• 5 Tips for Product Photography at Home | BL Quick Tips
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    5 Tips for Product Photography at Home | BL Quick Tips

    Hey, there. I’m Tom from BorrowLenses.com and as you can see, i’m not in the studio, but actually in my home. At the time of filming, many of us around the US are stuck at home and might be looking for some interesting projects to take on. I take a lot of product photos in our studio at the office, but also at home on my own time. Today, i’m going to give you a few tips on how to shoot macro product photography at home with a limited setup, and a little bit of creativity. It’s a ton of fun to photograph small objects like figurines or jewelry or…

  • MSOE 2020 Winter Commencement
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    MSOE 2020 Winter Commencement

    (upbeat music) – Good morning. On behalf of the entire university community, welcome to the 2020 Winter Commencement at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Thank you to all in attendance today for being a part of this special celebration. We are gathered here to celebrate an important milestone in the lives of our newest graduates of MSOE so let me be the first to say congratulations. It is also worth noting that February, leap day today, is our last day in February is also Black History Month. So it is fitting that we remember the first African American alumnus of MSOE. Mr. Clarence LaRue was born on December 20 1923,…

  • OIL & WATER (full documentary HD) oil industry Cajun deepwater horizon feature film
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    OIL & WATER (full documentary HD) oil industry Cajun deepwater horizon feature film

    His grandpa was a fisherman, years ago His daddy was a fisherman–sane–they used to fish, pulling the nets in the water, and when my my great-grandfather looked at my grandfather one day, they saw a boat coming with an engine in it. They had never seen that before. They were rowing out there. And all of a sudden, this guy throws in a net and a set of wooden doors and man, they were pulling nets by hand. He turned to my grandpa and said, “you’re looking at the end of the shrimp right there.” He thought that was it. Every modern… Technology Technology, man. That was technology. My grandfather…

  • Hamster Products I Currently use
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    Hamster Products I Currently use

    Often I get asked about the hamster products that I use, like what are they? where did I get them? So I’m going to be talking about all of the current hamster products that I am using right now. So the first thing would be bedding, the two types of bedding that I actually use is the the All living things paper bedding as well as the Great Choice Aspen wood shavings. Now I’m not too particular about my bedding types as long as it is a safe substrate, I sometimes will use CareFresh or I’ll use Kaytee Clean and Cosy it kind of just depends on what is on…

  • What Is Student Data?
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    What Is Student Data?

    What is student data? You may not think of empowerment when you think of data, but when used effectively, data can give you the full picture needed to support the incredibly important education goals of parents, students, educators, and policymakers. That said, there’s a lot that must happen before data can be meaningful and useful to everyone. Student data are collected from many sources and in many formats, although the type of data and who can access them, is different at each point. But what do we mean by student data? First there’s academic information: student growth, courses, grades, enrollment, completion, and graduation. Then demographics: students’ age, race, gender, economic…

  • Best Ever Gaming laptop In 2020 | Budget Gaming laptop by best ever gadget
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    Best Ever Gaming laptop In 2020 | Budget Gaming laptop by best ever gadget

    Budget Gaming laptop by best ever gadget Best Ever Gaming laptop In 2020 hi everyone I’m Shannon Morse and today I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend the Alienware m15 this is alien wares newest and thinnest laptop yet which stays true to the industrial design that they are known for but it also introduces a thinner and lighter concept for on-the-go gaming at 4.76 pounds and a size of fourteen point three by ten point eight by point eight three inches you will find that this new Alienware m15 is 18% lighter than the Alienware 13 and 30 percent smaller volumetrically than the Alienware 15 so…

  • LIFO Inventory
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    LIFO Inventory

    >>Okay, we’re going to look at LIFO under the periodic inventory method. LIFO is “Last In First Out.” The last ones in or the last ones we purchased we assume are the first ones out or sold. So let’s take a look at the information here. In the inventory, 400 units, paid $13.00 a piece, that’s $5,200. We had four purchases during the year. These are the units we purchased, this is the cost per unit, multiplied across is $8,100, $9,100, etc. You add up your beginning inventory plus your purchases. These are all the units we had available for sale and this is the cost of goods available for…

  • We Develop a Bike Frame / Prototype to Product // S2:E7 /// Design Loop
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    We Develop a Bike Frame / Prototype to Product // S2:E7 /// Design Loop

    Hi I had a real hard week at first we realized from the lab test that the frame does not last long enough The frame failed after 90 of 100 thousand pedal cycles and on top of it, a tough one We got contacted because our design was infringing another patent. They have the patend pending in Europe And granted in Australia, USA, Canada So for us the big question was; we have to work on the yoke however we aim uncompromised performance and if someone had a similar idea before we would rather pay a patent fee the compromising the performance. However I tried to round the patent and…

  • Dogment3d Follow Spot
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    Dogment3d Follow Spot

    At ETC, we’re always looking to get a leg up, and with the introduction of Augment3d We were left wondering, “How do we go beyond the three dimensions of Augment3d?” “What is the fourth D?” It’s time to unleash innovation. We matched up market needs and came to a fairly obvious solution: Man’s best, highly focused, and friendly spotlight, The Dogmented Follow Spot with an ingenious control module we call The Transponding and Receiving Environmental Awareness Tag, Or TREAT We went to R&D and pitched the idea: “Is the fourth D: Dog? Is it really as simple as that?” The product manager came to us with a… unique request: Dogs…