AIR INSPIRED MAKEUP TUTORIAL collab w yaz, haley, and rachel ?
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AIR INSPIRED MAKEUP TUTORIAL collab w yaz, haley, and rachel ?

Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika. Today I’m going to be doing a super f-ing exciting video. I feel like I say that at the beginning of every video. I’m back and better than ever. So today I’m going to be doing a collab with my favorite YouTubers ever: Haley Morales, Rachel Cantu and YazOnline. I’m so f-ing excited. This is the collab of the f-ing century, y’all. Basically, we were having a hard time coming up with something to do, so I asked on my public spam, like, what our collab should be. And people were like, “Do the elements.” So . . . we’re doing the elements. And I got “air,” because I wanted to challenge myself. But then I sat down to actually do an air-inspired look. How the f– do you do a makeup look inspired by air? It’s clear. Like, you can’t see it. That was a mistake on my part. But . . . I figured it out. So let’s get poppin. Okay. So I primed my eyelids using the Tarte Shape Tape, and I just set them with a powder. And I’m going to be going into the e.l.f. Mad for Matte Palette. This is the first one, not the second one. And I’m going to be taking this bone-color crease shade, and I’m gonna be popping that in. I hate myself. I also filled in my eyebrows off-camera. [burps] I thought that was gonna be a little better. I feel like I didn’t get into how f-ing excited I am about this collab. Basically, YazOnline was the first YouTuber that kind of inspired me to be “the best me that I could be.” I’m going into the LORAC Mega 4 Pro Palette, and I’m gonna take the shade “Denim,” and mix it with the shade “Light Sage.” And I’m gonna make that to deepen up my crease. YazOnline was really like the first YouTuber that I watched in the beauty community. And she really inspired . . . she inspired me to start making those intros that I put at the beginning of my makeup tutorials. She inspired me to do so much. And then I met Rachel Cantu and she was the first YouTuber that I’d ever talked to. Like, I got her Snapchat and her number, and we started talking and everything. And I don’t know. She’s so sweet. And then Hailey Morales is just the most cute thing ever. I f-ing love her. And so, I’m just so happy, because you guys have been wanting this collab for a long time. I’ve been f-ing wanting this collab for a loooong time. I’m just excited that it’s finally happening. And I look like an egg. I feel like I haven’t filmed a tutorial in a really long time. Have I? Tbh, I don’t even know. But, I’m going to take this dark gray in the Mad for Matte Palette. And I’m gonna be putting this in my crease. I’m honestly really nervous, because I feel like my look is gonna be really boring compared to all the other looks, and then . . . It’s just . . . I don’t know. What can you do that’s interesting for “air”? I’m triggered! I have so much sh– to do today. I’ve been putting off this collab for a really long time, but all I know is that I don’t want to be the last person that everybody’s waiting on to film it. So I’m trying to f-ing do it really fast. [burps] Also, I don’t know if this is actually gonna happen, but Yaz said that she was gonna make a really cool intro for the videos, which I think is super cool. Because it’s such a f-ing shame that we can’t all be here together. Not gonna happen. But this will be a nice way to make it feel like we’re all together. I’m taking the Tarte Shape Tape in the shade “Light,” and I’m gonna be doing a complete cut crease – not a half cut crease – with this. I’m trying to keep what I . . . Oh, f–. Okay, sorry. I can’t talk and cut crease at the same time. I’m trying to keep my crease light, because I don’t want to get too dark so that it turns into smoke, because that’s not cute. It’s not what I’m trying to do, so . . . F– me. Oh my f-ing god. Okay. Okay. I’m gonna take the bone shade that we first took. F–!! Oh, f–! Please don’t be broken. Okay. Thank you. I love you, Jeseeeeeee-sus. Oh my god. That looks so bad. I think because I made the wing too high up. So . . . I’m gonna fix that. Lit. Okay. That’s just a tiny bit better. I’m gonna have to f-ing work, so . . . This video’s so quiet, I feel like. I’m really sorry. I can honestly die and go to heaven now. I feel like I can die happy. My life is officially