ALICE IN WONDERLAND Fairy Tales And Bedtime Story For Kids | Animated Full Story
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ALICE IN WONDERLAND Fairy Tales And Bedtime Story For Kids | Animated Full Story

Tia! I am getting bored. Will you please stop reading and talk to me? Bored! How can you get bored Tofu? Why don’t you write a story of your own? I can’t just think up a story Tia. Especially when I am so bored. Looks like you haven’t heard of Alice In Wonderland Once sunny day, Alice was sitting next to her sister while she was reading Her sister had been reading books all morning and Alice was very bored now. She thought for a while and decided to ask her sister to stop reading. She was about to do that when she saw a little white rabbit with pink eyes run past her. I’m late! I have to hurry! I’m late! Saying so he ran into his rabbit hole. Alice was suddenly interested in this turn of events and she decided to follow the rabbit She went to his rabbit hole and peered down it Suddenly, the hole gave away and Alice fell into it She kept falling for what seemed like a very long time. Will I ever stop falling! What kind of a strange hole is this? At last she landed with a thud in a big empty room The room had three doors of different sizes She saw the rabbit outside the smallest door before it closed shut But the door was very tiny No bigger than Alice’s new pencil back home. I must get on the other side of that door. But how will I do that? It is so small. Then Alice noticed a small table in the corner of the room She went to it to find a small bottle of pink potion with the label ‘drink me’ on it Next to it was a small little key the size of the smallest door’s lock. I think this key belongs to that door. I wonder what this potion will do to me. Let me try. And so the Alice took the key in one hand and drank the potion from the bottle. Suddenly Alice could no longer see the top of the table The empty bottle of the pink potion became too heavy for her and fell out of her hand. She was shrinking! What is happening to me? I am shrinking! Once Alice was small enough to go through the smallest door the shrining stopped Alice quickly ran to the door, opened it and ran out. She found herself in the most beautiful garden, she had ever seen But she could not enjoy it because she was so tiny and all the flowers and plants were so big! Oh! I wish I were bigger! Hearing her, the White Rabbit came to her and ordered her rather rudely. Go to my house and get me my gloves and fan! Alice didn’t know why the rabbit was so rude to her Perhaps he didn’t like being followed. Nevertheless, she decided to follow the instructions because she was curious and wanted to see the rabbit’s house. When she entered the rabbit’s home she saw a yummy looking cake on the kitchen top It has a sticker on its plate that said ‘Eat Me’ Alice was really hungry by now She’d even missed lunch! So she decided to eat the cake As soon as she took one bite, she started growing again! Soon she would not fit into the house She could not see the rabbit’s gloves anywhere but grabbed his fan and decided to run out of the house As soon as she came out, she started shrinking again! Oh no! What is this! Will I ever be back to my normal size again? One of my mushroom makes you grow tall and other side makes you shrink. Alice turned to see who was talking to her It was a caterpillar sitting on a mushroom. She quickly ate a piece from the side he was pointing and came back to her normal size. She thanked him for his help and asked How do I get back home? Could you please tell me that? That path leads to the Mad Hatter and the other one to the Rabbit’s home. This time it was a cat that sat in the tree, that spoke Alice thanked him and took the path to the Mad Hatter She didn’t want to meet the rude rabbit again. I will meet you in the evening at the Queen’s Palace! Halt! To go further, you must answer my question correctly. oh! I love riddles! Please do ask me your question. Tell me why is a raven like a writing desk Alice thought for a while but she did not know the answer to the riddle Oh! I don’t know the answer to your question. Could you tell me why? The Mad Hatter was taken a back Never had anyone asked him the answer to his own riddle Oh well! I don’t know either! We don’t know anything here You can go ahead on the path Hence, Alice proceeded to the Queen’s castle where a game of croquet was on The Queen was very unkind and unreasonable If she didn’t like someone, she would instruct her soldiers to ‘be off with his or her heads!’ immediately Her guards had made a mistake earlier in the day and so she had turned them into cards for the game When the Queen saw Alice she instructed her to play with her. You will play with croquet with me and if I lose, it will be off with the head for you! Yes, Your Majesty Alice was very careful but the Queen was terrible at the game And Alice had to try really hard to lose! Hah! You lost! If I like, I will have your head for it! A trumpet sounded far off and the White Rabbit hopped forward. The royal court is now in session and you will be tried Tried? For what? I haven’t even done anything! You have been accused of stealing heart shaped tarts from the Queen’s kitchen First you don’t know how to play croquet and then you dare steal tarts from my kitchen! You should be punished. Off with her head! This is silly! I haven’t even stolen anything! I just reached the castle and started playing with the Queen. She looked at the White Rabbit the Mad Hatter the Caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat They were all looking at her and smiling. What is going on? Alice felt someone tapping her arm. It was her sister Wake up Alice. You fell asleep sitting next to me. It is time for lunch Oh! What a strange dream I had. I promise I will never complain of being bored while you read! That is such a strange story Tia! Next time you sit to read I too will write my own story instead of getting bored! Okay! But I have to be the first one you tell it to! okay! Tofu? yes


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