Amazon Echo vs. Google Home first impressions
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Amazon Echo vs. Google Home first impressions

What’s happening YouTube, Josh Teder
here for 6 Months Later and as many of you out there know, I have been doing a
ton of videos on Google Home devices for the past year. I also use a ton of Google
Home devices in my personal life as well, so this may come as a shock to some
of you out there, but I finally did it. I bought an Amazon Echo and I’d like to
tell you why I did that and what I think about the Echo coming up. This is 6 Months Later Why Josh? Why did you get an Amazon Echo,
you may ask. Well it was Prime Day, they were like $50, and I have been just
curious about what the experience of Alexa is like compared to the Google
Assistant on Google Home devices and I wanted to pass those learnings along to
you. So that’s why I bought an Amazon Echo. Now to my loyal subscribers out
there who only subscribe to this channel for Google Home device videos, do not
worry, we are not slowing those down. We will keep rolling out Google Home
feature update videos and 6 Months Later reviews on
new Google Home products going forward. But now that I have an echo sitting on
my desk right next to a Google home I wanted to share my thoughts on the
differences between the devices first let’s talk setup I thought the overall
setup of the Amazon echo was on par with the time it took to set up a Google Home
device though I did think that setting up a Google Home is slightly easier than
setting up an Amazon Echo. With the Echo you have to go into your phone settings
and connect to the echos Wi-Fi signal which is an extra step compared to
setting up a Google Home. One thing that I really liked about the Echo set up
compared to the Google Home’s was that it had this awesome intro video to the
Amazon echo and what you can do with Alexa now let’s go to the question
you’re all probably wondering right now which one is better is the Amazon echo
better than the Google home well yes in some respects it is and no it’s not in
other areas so let’s take a look at where these devices really compare and
look at them head-to-head and let’s first start with design the first
generation echo looked like this space-age tube that really stuck out of
your living room it did draw attention to itself which is good in some ways but
for me overall I thought the Google homes designed
better and blended into my overall home aesthetic much better this was one of
the reasons I originally went with the Google home Amazon has certainly
improved the aesthetic of the second generation echo which is the one I have
currently it looks so much more subtle I really like the mesh cover they gave the
echo and like with the Google home you can change the cover to a different
color to better match your room’s aesthetic one thing I don’t care for
with the echo is while that I appreciate the amount of microphones they put into
this thing there are way too many holes for them on the top of the device those
microphones plus the four buttons make the top of the device look a bit busy
looking visually and less appealing though that’s pretty nitpicky
the Google home stop is much cleaner though and more simple the Google home
has LED lights beneath its touch surface to act as the assistance indicator
whereas the echo has its trademark LED ring that lights up different colors for
different actions so far I’ve ran into quite a few colors there’s white which
represents volume just like it does on the Google home blue is the maain Alexa
color red is mute and I’ve also ran into yellow for shipping notifications I’ll
cover more on the shopping experience with Alexa in a bit the sound quality on
the echo is alright I don’t have a first-generation Amazon
echo to compare the second gen to so I can’t tell you how much Amazon improved
the sound quality over the first generation now compared to the Google
home I found that the Amazon echo was more clear with its sound the Google
home sounded a little bit more muffled with vocals and mid-range and I also
thought that the bass on the Amazon echo was better than the bass on the Google
home so for $100 speaker I actually thought the Amazon echoes sound was
pretty good I wasn’t expecting it to sound better than my Google home acts
per se which sounds amazing but for a $100 speaker it sounds really good and I
quite preferred its sound over the sound my Google home speaking of music and
media playback one weird quirk that I found with the Amazon echo was there was
no way to physically pause music playback with the echo at least not that
I could find the only way it seems like you can play and pause media is by using
your voice with the Amazon echo now this is compared to the Google home where you
can just simply tap the touch surface of the Google home to play and pause media
which I quite like especially if the Google home is within reach it’s a lot
faster to be able to pause media by just tapping it than to have to use your
voice both the home and the echo do have a way to wake the assistant without your
voice the echo gives you a dedicated button on the top where with the home
you just tap and hold the touch surface and the assistant will wake speaking of
assistance overall I’ve actually been fairly impressed with Alexa it is still
not as capable as the Google assistant for more advanced search queries but
