BE CAREFUL buying Nike HyperAdapt on EBAY!!
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BE CAREFUL buying Nike HyperAdapt on EBAY!!

– This is a weird one, I
just made it from my house to the airport in like 20 minutes. I’ve gotta be the last one on the plane. Heading to New York, I’ll
fill you in in a minute. What a crazy day. (techno music) Alright I’m on the plane. Fun fact, we’re flying directly
over our house right now, it is right down there, pretty much. You can’t pick it out but
trust me, it’s down there. But isn’t it gorgeous? So I’ll fill you in
later on what we’re doing but it’s gonna be a crazy
crazy, not even 24 hours, so anyway, checking out. (techno music) Alright, welcome to New
York, it is 11:30 at night and I just arrived and I’ll be back here at the airport getting a
plane at 4:30 in the morning, no 5:30 in the morning. So here’s the deal, I needed to get the Nike HyperAdapt shoes,
they’re not available anywhere except for the SoHo Nike Store only to select number of people. I was able to buy one of of eBay for more, much more than the $720
price just so I could get it, bring it home, bring the
first Nike HyperAdapt shoes to Utah and then destroy them. This is what my life has come to and I’m not ashamed of it. So taking you along for
this weird adventure and let’s go get an Uber and head Downtown and I’ve gotta meet
somebody at 12:30 at night. If that doesn’t sound sketchy then I don’t know what you’re thinking but it sounds a bit sketchy to me. I didn’t even think to wear a jacket, I’m not smart sometimes. I didn’t even bring anything,
this backpack is empty. – [Security] No filming in the airport. – No filming, I’m not in the airport. We’re filming in the airport, apparently this is the airport right here. That guy’s not happy with me. New York, welcome to New York. (techno music) You got it, thanks a lot, goodbye. Wooo, it’s cold but we made it. The Sheraton Tribeca, this
is where we’re staying. This is not too far from
Casey Neistat’s office and I can’t help but being in New York and think about every
time I’m going around I think I’m gonna see him
cruising by on a Boosted Board. I’m sure a lot of you
guys feel the same way. (techno music) How’s it going? Alright here’s the deal,
I’m here at the hotel it is like 12:18. I looked at my wrist,
I don’t have a watch on but I still looked at it and I’m here with a bunch of
hundreds, that’s all I brought. I’m gonna hide that. I brought my cellphone, I
didn’t bring a charger for it. I brought the hundreds
and I brought my backpack that is completely empty. Ya, I lost it. Like after we did that livestream today, I had less than an hour
to get to the airport and I was just like I gotta go, and I just like grabbed the
camera so I could show you guys what’s going on, went to
the bank got the money and then headed out. Man, I love it. I know it’s like this is a lot of money and you guys are gonna be
like it’s a lot of money can’t believe you spent that much on shoes just to destroy it. But the thing is, if you
know things about YouTube, like YouTube, you get
money for some of the views and so yes it’s a lot of money and we could just keep the
money and just not do this video and do something else but I feel like, like you guys reward us with views and so we wanna reward
you with awesome videos and timely content so that
you can just like amazed and happy and be able to
see what’s inside of things and I think these shoes
have really cool technology. It’s like the perfect task for us so I’m okay taking some of the money that’s come from the YouTube views and be able to take that and invest it into this trip, to the
shoes and get out here so. A little update here, it’s
been about 20 minutes, no sign of him. All I’ve seen are people
with pizza boxes walking by, like how are there so
many people that eat pizza at 12:00 at night in New York. The guy sent me an e-mail, I’m
not gonna tell you the price but the guy sent me an e-mail
saying that he wanna double the price than what he
listed the auction for. And he said it in a really nice way. He’s like “I’m a student,
I’ve had people call “and offer me double what you said “and I knew you flew all the way out here “so I wanna honor the
agreement that we had “but is there anyway you
could like meet in the middle or something?” And I don’t know how I feel about that. I sent him a message to say come over here and we’ll talk about it. So there’s a chance that the guy just doesn’t even come tonight
and I’m just stuck here, I’m in New York thinking
about 1100 bucks on a flight for no reason. That’d be a bummer. I don’t know, I wanna have faith in people and people are good and
they’ll do the right thing so we’ll hang tight,
I’ll give you an update in a bit. Oooo, that’s what I get for