complete. I feel like this is all I needed and it’s done. I’m just so happy that I’m friends with these girls now, because they really mean so much to me, and even though they haven’t done anything specifically, they’ve second-handedly helped my career, because they inspired me and they kept me going. I don’t know. That sounds really cheesy, but I love all of them. It’s gonna look much more lit once we add the eyeliner. I’m scared to open my eyes all the way, because I don’t want to f– it up. But we’re gonna add the eyeliner after we do our face makeup. Yeah. I’m going to take the Too Faced Hangover RX Primer. And I haven’t used this before. That’s cute. This is a look. I’m gonna keep it like this. Air. Inspired. Makeup. Tutorial. Ahh. Okay. It’s kind of not helpful that I’m wearing a rainbow shirt. It doesn’t smell as coconutt-y as I was expecting. This is like a first impressions, oh my god. But it doesn’t smell as coconutt-y as I was expecting, which I like. Because I hate coconut. So . . . My forehead looks so small. That was a joke, because I have a huge forehead. Okay. For foundation, I’m going to be using the Wet n Wild “Fon day Taint” in the shade “Shell Ivory.” I kind of want to be full coverage queen today, so I might add a little bit of the Fenty foundation. Let’s try it. Okay can I just talk about Sh . . . I know this is a collab, and I should be talking about how much I love Haley and Rachael and Yaz. But can we just talk about Shane Dawson’s new video, where he pranks his mom with Jesus or whatever? His mom loves Jesus so f-ing much. And I’m just kind of confused. Like, yeah. Jesus? Pretty cool guy. But like, she was crying because she met a fake Jesus. Like, I love Cole Sprouse, but I wouldn’t be crying if I met a fake Cole Sprouse, you know? I don’t think I would have any reaction at all if it isn’t the real . . . I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m trying to go around the eyebrows. Oh my god. I look like a f-ing snack. Also, yes. I know I’m dragging my BeautyBlender. F-ing eat me. I don’t care. I’ll drag a b– if I have to. “Who’s that sexy thing standing over there?” That’s me. I’m gonna take the ColourPop No Filter “Conciller.” “Conciller” And I’m gonna “concill” . . . “Conciller” . . . my under eyes. This is like the same color as my foundation. Oops. Yay!! Where’s my beauty sponge? But I love this concealer, especially for a drugstore option. Also, speaking of ColourPop, can talking about how f-ing fake that Sephora ColourPop launch was? I thought that Sephora was going to be releasing ColourPop’s entire line, not just some little f-ing pansy ass palettes here and there. I thought that they were gonna come out with the bronzers, and come out with the concealers and everything. So I was really excited, and I was gonna wait to get the concealer until they came out in Sephora, so I could make sure that I had the right shade. Then they never came out in Sephora. So I just got it anyway. I’m gonna throw cheese at the Sephora employees. Because I’m mad. I’m gonna take the Coty Airspun Powder, and I’m gonna bake. Don’t look like a queen? Would you f– me? I’d f– me. Okay. I’m gonna take the No. 7 Bronzer in the shade “Golden Sand, because I’m a golden goddess. Oh f–! I look like the color of the packaging. Oh my gosh. This is way too warm for me. I love the formula. It’s just not the right color. I need to get another one. That’s a major f–ing oof right there. But you know what? This shirt is way too colorful, so I’m just gonna . . . Scandy! Lit. I’m gonna take this NYX Glam Liner Waterproof in the shade “Glam Platinum.” I don’t really know what this is. It’s like a metallic eyeliner. And I’m going to line my eye. Oh my god. I suck at doing winged liner with brushes. I don’t know. I just feel like I can’t get a good tip. That’s one eye done. I’m gonna dry it. I’m actually just gonna do the other eye off-camera. And I’ll be right back. I’m back. And with lashes. I’m using the Kiss #11 lashes, and then, to combine my real lashes to my fake ones, I used the Tarteist Mascara, which I haven’t used by itself yet. But it’s really nice . . . oh f–! I got mascara on my big-ass forehead. It’s really good for on combining lashes, imo. So . . . [burps] Okay. Actually, I have something that I really want to do. I’m a f-ing genius, so I decided to put on my lashes first. But I want to put this Urban Decay — it’s