what it can answer is still pretty impressive it can answer a lot more
things than I thought it would be able to and can do more complex queries in
certain situations like it can follow the context of a previous query so for
example you can ask Alexa who is JPMorgan and then Alexa will give you
the answer and then you can ask it again as a follow-up when was he born and
Alexa will still know that you’re talking about
JPMorgan some other things Alexa knows Alexa knows what sound waves are it can
tell you how long it would take to drive somewhere and it knows Tesla’s current
stock price for other queries though alexis still is not as capable as the
Google assistant here are some random queries I found that Alexa couldn’t
answer where Google could what is lacroix Alexa did not understand I was
referring to the popular soft drink and thought I was talking about something in
France and this last question which I just think is hilarious
why does my butt hurt Alexa why does my butt hurt hmm I don’t know that what is
my butter health conditions related to this search
include piriformis syndrome muscle strain or pregnancy I will say these
queries are much more obscure than the typical queries these assistance get
asked so it is impressive that Google can answer them to begin with overall
though I was impressed by how much Alexa can do compared to the Google home in
terms of queries Amazon has definitely been improving their assistant since the
last time I tried Alexa over a year ago next let’s take a look at the shopping
experiences on both of these platforms this is an area where the platform’s
really differentiate themselves from each other with the Google home you have
Google Express which allows you to shop through a variety of partners like
Target Walmart and Home Depot and it works something like this purchase an
Amazon echo 2nd generation ok the first thing I found on Google
Express a second generation sandstone fabric Amazon echo 2-way smart speaker
from Target 480 $4.99 how’s that sound buy it alright I added it to your cart
by the way target will deliver for free if you spend $15 more it’s pretty
bizarre that you can buy an Amazon echo through your Google home well you can’t
actually buy it through your Google home what the Google assistant will do is add
the Amazon echo to your Google Express shopping cart and then you have to go on
a mobile device or on your computer to actually check out you can’t actually
buy the item directly with your voice with Google Express which in my opinion
is a bit lame however with Alexa and the Amazon echo you can do just that
and here’s how that shopping experience works purchase a stainless steel
trashcan based on your order history I found I touchless stainless steel
trashcan 49 LT 13 gallon it’s see $3.63 from Amazon would you like to
buy it yes okay order placed your total is $68 and 24 cents including tax and
your gift card was applied and will be delivered by August 19th buying things
with Alexa is pretty simple and works really well it’s actually
something I think I’ll be doing a lot in the future which I was not expecting
when I first bought my Amazon echo I love the fact that it gives you
suggestions on what to purchase based upon things you’ve already purchased in
your order history and as someone who is an Amazon customer with a very large
order history already with Amazon that gives me more confidence when I place an
order using my voice with Alexa now luckily it is very easy to cancel an
order in case you accidently order the wrong thing or your kids bought some
ridiculously expensive thing they were not supposed to purchase these devices
can also help you after your order has been placed both the google home and the
echo will give you notifications on your orders which is pretty neat the google
home actually has an advantage here if you use Gmail because Google can scan
your emails to identify purchases so it’ll know your Amazon orders are
supposed to be delivered as well as other orders from other vendors though
it won’t typically know what all is placed in the order if you have multiple
items within one order to ask about a shipment notification just ask either
Google or Alexa to track your shipments I found nine orders that were placed in
the last two weeks I’ll start with the most recent one first your order from is scheduled for delivery between September 6th and September 13
next your order from Panera Bread has been confirmed your order from Panera
Bread has been confirmed what are my notifications one new notification from
Amazon shopping Josh’s shipment has arrived for trashcan
well that’s it for my first of Alexa the Amazon echo and how the
echo compares to the Google home now definitely let me know in the comments
what you thought of this video if there are any differences that I missed
initially between the two devices and let me know what you’d like to see in
future videos between the Amazon Alexa and the Google assistant now something
to check out after this video is our brand new website 6 – months – later
calm on the website you’ll be able to find interviews in a written blog format
that’s great for sharing with friends and family also if you liked this video
please be sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel to see more
videos like this one on smart speakers until next time thanks so much for
watching I’m Josh Teder for 6 Months Later


