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App Builder -App Builder App Builder Pro Features overview Fanwall nomusic

Today, we are going to check out the “Fanwall” feature It allows you to display a feed of news/pictures/content from you and your fans Your fans will be able to like and comment your posts, and create posts First, you can see the “Near Me Settings” section In the app, there are two sorting options, “Recent” and “Near me” “Recent” displays recent posts, and “Near me” displays posts created in the radius you defined Let’s create a post in the Editor by clicking on “+” next to “Add Content” Enter the Title, Date, Subtitle (displayed in the thumbnail), Description and a Picture When you are done, click on “OK” at the top You can then manage the posts The magnifier button displays a summary of the post Click on the Pen to edit it You can format the description with the text editor The Speech Bubble displays the comments Then, you can hide/show the post by clicking on the eye, or delete it by clicking on the cross You can comment a post, Like it, or Flag it as inappropriate A flag can appear if a user decides to flag a post as inappropriate Finally, you can change the background images in the “Background” section There are three buttons at the top, “Map”, “Photos” and “New post” “Map” will display a map with all the posts locations “Photos” will load an album of all pictures posted on the wall “New post” allows your users to create posts That’s it for the “Fanwall” feature

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