Android Developer Story: Mexican startups find success on Google Play
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Android Developer Story: Mexican startups find success on Google Play

When I was a kid, the only companies that made games were the big ones; hundreds of people, millions of dollars. Now, it’s two friends that come together in their free time and make games. One of the first great games we created was “The Balloons”, which is an arcade-floater. The first thing everyone who played it said was, It’s difficult, impossible. Nobody is actually enjoying it. Yes, we had an audience, but not soliciting feedback hurt us a lot. Which we did do in “KleptoCats”. We did a soft launch and we checked all the feedback that people were giving to try to improve it. We have to find that sweet spot between what we do and what people want, to be able to continue. For our players, to keep them playing, we try to optimize the essence of fun and what it is that makes games interesting today. We believe there are these moments when the surprise is brought to you that generate a lot of emotion in the game. Which kind of represents gacha machines, where something falls and it’s a surprise. For a long time in the world of games casual gaming was a bad thing, but not for us. We embrace casual gaming and we try to make experiences that respect your time and that don’t have a barrier to entry. SkyAlert’s mission as a company is to save lives. Yes, Mexico is at a constant seismic risk. We need to create technologies to help us live better all the time, and help us coexist with this matter of seismic phenomena, and to prepare ourselves much better as a society. What you need to think when launching a subscription model is, what value you will give the user. This app allows you to receive several notifications in real time when our own network of detectors confirms an earthquake. We began not only giving seismic warnings, but including new features and modules. This allows not only to convert users into subscribers, but to have a retention rate of almost 50%. After three months the people who downloaded the app, keep using it basically every day. We already have 47% of users who pay annually, and 53% who pay monthly. As the app becomes self-renewing, the company becomes self-sustaining. In the Latin American market, 70% of people were overweight. Only 3% of people had access to gyms. With InstaFit users find that without worrying, without spending too much, without having to go to a gym, or having to buy equipment or weights; they can have routines that are extremely varied with all kinds of disciplines, that they can do at home in a ten square foot space without needing anything. The subscription model is the future. The subscription model allows you to plan your revenue and thus generate a sustainable business that grows with a base of engaged users. Last year, we grew 450% with our Android subscriber base, due to the fact we hired a better team of internal developers. We dedicated many more resources to the marketing budget, and we started doing much more optimization tests both in acquisition and in user retention, exclusively on Android. One of our tests included changing the seven day trial period to one of 30 days. And that had an immediate impact of a 25% increase in the volume of our free trials. Understanding your users and supporting them throughout their experience with the app lets you build a business that is growing with a loyal user base that stays with you for a long time.


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