  • Travis Jenkins

    This was a very informative and professional video – thank you much! I LOVE the home automation features – there's something magical about telling Alexa to turn on the downstairs lights – although I will admit, I feel a bit guilty sometimes. 🙂

  • Timo Tio

    i love your video, because it s very detailed information about the amazon echo / google home that i haven't known before ( even i've seen a bunch of video about it tbh

  • N.M Wilkinson DJ HaiL-Nazareth

    I just browse your video and I must say , my honest opinion, you should had more likes and a larger subcriber population .

  • Andrew Vinson

    Literally people are stupid. The reason the Echo has 7 microphones is because it has a feature that allows the light ring to point towards you when you say the wake word. So having so many microphones gives it six listening points to determine where you are speaking from in your room. 👿🙄

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  • honeydooda

    I have both. Alexa was my first and I love her! I have a very large # of CDs purchased through the years and Amazon has them all saved in my audio files and Alexa can play them upon request. That impressed me.
    Google has much better speaker but does not have access to my music. It can play radio stations from over the world, as does Alexa, and I like the current weather news better on Google. But Google is smarter!

  • Davinciladiferencia Perverso music

    So you decided to ask why dose your butt hurt out of everything you could have asked this was your best question 🤦‍♂️

  • CannaStassia’s Essentials


  • michael sullivan

    Thank you for the review of two different smartspeakers, it was very informing. Does anyone make them, i know there's Google and Amazon, but what about Samsung, not like them to take a back seat with something like this.

  • Random_Allyson

    I use Amazon a lot. I have Amazon Music Unlimited. I have Amazon prime. I have an Amazon fire stick. Should I just get an Amazon Alexa then, since I already have all of that?

  • eva2k0

    It's too bad Amazon is filled with poorly manufactured chinese crap. They have a lot of great products, but you have to really sift through things these days to get anything of decent quality unless you're looking for something brand name specific.

  • Nicolette Jak

    Hey this was a great video to compare items. I recieved a Google home mini as a gift and I love it. Recently with black Friday shopping I received a Echo for free at Best Buy and I'm considering gifting it but I wanted to see if it was worth keeping in another room. Thank you for the tips !

  • Nepu-Tech USA

    If youre outside the US Alexa is better because Google express doesnt work for me. The irony is Amazon wont ship the Echo to me no matter what so I had to ge it off eBay.

  • Peepers 47

    Too bad you don’t know how to edit out the wake words. 60K views – how many people didn’t subscribe because you didn’t

  • Rowen Giles

    Alexa's voice sounds more natural. Google's assistant sounds very robotic. And I really like how Alexa places the order for you. And it looks cooler. I'll go with Alexa. Thanks for doing this video.

  • joey hernandez

    how is it lame? people would be able to use your money. its good it needs confirmation.
    what about kids too spending their parents money

  • PCMasterRaceTechGod

    Final decision, stick with an actual bluetooth speaker that sounds good like a JBL or Sony and stop being lazy af and use your phone for stuff like shopping and questions.

  • Anderson C

    Good vid…practical examples and informative…but something else that sets them apart….I heard that when you add Google smart devices to the chain you have reset the entire setup. Not so with Alexa. Also, electronics support Alexa…not sure if they support Google (e.g. Audio video receivers)…

  • anthony bento

    Google is much better quality and has more looks and features and amazons eco is cheaper quality device and all in all would recommend google home for more satisfaction

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    This guy looks like he’s being forced to do this video like seriously the way he stares at the camera looks like someone’s holding a fucking gun behind it like seriously dude

  • Per

    just stumble on this vid as my friend just got alexa echo we live in norway so as i heard from him google has norway language support
    as you talk about the difference it do look better for alexa and it did look like you used another shopping beside amazon and as ages go it do look like alexa is a better option as she learn your habits but then again its a privacy thingy that most commenly use like facebook but its a to sided thing
    was on your main page and sound like you compile and kind of make a guid/opinion on how smart systems work and helps in your home so i probably are going so se what the next new update you have later and much more fresh than this one as its already almost ready for a new update from when i just started looking XD i am a little late

  • Mac L

    I feel like being able to buy things shouldn't be any easier than it already is lol. Amazon's like "buy this Amazon AI device so you can buy more things from Amazon"

  • Kurt Dehnert

    Did you know you can change the EQ of Google Home within the Home app? You can turn the bass and treble up or down drastically.

