• How To Make A 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe Look Incredible!
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    How To Make A 2 Stroke Exhaust Pipe Look Incredible!

    hey what’s going on guys how have you been so I’ve got a really cool project coming your way today been getting a lot of questions asking what am I gonna do for exhaust on the CR 350 bill so I’ve got that figured out got the system here behind me so let me show you what’s up so here’s the pipe it is a custom hand welded pipe by DPR out of the Netherlands very very cool-looking pipe exactly what I wanted for this build but there’s a few things I want to do to it beforehand mainly I’ll show you right here it seems like after the after…

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    (slow electronic music) (reggae music) (singing in foreign language) (speaks foreign language) Huntys and Huncles! (speaks foreign language) means what’s up or how you doin’ in Jamaican. Well, I should say Patois because that’s what they call their lingo here. It’s Patois! So (speaks foreign language). Let me know (speaks foreign language) in the comments below. (laughs) Anyways, today, I’m about to give you a room tour. Okay, this ain’t no damn room. This is a condo, okay! This is a damn condo! It’s called a presidential suite. So let’s go ahead and start at the front foyer. Yeah, because there is a front foyer up in here, okay? Alright,…

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    Implementing Android In-App Billing – The Zen of Monetization #7

    Within the Billing API, you can integrate in-app billing into your Android applications. Hi. I’m Neto Marin. In a previous episode, we looked at what you can offer to users through in-app billing. In this episode, let’s implement it. To make it generally more comfortable, we created a [INAUDIBLE] implementation for in-app billing version 3 API called Trivial Drive. This app includes convenience class to quick setup the in-app billing service. You can import this sample from Android Studio or use a GUID to clone repository. But before we actually start coding, I will help you to set up your app in the Google Play Developer Console and prepare development…

  • How To Find Hot selling Items On eBay – Items That Sell Online – DS Domination Training
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    How To Find Hot selling Items On eBay – Items That Sell Online – DS Domination Training

    here stacy serrano here so I wanted to shoot this video I had a conversation on my team members the other night and she was asking me questions on the T struggling with and I just asked thank you how many times probably answer this question over the last month a good twenty to thirty times I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people struggling with this same issue so I how to find hot selling ebay items doubt hopefully help a lot you so if you been thinking at all yes market is saturated he just can’t find items everyone’s listing same I am these are all things I…

  • eBay SHINE Winner – Messie’s Closet, Young Entrepreneur
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    eBay SHINE Winner – Messie’s Closet, Young Entrepreneur

    [MUSIC PLAYING] The outward expression through fashion, I think, is what I like. I mean, you can make a first impression. You can make a political statement. You can do so much with the way you dress really. I’ve always liked hunting for stuff on eBay. So when I was like, “Oh, I have something. I need to sell it.” I didn’t really even think. I was like, “I’ll just go on eBay.” I like looking for the unicorn. That rare piece that someone is searching for in Canada. But it’s somehow in South Carolina. I want the person to feel the same thrill that I had when I found…

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    Unity Packages for AdMob Mediation – Mobile Ads Garage #15

    [MUSIC PLAYING] ANDREW BROGDON: Hey, everybody. I’m agent Brogdon and welcome back to the Mobile Ads Garage. Today, with the help of my partner, Gary the Graphics Guy, [SWOOSH] We’re going to cover some new resources for Unity Publishers using AdMob mediation. Now, a while back, we did an episode in this series that talked about open source mediation adapters for Android and iOS. I think, we had three or four adapters for each platform at that point. But since then, we’ve gotten that number up to an even dozen, which we maintain in partnership with some of the networks that have joined our open source initiative. So that’s 12…