• Dwight Harrison

    Thank you for this. I like Amazon, here's my #Amazon #eBook for #business #marketing: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0175G6V2M?keywords=25%20lessons%20video%20production&qid=1447678111&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

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    Please stop the BLA, BLA, BLA and better stop threatening your longtime customers with a lifetime ban for returning RECALLED items, that is LAME of Amazon !

  • nebreprah

    Iff I just knew, then I could take over the world.
    But, I don't, so will you plz help me to try and take over the world?

  • nebreprah

    In the context of your lawyer's cadaver, how do you think about books?
    Are they just a medium for YOUR exchange of money?
    What do you think about Chinese people?

  • nebreprah

    "this person looks at me like I'm the last person on the planet."
    "and I'm like, fuck off."
    "she said no"
    so i respected this person for about…the span of my attention.

  • kawakami789

    Jeff Bezos vs Chinese
    In terms of philosophy Bezos just copied the CHINESE business model and implemented it in America. He simply undercut his competition with low prices and or faster shipping, which is what China has been doing for a lot longer. But Bezos makes no profit for his company whereas a Chinese wholesalers makes around 100% profit. This is because Bezos gets the bulk of his products that sell on Amazon from China. Amazon is now becoming more expensive than buying on eBay and especially buying directly from China. Unless you are a prime member, shipping is becoming ridiculously expensive. Bezos doesn't care about profit because until recently amazon stock has been unaffected by horribly poor earnings. Amazon stock is the bulk of his wealth so Bezos would rather focus on what drives stock price (his personal fortune) rather than creating profits and a truly healthy company. That's the reason whenever there's a sell off on wall street Amazon gets hit much harder.

  • Henry Heusken

    I use this speech as studying of English.
    There is textbook which has many speech of various American entrepreneurs. This speech is one of them. I always listening to it in only sounds so I was excited to listen to it with movie


    Over a year later with thousands of dollars wasted on selling on Amazon.com and I'd still love to get your skinny little lying ass on National TV. How about it Jeff? You lying piece of crap.

  • eman

    Amazon is a dirty place to be. They revealed my personal information because I spoke out about the way we live life. They tried to get me to fail at new positions but I'd succeed. I know they won't kill me so I don't care. I know one thing, everything I said was true. And they know it. I could have done them dirty too, but took the high rode.

    Amazon is a physiological war fare

    My phone calls are being monitored my spotify was monitored. My phone was hacked into. Amazon is lucky I am peaceful bbut what fault would it be if I fought back? None if we are fair. But int his current country games and affairs I would lose. 51-50? Amazon I wish you the worst. (Sorry to all that work there but you should get out and do some local shopping a find a easier life where reliance on money is not so important)

  • Jess

    Truly inspiring. Glad I've watched this. Even though Amazon might not be the best place to be in (lots of stress I believe) but that creates dynamic environment… Very inspiring.

  • Novitatis Veritatis

    Jeff Bezos's adoptive father was a Cuban refugee, a "bad hombre" according to the President of the United States Donald Trump, had Trump been the president at that time, Jeff Bezos's father's asylum request would've been denied, we would have no Amazon, a company that's worth 20 times Trump's.

  • Martin W

    Obviously Bezos is as greedy and arrogant as Trump.
    And his following of sheeple is HUGE (as the Donald might say).
    Only a Bezos dupe is worse than a Trump dupe.

  • Toby Blake

    The pursuit of material wealth and prosperity is antithetical to the pursuit of inner wealth and prosperity – WOE TO THE RICH!

  • Jesus is Lord

    Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries which are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments have become moth-eaten. Your gold and your silver have rusted; and their rust will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire. It is in the last days that you have stored up your treasure!

  • Knave Child

    If you would like some in-depth information on how Jeff Bezo became so successful, this is a must listen all the way to the end!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3csQ6WlUyCg

  • Country Girl 100%

    Shame on Amazon,for allowing the sellers to be able to block out a customer from product review,Ive been a prime member since 2015,Ive spent thousands of dollars with your company,as a hole I love Amazon,but it is a real shame,that a customer cant leave an honest product review without being blocked or locked out of product review by seller,.Ive never used foul language,Ive probley only left about 5-10 negative reviews,out of hundreds of purchases,and i wouls say that the product was bad and dont waste your money.For that ive been blocked for life,Im a sad,and hurt and very disappointed customer,your's truly Lisa DeRolf.Florida.

  • Sophie K

    Ever wonder how it make economic sense for van to pull up in front of your house to deliver a five dollar item ?What if the strategy is  to run at loss and make all the competition buckle then you increase your prices because the competition is gone.

  • Christian

    Bill Gates (who wants to reduce population with vaccins) or Jeff Bezos (Amazon) are far to be the richest men in USA or in the wolrd.

    The richest are the banksters (Rothchild, Rockfeller, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs).

    Bill gates owns about 80 billions, the Rothchild family woud own about 50 000 billions.

    Have a look to these think tanks : BILDERBERG, CFR, Trilateral Commission who wants to rules the entire wolrd (NEW WORLD ORDER).

    Cheers from France where it's the same situation.

