(Audio) OBSHacks Podcast Ep.1 | Why You Need Online Business Startup Hacks
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(Audio) OBSHacks Podcast Ep.1 | Why You Need Online Business Startup Hacks

What I hope to get from this podcast is to be able to help and impact the lives of people who are just starting online businesses, specifically in South Africa. Welcome to Online Business Start-Up Hacks, OBS Hacks for short. My name is Adewale Adejumo. I am an Online Entrepreneur, an eCommerce Speaker and a digital growth consultant So, nine years ago when I started my first business, I was still a student at UKZN. I was doing my Masters in Plant Pathology, but more Genetics, and at that point I knew very little about how to market a company online. I’d read a a few articles and I had done my reading – but I still knew very very little – and at that point because I was just starting out and a start-up is literally just a bunch of people in a room, okay, and at that point it was just Myself in a room and I needed to know: How to market my product online, I needed to grasp SEO, I needed to grasp marketing
itself before I even moved on to to learning more about digital marketing, I needed to learn about social media marketing, I need to know about content marketing, you know and you know even creating content copy writing, there there was so many
things – graphic design even. I needed to learn all those things in order for me
to be able to successfully launch and run my own online business. So as you can imagine, I made a lot of mistakes when I first started. However, I enrolled myself into into a post-grad diploma for Finance, Banking, Investment and Marketing, which was very, very important for me to be able to apply to growing my business. This was back in 2012 and over the years I have made mistakes, I’ve grown and I’ve learnt from my mistakes and failures to help me build and grow some pretty successful eCommerce websites. Recently I created a platform along with my partner called Dropstore, where we are actually helping a lot of people who want to get their products online but don’t want to go through the trouble of creating online websites to market their products by connecting those people to online retailers who already have the skills and the knowledge on how to market online websites. So it is a dropshipping site that connects suppliers to retailers, okay. It’s a B2B dropshipping website and it’s called Dropstore, alright So, back to what I was saying. So, because of a lot of the mistakes I made and because I really genuinely want to help a lot of people and help them be successful in their online businesses. That is the reason why I and a few friends got together and we decided that we’re going to be making this podcast called “Online Business Start-Up Hacks” where I gather some of my experiences and I share tips and I share hacks to anyone who is listening basically, on how to grow their businesses online and tips – just tips – and what I hope to get from this podcast is to be able to help and impact the lives of people starting online businesses, specifically in South Africa. However, these same things can be applied in any country all over the world but I’m focusing mainly on the South African market because of the lessons that I have learnt and yeah – I just want to share with everyone. So guys, please enjoy my podcast, its called Online Business start-Up Hacks, its going to be shortened too OBS Hacks and I hope you enjoy and learn and you are able to take some of this knowledge with you and grow.thank you


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