Amazon’s Best-Selling Dresses On Different Body Types
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Amazon’s Best-Selling Dresses On Different Body Types

– I’ve just accepted it, that I don’t have boobs. Things that I come to
realize in dressing rooms. (bright music) – [Narrator] So today
we’re going to be trying on the best-selling dresses on Amazon. – I buy everything on Amazon, but clothes. I tend to have trouble
because I am six feet tall. – When it comes to dresses,
I’m like, really, really in between sizes, so I don’t
like shopping for them online. – Plus my expectations are low. Like I’m not expecting to it to be like a Givenchy gown off the runways of Paris. – I think hoping they all look good, and if they don’t that’s
probably not Amazon’s fault, that’s probably on me. – [Emma] I’m just fixing
my butt cheek, so. – It’s a little short, like a t-shirt. Like I feel like I keep pulling it down. – She looks so good. – Okay honestly I feel
like I look like I’m five. – I’m ready to show myself right now. – You look so good. – Wow, this isn’t what I
thought it was going to be. – I like that. I love the long back. See that’s great for me, cause when I bend that’s a problem.
– Right. – It’s to short usually in the back. – Yeah, cover your butt a little. – I’m wearing a jacket because,
like this is happening. – It’s the length where I prefer it to. I think a lot of the times I look dowdy if it hits right below the knee. Yeah, I would consider
buying this for sure. – It’s so basic in it’s construction, in that it’s just a short sleeve dress, that you could do a lot with
it in respect to styling. – It feels like a nightgown-ish material and like I can have the
most epic nap in the world with this dress on. – I mean, that makes it appealing. – That makes it very appealing. – I would take a nap in that. – At the $10 dollar mark
I think would be my limit, but I would also probably
buy this version of it. – And I’d buy that version. – This has approximately 7,000 buttons. – 10 years later. – [Caroline] Amazon. – There’s a hole in it? – [Caroline] We have a hole. – It’s loose– – It’s very loose. – On my boobs. – Having the opposite problem. – There’s like a little flap inside. So, like, if it does start
to stretch out a little bit, you have that little
extra layer of protection. There won’t be a gap. – The bust is obviously not doing what it’s supposed to be doing,
but I knew that going in. This dress is perfect for my height. I’m 5’3.” It’s really nice to
actually have something that I’m not like pulling up. – I think you could have some
killer Instagram pictures. – I need flowers in my hair. I need a guitar and then
I need to be on the grass. – The style of this dress is
very conducive to vacation. So, I would definitely
consider a dress like this for a trip or specific event. – I’m gonna hold my other jacket in front because this is too short in the front. – Alright, see this is cute. This is finally the one. – Sucking it in hard right now. – That’s cute. – While the rest of the
dress is too big on me, these are pretty snug. – Because obviously,
this is working for me. If Emma had more boobs, it would probably fill
out a little bit better. – Yeah. – If I could, I’d donate some to her. – Classy in the back. Flashing everyone in the front. So, tall girls, be ware. – It hits right above the knee, so it gives me time to feel all girly. – It’s very comfortable. The fabric is super fuckin’ soft. – Really? Feel mine. It’s like a thicker, itchy– – Oh yeah, no. Her’s is not. Mine is like, mine is soft! They sell very similar
dresses to this at H&M at the very similar price point,
if not a little bit higher. The quality is equal. – This is a cute like,
I’m gonna go to the bar. Like I’m gonna pull
some guys type of dress cause it’s cute. – Yeah, you would do quite well. Should we just go? – I’m just mad that my boobs were so big that it decided to take
over two entire dresses. – I basically got what I
expected which was kind of, fast fashion, lower
quality pieces of clothing at more affordable prices than
you would already get them. – Reading the reviews cause a lot of girls are really helpful and put their measurements
and what sizes they bought. And that’s a good sizing guide and so I usually ignore them
and go to my usual size. But, as you guys could see
that doesn’t always work. – If I were to order stuff from Amazon, it would probably last me one season. – I would definitely buy them. They’re really cheap,
they feel really nice, and they look more expensive
than you bought them for. It felt really good on my body and that makes you feel awesome. Like, if clothes make you feel good, then you should buy them. That’s my motto. (upbeat music)


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