Apple Watch Series 3 – Flipkart Big Billion Sale made me buy this ??? ๐Ÿค”
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Apple Watch Series 3 – Flipkart Big Billion Sale made me buy this ??? ๐Ÿค”

hmm.. Why did I choose to buy an Apple watch 3 in the flipkart Big Billion sale over the newly launched Apple watch 4 ? Why Shan.. Why ??? because… It makes perfect sense What’s up guys tech shan here back with another video i am sure you guys are drooling and would have made .. quite a few purchases in the flipkart big billion sale for my share I wanted to grab an apple watch for quite some time and finally ended up getting one I grabbed the series 3 , 42mm GPS sport edition for around Rs.19.9k which sure is a good deal considering its an apple product this is not a typical review video but more like my thoughts on why i went with this when compared to the series 4 before that lets do a quick unboxing of the apple watch series 3 and show you guys whats inside the box This is the box. pretty plain As said this is 42mm gps sport edition Space gray color. You also get a smaller size 38mm model Both sizes you get with or without cellular option Opening it up you have a small pack which says designed by apple in California this has a quick start guide regulatory info A small strap then a magnetic charger cable then you have the watch it self that’s about it setup is pretty simple, you need an iphone to use this watch open the watch app on the iphone scan this cool looking energy ball and boom done follow onscreen instructions here is a closer look at the apple watch series 3 42mm sport edition You have the digital crown on the right which is pretty nice and a side button to switch between apps and do more left the speaker and mic You get quite a few apps preloaded I dont want to dive in-depth into each but to put it in a word yes this has every thing u can think of related to fitness You can also load third party apps from the apple watch app store It also has inbuilt 8gb storage to store music so you can connect it directly to your headset via bluetooth handy when you don’t want to carry your phone around and want to enjoy some music and huh cool watch faces SIRI notifications, etc all in your wrist back we have the heart rate sensor charging is pretty easy as the cable magnetically attaches just like that hmm.. Alright now here are the reasons why I went with apple watch 3 instead of 4 1st up Design and features while the new series 4 has a slightly better design upgrade has 30% larger display and comes with the boasted ECG sensor on it the series 3 is no slouch instead of me talking a lot this comparison chart gives you an idea on what has changed the major change that matters is the larger display and the ECG option but again sadly even if it launches in India not sure how that will turn out even if i want to import, as of now the ecg option is US only so that’s a bummer given that series 3 also has got the new watch os 5 upgrade most of the software features are on series 3 as well so you are not gonna lose out much on that front the battery life is also is same on both Unless u badly want the ecg feature or a large watch on your wrist series 3 should be good to go for me the 42mm size is just perfect next up availability At the time of this video this is the latest version in india the series 4 is not yet launched even though it gets launched in the future i can see the prices going off the charts at may be around 35k or even 40k plus i don’t want to spend that kinda money on a watch at this point frankly for a large display and the ECG feature and one that works only with iphones unlike many other android watches which work on both android and IOS platforms Smart watches are just an extension of our smartphones and for convenience and not something that you fiddle with all the time Next up usage given that i am not a fitness freak my use is mainly gonna be for basic fitness tracking calls and notifications Also since I am using the iphone xs max a lot wanted a watch that goes with my iphone and finally the discounted price of this in the flipkart big billion day sale as said i grabbed it for around Rs.19.9k after all the discount offers which is good and makes sense comparing both If you are hunting for an apple watch and if you don’t need that slightly large screen and that ecg feature then at this price the series 3 is a good buy So these are just my personal views and views differ person to person based on lot of factors keep that in mind Got questions about this watch ask it out.. also what smart watch or smart band do you use let me know in the comments would love to check them out so thats it for this video. hope you enjoyed it if you did give it a big thumbs up subscribe to the channel as I have more awesome cool videos on the way will catch you in another exciting video until then…


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