Amazon Pay Per Click Trick for Better Keywords and More Traffic
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Amazon Pay Per Click Trick for Better Keywords and More Traffic

alright guys I’m coming at you today
with a little bit of a PPC hack I guess you’d call it
some people know this most don’t but when you’re doing your PPC and I just
have this pulled up for a second just to show you but when you’re doing your PPC
and most people will tell you and this I believe is for the most part the right
approach depending on their you know a bunch of different factors but
essentially going to start with the automated campaign obviously whether
it’s you know a couple days or it’s a week or two to optimize to get your
keywords that are working and hitting for you and the ones that aren’t and
then I’m sorry and then once you get those keywords or have an idea a better
idea of what they might be then you want to kind of optimize that with your
manual campaign you know everybody knows that you want to hit on the keywords
that are working for you by looking at your keyword report and you want to not
you want to avoid the keywords that weren’t hitting for you by putting them
in your negative keywords you know this is very basic if you don’t know this you
know put a comment down below and and if there’s enough people maybe I’ll go into
a basic tutorial but a trick once you get that optimized and most people don’t
know this is one thing that that running PPC does for you is it is it optimizes
your search results in organic traffic to so say one of the keywords you’re
targeting is say you’re running a cheese and a t-ball bat like a t-ball set for a
little kid that’s like a play set maybe one of the t-bolt there’s the t-ball one
of the search terms or keywords that you’re that you’re going after in your
PPC is t-ball set that’s very basic obviously go for that but something
something more longtail you know might be better but in this just for this
example we’ll just say t-ball set so if you’re going after t-ball set in your
PVC that’s actually going to help you rank better organically for t-ball set
two but what most people don’t do is you can run that automation campaign
initially then you can run that mad we’ll campaign to target those keywords
for the right price and that’s something you’re going to have to play with and
figure out but you’re also and when I’m Sara at price I’m in default bid and
you’ll notice that this is two cents and I’ll show you why so what you’re going
to want to do after that is you’re going to want to throw in all the keywords
that you don’t necessarily aren’t are necessarily targeting with your PPC but
that are potential keywords that someone might hit on because and you’re going to
want to put your default bid as low as it can go which is two cents um and that
what that will do is it will ensure that your ranks for those keywords
organically which is great but it also won’t charge you the PPC because nobody
will click on them you can’t get any impressions and no you won’t get any
clicks and therefore you won’t spend but you will be getting the benefit and the
boost organically for those keywords you can see I have 249 keywords in this one
ad group in minimal spend that’s what I talked the total the campaign this is
one on my manual campaigns aside from the normal manual campaigns I used to
actually target things you know where my default bid might be a dollar or you
know fifty cents or two dollars whatever it might be but you want to run a
minimal spend campaign to to help you rank organically for those keywords that
you’re not necessarily paying for but that will help you trust me and that’s
just a little tip or trick if you have any questions about to put them in the
comment section I’d love to help you but you know just try this and another thing
key thing with this too is when you do go download your search term reports
you’re going to have a lot more keywords on them obviously so that can be
annoying but what you just want to do is you want to either open them up in Excel
or if you can’t you’re going to copied all that in that notepad file and then
you’re going to open it in Excel and that’ll allow you to organize it better
and you can organize it according to spend you can organize it according to
clicks and obviously your no clicks will be at the bottom with your minimal spend
and you can just avoid them and ignore them it’s much easier to organize that
way now we want to worry about having 249 keywords or whatever that you have
to sort through if you don’t know how to get these initial keywords I can go into
that in a later tutorial but I’m assuming that you have you know put a
comment down below if you don’t and maybe I can give you a quick answer or
shoot an email or something like that if enough people want to know I’ll go into
a tutorial like I said on that but I’m assuming that you have that knowledge
already if you’re watching a PPC so this is a little tip or trick you know help
you get a little bit more organic ranking hopefully you liked it and if
you liked it I appreciate if you you know you like the video I’m saying
that’s one you


  • ch0wd0wn

    hello, so run another manual campaign with other keywords you may want but only set that to .02 .. i dont get how that helps your organic search… sorry maybe this flew over my head

  • Bill Stenzel

    Okay so I'm giving this a try right now, I'm going with AUTOMATIC for the keywords and not going with MANUAL. I just launched my product 7 days ago and I currently only have 8 reviews so I haven't even run ppc yet, I've been told to wait until you have 11 reviews to run ppc and once you have 16 reviews that's about the same as someone with 16k? Thoughts? Thank you btw

  • IvgIvg

    first question:Does the campaign has to be broad with 0.02$ ?
    second question: What if i do for broad phrase and exact with same search terms for three of them?

  • Ephra channel

    Hi thank you so much for the video, i have tried to read the report from pay per click i filled when am using google sheet and numbers please i need some help.

  • Sean Walsh

    Hi Bryan, how can one prove this works? For example I created a test campaign 24 hours ago and added one word that I don't rank for and is not contained in my listing. However when I search for it together with my asin it does not return a result.

  • Dawntrepreneur

    Thanks for the advice dude! Currently documenting my journey through Amazon FBA so I'll make sure to use your information. Keep up the good vids!

  • lerron bonner

    So the premise is run a manual keyword campaign for your master list of keywords at an extremely low bid to increase ranking at virtually no cost?

  • Alam uniquedesign

    Hi Brian, thank you from Germany! My Question: if I sell many different rings, should I make one kampagne for all rings with 0,2$. Or should I do for each ring a kampagne with 0,2$

  • N Strat

    Hi Bryan, nice video mate! Can i ask, how many keywords are allowed per PPC campaign? Is there a limit on words or characters? Hope to hear from you. Cheers

  • Bryan Guerra

    ?Try All My Courses for Free:

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