Amazon Echo – Now Available
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Amazon Echo – Now Available

Introducing Amazon Echo…
Hi there.…and some of Echo’s
first customers.
Echo is a device designed
around your voice.
Simply say “Alexa”and ask a question
or give a command.
Alexa, how many tablespoons
are in three-fourths cup? ECHO: Three-fourths cups
is 12 tablespoons. ANNOUNCER:
Echo is connected to Alexa,
a cloud-based voice service,
so it can help out
with all sorts
of useful information
right when you need it.To me, it’s, you know,
bringing, uh, technology fromIron Man
at Tony Stark’s house into your own.Echo can hear you
from anywhere in the room,
so it’s always ready to help.I can have the water running, I could be cooking, the TV can be on
in the back room, and she still can hear me.It can create
shopping lists…
Alexa, add waffles
to my shopping list.…provide news…From NPR News in Washington……control lights… Alexa, turn on the lights. We use it to set timers. We use that feature
all the time, and that’s one that’s
specifically helpful, I think uniquely,
to blind people.…calendars… ECHO: Today at 1:00 p.m., there’s lunch with Madeline.…and much more. Alexa, how’s traffic? ECHO: For Jose’s commute,
the fastest route takes about 18 minutes.You can even reorder from your
Amazon shopping history
by simply asking Alexa.The Prime reordering
is when you can ask Alexa to order something
that you’ve already ordered through your Prime account.Stream music from Pandora,
TuneIn, iHeartRadio,
and Prime Music.We use music a lot.And listen to your favorite
audiobooks from Audible.
In the years since I’d first started reading
Arty’s Missives…With its advanced
audio design,
Echo fills any room
with immersive sound.
And she’s kind of funny.Alexa, tell me a joke. ECHO: Why did the bubblegum
cross the road? Because it was stuck
to the chicken’s foot.The Echo app is useful for
keeping track of to-do lists
and other info on your device.WOMAN:What’s great is that,
for example,
if I want to read exactlywhat’s on my to-do list
that I added through the Echo, I can also access it
even if I’m not at home. ANNOUNCER:Echo is always
learning new skills…
We actually discovered
that we can teach Alexa to learn my accent. Alexa, add Nescafé
on my shopping list. ECHO: I have added Nescafé
to your shopping list.…and becoming part
of the family.
WOMAN 2: Alexa,
what’s the chance of rain? ECHO:
There’s an 80% chance of rain. WOMAN 2:The Echo is a tool
that we use
to keep our household
Okay, boot… and… boom. Ready to go? Yeah. Alexa, good-bye. Bye-bye. ECHO:
Good-bye. ♪ ♪


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