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BB Ki Vines- | Chakhne Pe Charcha |

You’ve reached the station? Settle down nicely, okay? Take good care of your mother, okay? Call once you reach, okay? and don’t let your mother use the washroom by herself, okay? What?! Does she sh*t gold or what? No no… last time she was in the train washroom some goons came and asked her to take out whatever she had it backfired on them only, if you know what I mean Do take care of your purse, Ya, ya I know it’s wallet Such eagerness to be manly! Hello, Hello! I’m so done with this phones battery. Ya, so get this one. Vivo Z1 Pro. Wow! Is this yours? Of course, it has 5000mAh battery. It’ll last long. Is it fast? Ya… it has that Snapdragon 712 processor As if I understand all this. What about image quality? The camera has a full 32 Megapixels. You’ll be so surprised the camera will tear you a new as*h*le, but the pixels will stay intact! It’s so packed with features, must be expensive? and I don’t have 30-40K to spare. Only 14,990/- Really? Yes, of course. Great! I think, it’s worth it then. They could’ve sold it for 15k only. What enormous inheritance will I leave behind with 10Rs. Flipkart sale will begin from 18th July Did you get something to snack? Yes, I have. But is it okay to do all this behind their back. So you want to do bottoms up right in front of her? Both sister and nephew are not here, they’ll be back the day after. Let’s rock and roll till then. Let’s what? I just know Jai Mata Di, let’s rock. I’ll teach you. In front of him? He’s the one who got it from the liquor shop. You also take? I just take. What? Take this. Is this enough? Ya ya… Water or Soda? Why did you down that whole thing? Just prepping my system. All drinks will feel lighter in comparison now. He’s from that same lot. Who keep saying they don’t know anything, but go and top the exam. Oh no no… Give me the snacks. But, B-I-L are you stressed about your sons future? What stress? That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! What stress? I mean, there is a little stress. He has friends like him. Of course there is stress. But that’s okay, even we were naughty back in our day. What naughtiness did you do? Let it be now. Old times. Tell tell, share. I’ll tell you about mine too. I bunked college to see ‘Bobby’ the film with my friends. Dimple Kapadia wore a bikini for a scene… I enjoyed it so much, I went for the film a couple of times. Please don’t tell your sister about this Dimple Kapadia fetish. Or she’ll crack open my skull. You say now? Some guy misbehaved with sister in school Ice? I went over to his place. I reasoned with him, how will he feel if someone misbehaved with his sister or mother? But he didn’t listen. From the next day on, he stopped talking all together. You must’ve taught him a good lesson. Ya but… Blood never came off the knife… What do you mean? I didn’t know he was chewing gum. When I cut his tongue with the knife… The chewing gum got stuck to the knife along with the tongue. So much blood everywhere. Couldn’t get it off. Was in jail for 20 days… Does your sister know about this? What do you think? Make it stronger. You had no hook ups before sister, in college? No, I was very unadventurous. That’s evident. You got married and right after 9 months nephew was born. Unadventurous, as if. Desperate even now… Why aren’t you having kids? Kavita wants to… The thing is, life gets slow after having a kid. Right now, I want to enjoy it when she calls me ‘Daddy’ B-I-L What do you have to say about the cricket world cup? They played so well, just couldn’t do it in the semi-final. Middle order is a little off. And all these people who keep saying Dhoni should retire… Who the f*ck are you? It’s very easy to sit in the A/C, watch everything on a big TV watch the game from multiple angles and do commentary. If I even tell him to go and buy eggs, he’ll be out of breath. He’s 37, but runs so fast between the wickets. And these people, who abuse him, are the same assh*les who take the lift to the second floor in office. 71 for 5. If the nation had any hope left, it was because they knew Dhoni was still left. It’s not possible to score every single time. Such a wicket-keeper… Such a batsman… Such a player…such a captain. The Indian Cricket team will never get. and the day he retires, all the players will give each other blank looks during DRS. Son, you make me another one. Titu… I have no complaints from life. I’m just not that good at English. It’s not difficult at all. Just look at me. Why do you say, when someone says ‘I Love You!’ Not today, we’ll get busy tomorrow… No… You say ‘I Love You Too’ Oh right! Ever since these young boys in office have returned from foreign trips… their walk has only changed. We’ve been working here for the last 25 years, we’re still the same. A change in walk doesn’t always mean they have attitude now… Who knows, they must’ve got their ass f*cked… You give me ice. Don’t care what God gives me or not… but don’t mind Anil Kapoors youthfulness. B-I-L Kavita hides our condoms on purpose. Don’t you have a radio at home? It’s not working. Eh! Bugs Bunny! Sing us a song… *audio on, for a premium experience of this bit* Let it be, hand me some snacks! Tell me something about your love life? What should I tell you? anything… No, no let it be… Please B-I-L Oh no no… Please oh please B-I-L BROTHER IN LAW Telling me or NOT? Hold on hold on, telling you… Love doesn’t bend knees in front of anything. The wedding season is here… who knows, who must be bending in front of whom… I still remember… when I first saw her.. Felt she was perfect for me. It just took three seconds to fall in love with her. As time went on… our love grew deeper. What can you do for your love? I can do it about four times. What are you saying? You have a kid now. Oh that, that’s with Janaki… One sec, who were you talking about earlier… I’ll just come from the loo… But who were you talking about? Come here… *too many feels*


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