Android Developer Story: FlipKart get’s their app ready for Android Go
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Android Developer Story: FlipKart get’s their app ready for Android Go

Flipkart is India’s leading
e-commerce player. Its mission statement
has always been how do we enhance the living experience,
the lifestyle of Indian users, by bringing the most affordable and most quality products to all sections of the country, using technology. One of the biggest learnings
from our user base was a lot of these devices were
actually with less than 1GBF RAM where people were
actually aborting their journey because their phones could not
handle the storage or the computation requirements. So we launched our
Android Go application. If I can load my pages faster, I can give those additional
milliseconds back to the user, which can actually give the user a much better experience in their shopping journey
on Flipkart. The app install size as per the
Android Go guidelines, needs to be less than 40Mb. And with some good guidance
from the Google team we have brought that down. We are using Android Studio
Refractor and ProGuard which are helpful for
reducing resources and code base. Apart from that we are
also using WebP which is giving us
20% reduction in the image download size. The guideline that we received
was the proportional set size should be less than 50Mb. So, we did a lot of resource
allocation changes in our code base. We reduced our memory cache size
from 2 screen to 0.5 screen. We reduced our bitmap
pool cache size from 4 screen to 1 screen. Working on the Android Go app
for Flipkart, our app has become much lighter, it has become more performant. The existing user base
we’ve actually seen the uninstall rates go
down by 34%. Our latest app versions now
crash almost ten times lesser as compared
to our older versions, with an average rating
of 4.4 plus. A lot of effort has gone behind
reaching that milestone. We are excited with Android Go, that we will be crossing the
200 million very, very easily and very, very soon
because we believe the next set of online users are
actually going to come on devices from which Android Go is the right medium to approach. So if you are an app developer and if you’re building for
India, just go get out, understand your user. Try to make your technology
tailor to those needs and then you will have an app which will be loved by
your users.


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