    Thank you

  • Neon Shark

    I have a friend who works for Amazon. Last time I asked him how work is going, he told me that the only thing that brings him comfort on his way to work is knowing that the sun will explode, and that nobody will ever know we were here.

  • Stephen Peter Delahunt call me frosty

    I'm under psychic attack they are at me for spritaul intense my name is Stephen Peter delahunt I live at 1793 church view nurney Kildare Ireland my Facebook page is hacked they are Vidaliseing other people's energy on me please contact cia fdi my phone is hacked and the groverment is not helping me

  • Stephen Peter Delahunt call me frosty

    I'm under psychic attack they are at me for spritaul intense my name is Stephen Peter delahunt I live at 1793 church view nurney Kildare Ireland my Facebook page is hacked they are Vidaliseing other people's energy on me please contact cia fdi my phone is hacked and the groverment is not helping me

  • Derek Simon

    "and then there's of course space, i'm personally very interested in space, and i would love some day to do that" ….. I guess that's the once upon a time for Blue Origin

  • Kevin Nicks

    I haven't ever heard of the rich white male USA ever helping a poor person directly and I'll tell you why they hate poor people and there's more of us than them so I will keep spreading the word about those greedy people

  • prateek bhatia

    Jeff bezos mother should get fucked on the streets by bunch of street dogs in all her holes and after being fucked then she should give birth to the puppies like Jeff bezos on street itself and all of them should be crushed then and there by the truck and the process should be started again.

  • Mihail Atanasov

    Bezos you should make a premium book shipping for Bulgaria because of company history. It`s discouraging to pay for shipping as much as for the book. Thank You 🙂

  • Paul Tanfield

    This guy wreck family lives.

    I work for a contractor delivering.

    Pay is delayed, no holiday and pension…

    What does it take to tell this father that my children have no money for Christmas

  • Robert Heintze

    This guy averages around $30 million a DAY in income! I think he could sacrifice one day's worth, by wiring those funds in one of my accounts, and he'd never miss it. What's ridiculous is that if I could choose a figure of achieving "independent wealth", THAT would be the number….If I had been the power ball winner, who recently came forward, (who is receiving the lump sum payment of $878 billion), I'd give away over 90% of it, and STILL would have way more than I needed! Lottery officials need to figure a way for a few hundred people, to receive a million each, instead of this "winner take all" form of capitalism. I believe in shared prosperity.

  • kyunghee Oh

    So wonderful!
    So wondering..
    I was sleepy I couldn't listening well so sorry..
    but I heard
    Geographic talking..
    I don't know when he was this speech but..
    So amazing Connectings..
    Universal thinking already at that time..
    Vision is something different.
    So distinguished!
    Science and Spirit..
    Passions are making touching to heaven and universal.And both can see paradis. So amazing!
    Passion chosen persons.
    God chosen persons
    All comes from God!
    Thank you so much Lord again for Supportings and Connectings endlessly!

    Thank you so much for sharing again!
    So wonderful!
    God bless all!
    God bless AMERICA!

  • kyunghee Oh

    Thank you so much Lord again for loving favor of us!
    With extremely so amazing extraordinary miracles Blessings for us!
    Thank you so much Lord again!
    All the grace, the mercy, the honor, the power
    and the glory to our God Almighty the Father Jesus Christ our Lord again!

  • kyunghee Oh

    So wonderful!
    Blessed be the name of the Lord!
    Thank you so much Lord today specially!
    All comes from our God!
    Thank you so much again!
    So amazing
    Loving-kindness, compassion and beautiful encouragements Spirit of our God's so amazing powerful loves for us ! So amazing grace Blessings generations to generations forever and ever more Supernaturally,
    Blessed be the name of the Lord forever more!
    So amazing Blessings Victories with Jesus endlessly!
    Two of so Blessed looks a like so lovly rabbits!
    I just found on my yesterday morning picture. When I heard Amazon's CEO Mr. Jeff Bezos's so wonderful so humanity of his one of Leadership's video speech.
    Thank you so much again!
    So lovely-kindness, compassion videos again and again..
    So wondering..
    I have been Connecting by our God's magical hands!
    He is prepered everything!
    I know..I was thing of one of night. So magic experience.
    I was so surprised.
    I couldn't moved at all. Just Air.
    Just Spirit.
    So amazing presence so many times..

    So unbelievable!..
    I checked again and again until morning..
    So amazing..
    Yesterday a Luky Lighting bug came into my kitchen side.
    And until my bathroom.
    I was so surprised this early morning..
    So amazing!
    So beautiful!

    I took picture yesterday morning during listening his so special speech.
    So wonderful!
    Thank you so much again!
    Lovly-kindness, compassion and beautiful encouragements Spirit of our God's so amazing thoughtful Supernatural extraordinary miracles Blessings endlessly!
    Our God is never forget and never fails his promises forever!
    So amazing grace powerful loves for us!
    with so Supernatural miracles extraordinary Blessings endlessly,
    Thank you so much today again!

    God bless all!
    God bless AMERICA!

  • Dylon Garrett - Investing and Personal Finance

    At 10:25 ???

    Girl: how do I start an internet company

    Bezos: don’t even try to compete with me

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