like a white glitter liner — in my crease. I feel like that would look pretty cool. So I kind of want to do that. So I think I’m gonna do that. This might be the ultimate struggle. I will never say that again. I’m sorry. Oh yes. Oh my god. I love. I don’t even know if you can see it on camera, but it looks so good! I’m literally just complimenting myself. Have you seen that . . . there’s this video called, like, “James Charles Compliments Himself for Three Minutes Straight”? It’s really entertaining. Ten out of ten would watch. Maybe this video won’t end up turning out bad. Hopefully. Maybe. Probably not. I love her! Also, I feel like when I outline my crease with glitter, it always makes my eyes look so much bigger, which, ten out of ten, I appreciate. Okay. I feel like it’s still kind of wet. I don’t want to open my eye, but I have to do other sh–. [sighs] I don’t know if it’s very air-y, but . . . You’ve had one job. Okay. But comment down below what *you* would have done for something like this. Because honestly, like actually, how the f– do you represent air in an eyeshadow look? I wish that this liner were a little bit more blue, and a little bit less green, though. Okay. We’re gonna do my lower lash line. I love just looking at myself. Lower lash line. I’m gonna take the dark grey — not dark grey– the normal grey. The grey that we took. And I’m just going to take this on this brush. This is from the Naked Heat Palette. But it’s the pointier side. It’s the only clean brush I have. Country boy, I love you. And now, I’m gonna put the Tarteist Mascara on my lower lashes. I’m gonna take the OFRA and NikkieTutorials highlighter in the shade “Ever Glow,” and I’m just gonna take the white shade. You can buy it singly. It’s called “Glazed Donut,” singly. I’m going with a white where I would normally go with a gold, because air is like, clear. I don’t know. But OFRA is still OFRA. Did I . . . Okay, I don’t know if I told you guys this, but every time I’m talking about Oprah, like, the Queen. Oprah. I always say OFRA, and it’s this joke between me and MC — my best friend, MC. And it’s just like . . . .oh my god. From the front, it looks so ashy. I might need to mix in a little bit of the gold shade. I don’t know what the gold shade is called, singly. Yeah. So whenever I’m talking about OF . . . Oprah, I say OFRA. And it just turned into one giant meme. So . . Sorry Oprah. I think the gold shade is called “Glow Goals.” I don’t really know. Okay. I’m really stressed out about the lip color that I want to use. Also, should I put this liner in my inner corner? I think I want to. This is my first time highlighting my chin, and normally I don’t highlight my chin, because I feel like it makes me look like a f-ing glazed doughnut. But . . . You know what? No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade. I kinda like it. I don’t know what to do for lip. I think I kinda want to do this. This is “Nude Potion” by NikkieTutorials and OFRA. I don’t know. It’s just like a really, really nude color, but it kind of has a purple tint, which I like. So I’m just gonna freehand this, because I find that OFRA liquid lipstick wands are really easy to maneuver. So . . . Aaaaah. I actually don’t know how I feel about the lipstick. I hate lipstick. It’s so hard to decide what goes with what. I could do this. Maybe I’ll do that. I’ll just put it on top, though. This is the Caelyn Extreme Matte Tip Plus Velvet in the shade 32. Okay. I think the colors kind of mixed together, but I’m honestly kind of fine with that. It’s a happy medium. I appreciate it. So, yeah. This is the final look. I’m gonna spray my face with the All Nighter. Mist f-in goal. Literally will only use that setting spray for the rest of my life. Thank you guys so much for watching. And also thank you guys so much for, you know, I see you guys. You’re commenting on Yaz’s posts and sh–, like, “Collab with Annika.” I see you guys. You are probably the reason why this actually happened, and I appreciate it, because I love these girls so much, and I’m so happy that they’re in my life now. But yeah. I’m so excited that I got the chance to collab with them. And I’m so excited to see the looks that they made. But I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and check out all the other girls’ channels. They’ll be in the description.


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