Amazon Product Research: How To (EASILY) Find A Winning Product To Sell On Amazon
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Amazon Product Research: How To (EASILY) Find A Winning Product To Sell On Amazon

Hey there. So we found this product on Amazon and just a few minutes. And this product sells about seventy six thousand dollars a month right now. And what we want to show you is how to find these kind of opportunities and how whenever you create one of these that you’re using this as an initial idea for what you’re going to sell on Amazon but you’re going to end up with your own brand and you’ll actually be among multiple products that are all doing well all tapping into this opportunity because a lot of times people ask us you know if I go sell a product what happens if there’s a bunch of other people selling it. What if I’m not. And the number one spot or number two spot like how do I still make money. So we want to show you exactly how that works today. So first I want to show you how we found this opportunity. So if we jump over to Google we type Amazon Best Sellers then we’d click on this. And what you can do to start is start digging do these subcategories. And so we’ll click on one of these categories cell phone accessories for example where we found this then we can go to accessories then car accessories and maybe we’ll stop there. Now you can dig through these manually and look for products that meet the criteria that we teach or you can use a tool to find these products even faster. And so the tool we recommend using is called Jungle scout. Now you do have to pay for it which is why we like to tell you that you can do this for free but using a tool is not a bad way to go. But maybe first stop just kind of tell them a little bit about the criteria that we recommend. So they know what we’re
talking about. So basically there’s only five things you need to look for when you’re looking for a great product opportunity on Amazon. The first one is the price we wanted to be somewhere between 17 and 70 dollars too low you won’t make enough money too much. It’ll cost too much in your first set of inventory. The second criteria then is the BSR are best sellers rank. And that’s how well a product is actually selling on Amazon. The lower the better it sells the higher the worse it sells. And we like that sweet spot of 400 to 6000 in BSR. The third criteria then would be the weight of the product. I think this one right here catchment. This product doesn’t way too much and we recommend products just like that because it’s easy to import them to get them to Amazon and to ship your customers. So we recommend products are only five pounds or less than the fourth criteria is going to be the number of reviews you find on a product. And as you’ll see here this one doesn’t have thousands of reviews. This one has less than I think 500 reviews actually. And our criteria is trying to look for products that have less than 1000 reviews because there’s no reason to go out there and make your first product any more complicated or difficult difficult because these products that have like less than a thousand are selling like crazy. Then the fifth criteria is simply making sure that you can actually build a brand around this product. You can own the brand and we call that private label potential. If you look at this product again you may think that this is a very unique design that only this company will sell. There’s hardly anyone else making these phone mountain cup holders. That’s not the case. We’ll quickly show you how to find dozens if not hundreds of products just like this. And all you need to do is put your logo like they have theirs right here on the side of the mount or an hour probably and actually put a little bit of your logo and branding on the packaging just those two things are the ways that you can private label almost any product out there and make it your own. Yeah. So just a shake and we’re going to show you how easy it is to find products just like these that look almost identical that you can put your own brand on like Mike talked about. So whenever we’ve kind of ended up on one of these subcategories like all the criteria Mike just mentioned you can just look through the category manually and find products. But if you want to speed things up a little bit you can use a tool like jungle scout. So if we open this over here on this category page and it’ll start pulling up all the products. But what we want to do is run some of these filters to find products even faster. So it’s going to enter the price. So we’ll put in 17 to 70 and we’ll go in and put in the other filters also. Sure. So for the highest reviews we make sure that it has 1000 or less. And for the highest rank it’s six thousand. And that should probably get us most of what we need you can always add more so we’ll run this. And as you can see here there’s multiple products that meet these criteria. This one at the top. We’ve actually already pulled it up. But this one does about six hundred thousand dollars. And so when you look at a product like this this is how we initially go find opportunities and this is how we found this one. So we actually ended up ordering this one and this one does seventy six thousand dollars a month right now. And but there are multiple ones of these that are selling well. So if I look at this one this one does about six hundred and sixty six thousand dollars and every single month seven million dollars a year for that one product alone. Yeah. And this product also it only has if I pull back up the product page over here first off the photos are not great. You know we teach people how to optimize our listing. You can check out some other videos on our YouTube channel that’ll teach you more about