the class and the teacher scolded him a lot John said his cousin brothers made him finish their chores before they let him leave for school. He said, they always trouble him and make him do a lot of housework. Oh, no! He must feel really bad John is a very nice boy. He doesn’t disobey anyone. He is very nice to his cousin brothers despite the way they treat him. That is very nice of him. We should always forgive people, for their mistakes. Have you heard the story of Cinderella? Once upon a time, there lived a young girl called Cinderella. Cinderella’s mother had died and so her father had married another woman who had two daughters. One day, Cinderella’s father went to work and never returned. Cinderella was left at the mercy of her stepmother and two stepsisters who made her do all the work of the house Cinderella! It’s morning already! Where is our breakfast? Just a moment Stepmother. I am just bringing it out. As soon as Cinderella had laid the breakfast the Stepmother and Stepsisters started eating it. Cinderella served her own plate too and was about to eat when her stepsister pushed her own plate away. Yuck! I hate it! Yes, now that you mention it it really is horrible. Mother! Do something! Cinderella! Are you trying to kill us? What kind of food is this? But Stepmother, I have made it the way I always make it. How dare you argue with me? Go and make new breakfast for us. Don’t you dare do anything else till we have had our breakfast. And this is what went on, in their house everyday. The stepmother and stepsisters troubled Cinderella without any reason. But Cinderella loved them still and never ever complained. One day, an announcement was made in the village. Let everybody know there will be a royal ball at the palace tomorrow night and the King’s son Prince Charming will marry a maiden from amongst the guests. Everybody from the village is invited. The whole village was excited. Even Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters couldn’t stop talking about it in the house. And that is how Cinderella found out about the ball. The royal ball, Prince Charming! The whole village is invited! I will finish my work quickly so we can all go together. Won’t it be just wonderful! You? Who said anything about you going? You will stay here and polish our shoes till you can see your face in them! And so with a heavy heart Cinderella saw her stepmother and stepsisters dress up and leave for the royal ball, the next day. Once they had left, she cried bitterly. Suddenly her room lit up and Cinderella saw the most beautiful fairy she could imagine She held in her hand a delicate wand. Who are you? Get up, child. I am your fairy Godmother. I am here to get you to the royal ball. Really? I never knew I had a fairy Godmother! But how will I get to the ball? I don’t have anything to wear. You don’t worry about that. My child And so, in just a few minutes Cinderella was ready for the royal ball As she thanked her fairy Godmother and got aboard the chariot she received a word of caution from the fairy Godmother Remember to be back home at 12! Other wise the spell will wear off! Soon Cinderella arrived at the palace. As she entered the great ballroom, everyone turned to look who this beautiful maiden was. Nobody could recognize her. Not even her own stepmother and stepsisters. Prince Charming walked to her. May I have this dance with you? Yes, your Highness. And so, Cinderella and Prince Charming danced together throughout the evening till Cinderella heard the clock strike. Fairy Godmother’s words came back to her. She needed to get out of there before the clock struck 12. Without saying a word she tore away from the Prince’s grasp and ran out of the palace. The Prince ran after her. Wait! Wait! What is wrong? Why are you running? I don’t even know your name! But Cinderella dared not wait or even look back. Her beautiful gown was already turning into rags again her hair was coming loose from the perfect bun that fairy Godmother had made for her. She didn’t even stop when one of the glass slippers came off her foot and fell in palace driveway. She ran out the palace gates and vanished into the darkness on a path that lead to her home. Once home, she went back to polishing the shoes that had been given to her and decided never to speak to anyone about the ball. A few days later, two men from the palace showed up at their door. The lady that Prince Charming fell in love with left behind her glass slipper at the royal ball The Prince believes that such a beautiful slipper could fit only his beloved. And so we are asking all the girls in the village to try this slipper. The one whom it fits would be the one the Prince will marry. If you have any girls in the house, please ask them to try this slipper. Oh yes, yes! I am sure it was one of my daughters! The slipper would fit one of them! And so both the stepsisters tried to fit their foot into the slipper one by one. They pushed and pushed but couldn’t get their foot in. Looks like it wasn’t your daughters after all Is there any other young lady in the house? No! There isn’t. you can leave As the King’s men made ready to leave suddenly, the door of the house was thrown open and Prince Charming himself stood there. Who is this beautiful girl in the upstairs window? Madam! You have lied to us. I demand that the girl be called forth and try the slipper. Yes, yes! But she is only a servant girl. Nevertheless… Cinderella! Cinderella! Come down here at once! Yes, Stepmother? The moment Prince Charming saw Cinderella he knew he had found his beloved. He took the slipper from the King’s Man and slipped it on to her foot himself. The slipper fit perfectly in a moment Cinderella was once again transformed into the beautiful maiden from the night of the ball. Prince Charming took her to the palace with him. He ordered that the stepmother and stepsisters be punished for lying to the King’s Men and treating Cinderella so badly and rudely But being the kindhearted person that she was Cinderella asked for them, to be forgiven. The Prince fell in love with her even more for her generosity and they lived happily ever after! Wow, Tia! How wonderful is it to forgive people! Thank you for telling me the story. I will tell it to John too I am sure he will like it. Okay! Shall we go home now? I think It’s getting late.


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