  • console commander

    personally, I enjoy Alexa more, even though she is better for smart home and ordering than searching, I still think that you could get all the features of google home with google assistant.

  • Twitch Happens

    Think I'm going to pick up a Google home. Just the fact that it's a superior teacher makes it worth the money. I dont need or want to shop on a smart assistant either. For a few reasons, Its better to visually browse what I'm shopping for online. And even if one has slightly better audio quality than the other, that doesn't matter, that's what hi fi speakers are for lol

  • leeuwerikje

    Does both computers work in the garden. Like I. Love to worked in the gazebo little lintel coming anthey charge if durin the night. An would work in Spain. And does it even work here in Sainn somebody hell me wick

  • Jigz G

    IMO I don’t give a shit about an intro video, looks, Colors, or even sound of music, I’ll get music speakers. Give me the function..current and future capabilities, breadth of information, scope of comprehension, Integration with email, windows, outlook, calendars, and compatibility with other brands for ecosystem and future direction / outlook.

  • Ranodeep Seth

    if ur a google user, google home syncs with ur account and can tell u all about ur reminders, calendar day, emails. it can phone call/text ur contacts. it can play video on ur chromecast.

    why didn't talk about this??

  • Clinton W Salvato

    Hey Josh, just finished watching your video. Great comparison of the products. I had been researching smart assistants for over a year, and some months. I finally decided on the Echo Dot (3rd gen), as most of my online purchasing is done through amazon, the fact that it has a 3.5mm jack, and can also do bluetooth audio, so I know I wasn't limited to internal speaker quality, so it allowed me to go small, and save on features I didn't need. As far as Google home, I like the google assistant, however, until I watched your video, didn't know Google offered shopping services. When I bought the Echo dot, I felt like it was going to be a good way to bring all the bits and pieces I like from various platforms I have access to into one. So far, I have found some limitations, but no deal breakers, and nothing that has discouraged the original reason of purchase.

    One question though, would there be a realistic reason to buy one of each at this point? say amazon for the bedroom and maybe google for the living room ? I have devices in the living room that are google specific such as an android TV from sony. I did see Alexa has a skill for it, but it has a low overall rating. What are your thoughts on using multiple assistants together for a better experience?

  • Jose F Pirela

    The Google assistant is unbeatable when it comes to searches and questions. But Alexa it's just unmatched when it comes to Smart Home capabilities, it just beats the shit out of Google. Way more partners (Phillips, TP-Link, Bose, Sonos, Samsung, Nest…) Amazon marketplace accessibility, integration with other speakers, automation… When Google makes the Home as capable as an Echo, I'll consider buying one. Meanwhile, if I want to do a search, I'll do it through my phone

  • JP Lima

    The sound it's irrelevant as good sense it's to pair it to a decent speaker. But Google don't let you access playlists created after a certain date on their yt music app. The most important to me it's the total control of music around house with voice without having to pull my phone out. I cancelled my premium subscription just because of that. Sure alexa has its own little problems, the integration of alexa to control a smart house had some devices drop out but this is because I always support Google on house equipment and now they kill me saying playlists can be created even on your phone cause of policies conflict or whatever even on a YouTube video premium family membership where yt music it's included and supposedly perfect to "ok Google" ( Their own words by support team)
    So in the end after a good experience with Google I can say I do preferer alexa and even if less equipment are controlled (for now) she has a better interface than Google she picks up really fine sequencial comands by different ways of controlling what I wont, with Google I had say ok Google all the time ( btw this wake up word it's annoying as f and not changeable) just to wake it up again.
    Alexa feels more "human" and smarter and more family directed, while I felt Google just telling me about stuff I didn't ask all the time.

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