barbie ki kahani- barbie story hindi mai/indian barbie back to school shopping
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barbie ki kahani- barbie story hindi mai/indian barbie back to school shopping

look jhoohi, we have reached. so many different bags are over there yes mommy. but i want to sit in the trolly and watch them please pick me up mommy. i wanna sit in trolly ok baby mommy look at there. so many beautiful bags are over there mommy put me down. come on mommy mommy..come on fast please oh GOD come on.. get down mommy how beautiful are all these bags ok baby. now which of these do you like? ok…i like this yellow bird one this star one this teddy bear one this bee one this cupcake… this pinky heart one this silver one this rabbit and this ladybug one finish. that’s it mommy. say that you want all the bags then no mommy i don’t want this, this and this bag. oh God…what do i do with you my cutie no baby. you can only choose one bag. so come on and tell me which one do you like? ok mommy…then i want this pinky star one. can i put on this bag mommy? sure. why not baby How cute you look with this bag. This bag too is small and pretty like you. Mommy, i am very big, not small Right,,, you have become very big my grandma ok Now i’ll keep this bag in the trolly Mommy, please can I take this small yellow bird bag too?? But my grandma, you have already taken one bag just now Yes, but you see my bag has become lonely now Oh God, ok i’ll keep my bag beside it so that it dosn’t feel lonely, happy? Now they both are happy Mommy, look at these pretty note books Can i take one ? Ok, sure baby Ok, now i will drop this in the trolly here you go Baby, look at these story books over here Yes mommy, but i don’t know how to read It’s alright baby i will read the stories to you Go and take one Ok, then i will take this one Mommy, see how many bottles are there Mommy please please i want .. Ok baby, which one ? This, this, this ,this this, this and this one Take all, i like all of them If I buy all of them, then there wont be any bottles left for other kids That’s why you should just choose one from these Ok mommy, then i would like to have this pink one Here baby Come on my pink bottle, sit in this trolly Ok mommy, we are done with our shopping Now come on, lets go home Ok my angel, but first we have to go to the counter So, have you found everything your were looking for ? Yes, I have taken one bag, one note book, one story book and one water bottle Do you have a carry bag maam ? No, I will put all the things in my bag and wear it Oh, ok 1,2,3, 4 All of your things have gone in your bag, here is your bag Thank you Mommy mommy come on fast Wait baby, let me pay first Thank you for shopping here, come again Thank you Bye cutie,,, bye Hi,, I am having lot of fun in kindergarten Ok, i have to go play with my friends But please do not forget to Like and Subscribe ,,, bye….


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