Bachelor of Commerce: e-Business Marketing at Humber
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Bachelor of Commerce: e-Business Marketing at Humber

Marco Tramonte: The program is a 4 year Bachelors. For
the first couple years you will learn a lot of theory, and then you move on
to practicals towards the third and fourth years. Eli Lewin: We specialize more in subjects like customer relationship management, and data mining, business information systems, database, supply chain management, quality management. Marco Tramonte: I decided e-business just because I
always had a passion for e-marketing. Now I was accepted into other programs but I
did choose Humber over the rest of them just because I read Humber’s course description and I noticed that their course varies in terms of what you can learn. Michael Cascone: I think the best part of
the program at Humber, the e-business program is the fact that you are taking the hands on
knowledge from the labs and the projects also coupled with theoretical parts, so you are learning
the theory behind what you are doing but then you also get the practice of theory
so it’s great from both angles. Marco Tramonte: What I liked most about the program
was we really gelled as a class. Eli Lewin: We have a graduate who is
merchandise reporting analyst for Bell Mobility Canada. Another candidate is a manager of e-commerce at Adidas. Michael Cascone: I did have a placement between third year and fourth year I worked at Softchoice Canada. It’s a big company
downtown. They are a big re-seller, they also do solutions architecture. It was an excellent experience
I sort of saw what I was learning in school, how applicable it was in the real level
and I got to use things that I learned from previous courses in my day to day job. Eli Lewin: So first of all we have advisory
committee which comprises of people from industry we meet twice a year and they are from different areas of business. We have people from HP, another computer company, from sales, marketing, e-business So we get feedback from these people about learning subjects we should incorporate and also about the job market and how should we
move or tilt or tweak our program. Marco Tramonte: I actually was offered a position
already. My practicum was so helpful that and I gladly accepted it. You can learn theory over the years last month the company had reached out to me and offered me a position and you can learn it from a textbook, it’s
the practical skills that you attain from Humber and that you can actually apply into the real world.

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