Autenti – an electronic signature in its new dimension

People have been concluding agreements since the very beginning of their existence In the early days, it was a little bit easier… Well… maybe not in every respect But over time things were getting complicated distance between clients was growing and signing documents was taking longer and longer… After all, a transaction has to be confirmed with a signature and in case parties are quite distant from each other it takes a long time and generates additional costs Since that time little has changed Devices used for creating or duplicating documents make the process a little bit simpler but documents are still sent by mail or courier mostly The time needed to finalize an agreement is counted in days not to mention the related costs Sounds familiar, right? Don’t worry… We have the solution you need What would you say if since today you could approve documents at the speed of your internet connection? Learn AUTENTI the platform for approving documents and signing contracts online No matter where you are: at work, at home or on a trip Using a computer or a mobile device you have constant access to your documents You can read them and share with others Just indicate a person who should approve initial or finally sign the document The whole process will take you only a few minutes instead of several days Autenti offers automatic document workflow between companies you cooperate with and in your organization Use our templates Send documents to many parties at the same time Forget about queues at the post office, additional meetings, printing or scanning papers Spend the money you will save on developing your business What’s important, agreements concluded in this way are legally binding within the European Union and safe Without your knowledge no one – not even us has access to the content of your documents which are encoded and stored in the way you choose Become one of Autenti users! It’s easy! check on

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