Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen | In Depth Review
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Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen | In Depth Review

So you’re wondering should I buy the Amazon echo dot? In this video we’re going to go over everything you need to know to make that decision so stick around! Hey guys, I’m AxB (Axiom Brevity) and here we try to save you some time, money, and a little bit of frustration so we can help you make the best buying decision. We do this through Tech reviews, Electronic reviews, and today we’ll be focusing on Smart Home Technology. So if you’re new to the channel consider subscribing. I wanted to try out the dot just because I was curious, and I want to see if it was worth it. So I ,obviously, bought one on amazon. It was around forty dollars U.S. I bought it around Christmas time it was on sale. It originally goes for fifty dollars so if you’re curious just check the links in the description below and it’ll have everything associated with the Amazon Dot. So the Echo Dot 2 here is part of this new smart home trend coming along where it’s part of Amazon’s family tree which includes the Echo, the Tap, and then the first generation Dot ,however, this is a standalone product so you don’t need any of the other ones to use this one. The Echo Dot 2 ,just like the other ones, is a hands-free voice controlled, smarthome device and it uses an AI (Artificial Intelligence) called Alexa, (Hello) to do multiple tasks for the user. Another distinction between the first generation and the second generation is that if you have multiple second-generation Dots in close proximity and you speak a command only one of them will respond as opposed to the first generation where you have multiple responses. The design for the second-generation Dot is a little bit more compact and simpler than the previous one. It’s pretty much a well-dressed hockey puck and it comes in two colors white, and black. Starting at the top we have four buttons as opposed to the two buttons the first generation had. The addition is the two volume buttons here. It’s up and down. This used to be a rotary swivel and you can actually move it to increase or decrease the volume. You have the mute button to allegedly stopped Alexa from eavesdropping but that’s yet to be confirmed. We have the action button here and that’s so you can pair devices or connect to your Wi-Fi. Now looking along the side we have a glossy finish to it as opposed to the first generation that had a matte finish and I kind of prefer the matte just because it looks more premium but they dropped the price on it so I mean you can’t complain it still looks good and we have the 3.5 millimeter rocks port in the back just so you can connect to manually to speakers. Underneath we have a circular rubber grip just so Alexa doesn’t run off. Now what allows the Dot to hear your voice from afar in any direction is its far-field voice recognition. Now the speaker in the Dot to is not as bad as everybody makes it out to be I’m actually very impressed with its quality. Keep in mind, the Amazonas Echo Dot 2 is a Bluetooth transmitter not a bluetooth receiver, so what that means is that even though you can pair it with bluetooth speakers it’s not a speaker itself even though you can play music from amazon music, Pandora, spotify, and iheartradio. Now the setup took around 10 minutes roughly from plugging her in all the way to asking her the weather Alexa, what’s the weather in Dallas Texas? Right now in Dallas Texas it’s 67 degrees with intermittent clouds. So besides playing music, hearing you across the room, connecting via Bluetooth, she can also control lights, fans, switches, garage doors, help you with pizza ordering, plays jeopardy, does math. What’s 1,000 times 365? 1000 multiplied by 365 is 365,000. Alexa tell me a joke… What is black and white and red all over? and educated penguin… Wow,…. Now the smart home section uses certain hubs like samsung smart things, Wemo, Phillips and Logitech’s Harmony Hub. They’re the catalyst between you and the voice controlled Alexa here. You also have to enable her skills within the app so she can do all the aforementioned things we talked about. now the competition between Amazon and Google is nothing new but there are some notable differences now for example the Dot here it’s speaker is not as good as it obviously the Google Home because the Google Home has a dedicated speaker that is meant to have quality. This one doesn’t this was meant to pair with Bluetooth devices so it’s easier to compare the Echo with Google Home. Also, when it comes to random searching of information I believe the Google Home does a better job. I feel this is more based on consumer product then actually knowing random information. In terms of compatibility I feel that Amazon takes the cake. They’ve been around longer doing this and they’re more refined as opposed to the Google Home that’s only been out for a short amount of time even in CES or the Consumer Electronics Show this year they were saying those so many companies coming out and integrating Alexa into multiple appliances like refrigerators, and even garbage cans, so we’ve got baby monitors! There’s so many things so Amazon has more capabilities. Granted, the Google Home does work seamlessly with Chromecast and while the Dot can do something similar it takes so much work. All in all, it comes down to the speaker and application if you want something cheaper you go for the Dot it’s more entry-level. If you want an alternative to the more expensive Echo from Amazon then Google Homes for you. So I give the new Amazon Echo Dot an Axiom Rating a 4.5 out of 5 and this is because the speaker isn’t bad but I feel it can always be better, right? And it lacks a little bit of Search Engine Functionality with the random knowledge and stuff, but I feel like this can be updated so it’s not the end of the world. The price is what’s really intriguing about this is if you want to get into the new smart home devices game $50 bucks is not that much money, but you do have to be aware that we really don’t know if these devices are listening while they’re not activated because they are listening for their activation word, all the time. So I simply disconnect mine whenever I’m not using it. So if you’re looking to get into the smart home devices game. Check out the Amazon Echo Dot I think you can’t go wrong with it at the moment that has more capabilities in the Google Home but you never know you might find it useful. Question for you guys! What do you guys think about this new smart home trend? Is it something that you’d like to explore or does it make you feel uneasy? Let me know in the comments below and I think I’m going to let Alexis take this one. Thank you so much for your support and if you like what you’ve seen and enjoyed what you’ve watched ,hit that like button, and subscribe so we can continue to save you time, money, and a little bit of frustration. Thank you for your time,…. goodbye! Have you heard the rumor about the disingenuous dessert it’s the truth or is it in fact a lie? It lacks a little bit of search engine func.. (*sigh)
alkjsdhf; alisjdf;alkdj search engine, search engine functionality search engine functionality. Alexa the cake is a lie. The cake is not alive it is delicious and moist you can have someone you finish asking me questions. So if you’re wondering should I buy the Amazon echo Dot? Sorry I can’t tell what was playing. You’re not making yourself look good, you know that..


  • Louie Caunter

    GREAT VIDEO MAN, I really enjoyed watching it! This was a really good quality product review, and I like your intro too. I've had a browse through your channel too and I liked what I see. I've liked and subbed to you as well, it would mean the world if you could do the same! Thanks so much šŸ™‚

  • zestvk

    I like the overall setup you got going there. Looks super professional and well made! I've been meaning to look into the Echo and your video really helped me answer some questions.

  • Positive Investing

    Great video! I can see the cues from Think Media TV – but your transitions, speech, and graphics are excellent.

  • James' Tech Life

    Great video bud. I've tried using the echo and think it's a really cool idea. I think Amazon have made a very smart move with the Dot, making it more accessible for people.

    One more thing, is there any chance you might be able to look at my channel and leave some feedback on my videos? I really want to improve and I'm interested to hear what people think.

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