Awakening – 18 DAYS
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Awakening – 18 DAYS

Let go, you overgrown reptile! I am a soldier. I led my brothers-in-arms in
battle and destroyed any who opposed us. But our enemy had no respect for nature or rules. We were captured by creatures that did not belong on this earth. This dungeon must be where the enemy is holding us. But they did not count on me. After I find my bearings I will rescue my brothers from those creatures
and lead them out of this pris… Uh. What the…? Oh no… no! NO!! No… they already… I’m… It wasn’t a light… it was a… countdown… I can’t become one of them!! I won’t allow it!! I… I am… a… solider… I am… a… maaaaansssss… Come, my children! Come! Your creator commands you! Rise to your destiny among your brothers! Become the warrior you were born to be! Once you were but men! Soldiers lost on the battlefield, forgotten by your families! Now you are part of a new family! Part of an army that will make the earth tremble before your feet! So hail your new leader! Hail the emperor that holds claim to the earth! Hail your new god! HAIL DURYODHANA! HAIL THE SERPENT KING! ALL HAIL THE SERPENT KING! ALL HAIL DURYODHANA!


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