Amazon Echo: DanTDM Edition
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Amazon Echo: DanTDM Edition

Hey guys Dan here welcome back into another video now I’m not sure what this video is gonna actually be but I just wanted to take a look at a few things that I’ve seen over the past week or so That’re kind of weird Yeah, weird dantdm things It’s really all started because of this video that I saw on the side of my like my recommended bar About a week ago, and I haven’t clicked on it yet, but I just thought the thumbnail was Amazing is the only way to describe it. I don’t actually know what this song is it’s by youtuber dubs again It’s it’s new rules. I guess I might recognize it when I watch the video, but you guys love these things so Let’s see what happens. Here we go Don’t think I recognize this it should be way more queued up on my sleep at night making myself crazy I like it Yes, makes me feel like no body house wait is this dua lipa yeah it is okay that makes sense and there’s the thumbnail mine definitely looks better All these songs I find the funniest bits are the bits between the lyrics, it’s so funny. I love the choices they made Do don’t let me you have to kick him out again. This one’s good I Got new rules. I count them oh my goodness Yes This is really good oh How did you do this? This is like it sounds like I’ve actually sung it full of the video But I swear, I didn’t it wouldn’t sound this good. I’m impressed YouTube it up. You’ve done. It again. Well done, buddy Hello nice one thank you. Bye Secret agent phone cool. You don’t need to worry about it So we’ll come back to YouTube in a second because I’ve only planned two things to show today And then we’re just gonna try and find weirdest stuff But let me go to my tweets and replies because I found something oh absolutely three things. I thought of another one Where is it? Where is it here? This is the wierdest tweets I’ve ever read I even I spelt it wrong didn’t I yeah whoops that’s supposed to say. This is the weirdest thought I’ve ever tweets I’ve ever read what it is. I promise you it is so I tweeted this my nose is twitching It won’t stop which is actually really annoying go go I and then we have two people that I’ve seen a lot on Twitter and on Instagram as well And they say there’s something inside your nostril Daniel. I mean there might be I don’t know Ethan’s wife dance I check and check inside Dan’s nostril Ethan’s wife. I can see no sir. What else a ps4 controller What else lots of snots guys I appreciate this I’m super weird you guys are super weird. I love it It’s great. Oh my goodness. What have my eyes seen? They replied look. We are so sorry oh no look TIFF TDM I recognize you Oh Dan we can be even weirder. Oh really I challenge you. This is hilarious. I love this. It’s so good I see you guys all the time on Twitter and Instagram. I want stop doing cool stuff like this I’ve just thought of another thing to share right first one. Let’s stick to Twitter for a second yesterday me James and Justin played Gang beasts, and I thought this was funny Oh my goodness Oh no Justin your buddy just fell so did you? Rip justin’s burger hat it’s funny. I like that I mean Jim laughs for ages at that yesterday We have just saw something else that was weird. I saw I think it was on Instagram Let me just find it a sec. Okay wasn’t this originally you put dantdm dot silly is a great Instagram account that makes edits like this I become the Is aggressive patrick meme to patrick meme anyway? I like it a lot. It’s not a flying bug That’s great I Mean look at this stuff. It’s insane Not only if they added the penguin in but they’ve added my face on the penguin with a bunch of seagulls I didn’t even know that’s taken from I let you just a Brussels sprout With oh my guess your imagination is insane. You turn me into vitamins. I would take way more vitamins if they look like that Contains beans to make you smile RIT’s move beef or bean I love it Hello, it sold me that’s exactly what I used to do before I did YouTube full-time and there’s me as a fly Hmm okay next one love TDM had an edit. I wanted to show you and I’m just trying to find it. Oh here it is Just the screenshots do you guys choose hilarious? Oh? This is the one? Weapons my hands, Oh week it is phenomenal artwork oh Whoa okay, they pose nice ones too. That’s good actually There’s this other trend on YouTube of making youtubers into Amazon echo, which is the thing that you talk to and it does like it? Pretty much runs your life apparently there’s damn TDM versions, so let’s see what happens There’s me you’ll see I’m in this box Alexa what do you do hey everyone I’m assuming that by watching this you already know who I am but for those of you that Don’t hi I’m Dan from the diamond Play rock music Alexis stop Hey, Alexa. What time is it five times? I think you actually don’t have to yell at it Okay Uses far-field technology so it can hear you from anywhere in the room Echo is pretty neat because it knows all sorts of things song all yesterday was ask Alexa how tall is Mount Everest forty years in the future my eyes *Laughs In Diamond* Don’t know this I haven’t seen this extended version of the adverb by the way I didn’t realize it was this long This is great It was really good at keeping track of things like shopping and to-do lists paper Alexa ad wrapping paper to the shopping list look That’s 60 pounds as they are Alexa. How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? Hey? I’m going for number one, okay? Saturday, I like so what day is it? Happy December first Alexa give me my flash news briefing. I have hits over 1 million friend requests on roblox Let’s go newsflash buddy and with the companion app you can access echo from anywhere How about is this With everything else colleges. It’s really become part of the family y’all man is walking around so what I’m doing Alrights a rocky version as well oh My goodness, and I’ve got fully insanity right now by keep missing notes. I’m rocking out way too hard Great good Okay, there is another one which I am gonna watch I didn’t expect these to be so funny But it’s the thumbnail is amazing as literally my hair cut out and stuck on a an Amazon echoes. It’s great here. We go Alexa what do you do down here from died Donna my god welcome back to another video where today we’re Gonna maybe jump Alexa how tall is Mount Everest Yes, let’s go number two no no Alexa add wrapping paper to the shopping list no no no Alexa. How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon No, okay Her reaction to that was great okay, Alexa set a timer for eight minutes Definitely helps him wake up in it Dan’s Funny Wake-up alarm Alexa give me my flash news briefing. No idea what that’s supposed to be C is for creepers. I don’t like this what have I got? Jumpers oh resistance okay, that’s good spawn creeper. Good job. Yeah Their reactions like it’s even when it’s really random like the thing only closely resembles the answer It’s so funny that reaction II was a guitar pitcher so they’re there then that you tried you tried to experience echo go to Amazon Slash look at the echo it looks so good It’s so good. Oh guys. I wasn’t expecting to find that today. It was an absolute a phenomenal experience Yeah, well I hope you enjoyed this video at the beginning I did say I didn’t know it was gonna turn into but apparently it turned into something Absolutely great. That’s the hardest. I’ve laughed in a while that is that was really really good guys Thank you for making all your weird stuff. Thanks for being weird and awesome fans I love you guys a lot, and if you enjoyed this video Maybe like to see more random stuff let please me a big fat thumbs up That’d be greatly appreciated subscribe if you’re brand new to the channel as well, and I see you weirdos in the next video. Goodbye


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