that. But these photos are not great. I’ll tell you that much. They have a lot of room for improvement. Their bullets aren’t that great. Their title could probably use some work. They have less than 400 reviews but they’re crushing it. They’re doing a lot of revenue with this kind of product. Now the next question people always want to know is like OK cool so I’m going to go out there and I’m gonna sell one of these kind of products but am I going to be competing with this person like how do I make any sales. And so if we just search and Amazon cup holder mounts you can see there’s tons of products here listed it’s basically every product that’s relevant for this keyword. And if we run jungle Scott again on here you’ll see that there are tons of these that are selling well. The great thing about that is even if you’re anywhere on page one page two of the list that map pulled up there’s huge opportunity on Amazon. There’s 200 million monthly visitors on Amazon and not every single visitor always buys the top selling product. There’s so many people out there so many different tastes they find different way of searching for products they may simply like away a product looks differently there’s something else that you don’t have to worry about being the top dog on Amazon anywhere in the top you know several hundreds of thousands. You can still make significant revenue as you can see on the screen right here. We have lots of people making a lot of money. Yeah. So the way this tool works is it will extract a certain number of pages. So this goes way beyond you can see over here on the left there’s 10000 results but it’s just pulled the first fifty eight so far but you can see here the revenue column so this is revenue per month. And so 35 grand the one that we looked at about seven hundred grand 90 grand 100 grand. Twenty three 13. You know some are smaller but still you know part of doing eight grand a month is not a bad place to be at 42 grand. 43 grand and it keeps going there’s tons of these kind of products that are all selling well. So you don’t have to worry if there’s other people selling the same product that’s probably a good sign. It means that the product has a lot of what we call depth to it. There’s not just like one product that’s selling well. If you were to search for like. Apple iPhone for example like there’s like one brand that’s going to be doing well because it’s Apple they own the phone. But with this kind of product tons of people it’s not super brand driven. So it’s a great opportunity and like we kind of showed you can find it in a matter of minutes. And so once you figured this out like the next step is to actually go create your brand like Mike talked about earlier. Right. And you know even though these products are
selling I think the other one we saw the weather type of selling for over 40 dollars. This one sells for around twenty nine or thirty dollars thirty nine dollars. So you might think that it’s going to really expensive to get going with this product that your inventory order is going to really cost you a lot of money was Matt’s going to shoot right now the dollar investment to get going for even a product like this is really very reasonable. Yeah. So this one sells for thirty five. The other one that’s doing seven hundred grand a month sells for about 42 43 bucks. This one’s probably actually even nicer with it which is a crazy thing. But if you look over here on a site called Alibaba which you may or may not be familiar with just connects you with a lot of suppliers mainly in China. Super easy to find suppliers for just about any product. Found this in all of like 30 seconds I just typed in cup holder amount and this is one of the many listings that kind of popped up. And as you can see here the minimum order here is only one hundred pieces which is pretty crazy so you could get started with this in your own business with only ordering one hundred of these and the price is four dollars and fifty five cents to five dollars and thirty five cents. If you start ordering more units you’ll likely be able to get that even cheaper. And this is kind of product you could put your brand on then all of sudden you’re one of the products that’s ranking over here you’re one of the products that’s producing all these sales. And so that is basically how you tap into that opportunity on Amazon. You know they’re doing
hundreds of billions of dollars a year now in revenue and there are tens of thousands of products out there that you can go out there and sell in the U.S. and some of Amazon’s international platforms. So this is basically the first few steps of this business finding a good opportunity than finding a supplier so you can create your own brand which is a critical part of this whole thing. Don’t go out there sell somebody else’s brand. That’s how I started in e-commerce and quickly got away from it fortunately and started selling my own brands and that’s the model Mike’s use to do very well and all the other people that we’ve taught so absolutely want to sell your own brand. You know with over three billion products on Amazon and 200 million monthly visitors the opportunity is huge. This is one product that we found in a matter of a few minutes and there’s really thousands of products you can find just as easily as we did. If you want to follow the same system that we’ve used to build our own businesses here for sure. So if you wanna get more free training like this make sure your first subscribe to our YouTube channel. And then second click the link below. And we’ve got a whole Free Training Series. You can get access to. So do those two things right now. And we look forward to hearing about the business that you build.


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