having good faith in people, not less than, less than
one minute after I just made that last message, he just
sent me a message saying sounds good, should be
there in 20 minutes. At 1:00 in the morning he’ll be here. It’s pretty cool that he’s
coming at 1:00 in the morning. Like it’s pretty cool, I must say. So alright, 20 more minutes hopefully. The transaction is complete. This is the man right
here that I bought it from as he walks away. Thanks, thanks for the
shoes, thanks for coming out at 2:00 in the morning. We’ll see you. There he goes, that really
is him, that’s the guy that i bought the shoes
from in New York at 2:00am. (music) Okay, my room is 1505. What the heck is that, where’s 1505? It’s like every number except that one. Playing tricks on me this
late at night alright. Found it, check out the view. That’s the hotel that
Lincoln and I stayed at when we did the Gold Play
Button video with Casey right there we were in that corner room. That guy was nice, he
was super super nice, I made him look a little
creepy in his jacket as he walked away. Here’s the story he told
me, he ordered the shoes on the app, he went to the store today, it was the first day
that they’re selling it and he said that there was
like plenty people everywhere they went through this whole walkthrough, they had a shoehorn when they put ’em on and they asked him multiple times “So are you gonna keep these shoes?” and he’s like “Well
yeah I’m gonna keep ’em” like he meant he was gonna keep
’em until he left the store I think but man. He said that they were only
selling 20 shoes that day at the two different stores in New York and he was one of the first
people today to get it and so that’s two
different sets, 20 shoes, they said 100 shoes for the entire weekend and then that was it for a while so man, these are super
exclusive right now. Yes I did give him a little bit more money just because the value
is a lot higher right now and I just felt like it
was the right thing to do but anyway he was a super cool guy. Just so you know I’m not
lying, here’s what time it is, 2:30 in the morning. I didn’t even bring a change of clothes, I didn’t even bring a toothbrush. Yes I know that’s gross, I’m sorry. And I didn’t bring a charger for my phone. That sucks. So 4:15 I leave, it’s 2:30
in the morning right now, now the question is, do I actually sleep? I think the answer is yes I sleep. Change of plans, I did
what you’re not supposed to do in a hotel, I turned on the TV and Zoolander is on. So now I’m watching Zoolander, how do you turn off
Zoolander, it’s so funny. I gotta get back to the show. Alright, slept about 45 minutes, YouTuber life. (techno music) Thank you very much. Alright we got the
goods, we got my ticket. I can’t wait to sleep on that flight, I’m gonna sleep so good. If you saw on our vlog that when we went to Grand Cayman Islands, one
thing that I really like to do is to find the actual chapels
that are inside of airports because pretty much every
airport has a chapel but nobody ever goes in them. It’s really interesting so
I just found the one here at JFK and man it’s impressive. Okay, check it out. That’s pretty fancy. There’s actually somebody
in there reading. Okay, this one’s like
the Christian chapel, that one we saw next
door was a different one. Merry Christmas. So unlike the Atlanta Church
there’s no Book of Mormon in here but there’s the
Bible and that’s one thing I read too so that’s good. Somebody needs to fix that. If you have a Book of Mormon,
you should bring it here to JFK Chapel and put it in there, that’s kinda bad that they don’t have it. Alright so check this out, check this out, worship center, worship
center, worship center, worship center, airport security, airport. JFK I’m impressed, well done, well done. Thank you.
– You’re welcome. (techno music) – [Pilot] Ladies and
gentlemen it’s our pleasure to welcome you to Salt Lake City– – These are officially the
first, I guess not officially, unofficially the first HyperAdapts in Utah and I ran into somebody. – Oh, I’m sorry. – He’s too busy. – Buy low, sell high that type of thing. Oh hey guys what’s up? – So he’s just trading
on a Saturday morning. – Yeah, it’s just a
pastime more than anything, I do it for the fun. – Remember Cassidy? – From the chicken video? – And the chicken video, thrilling chicken which turns out there’s a lot
more thriller chicken videos on YouTube. They’re a lot more scandalous
than the ones that we did I’ve come to learn. We need to make this
video so that I can get it on the interwebs cause nobody’s
really seen these shoes and I’m so excited for you guys to see it, like I want you guys to see these shoes and see these shoes and see how they work. Going in, here we go. See who’s awake. Hello, you’re still in your jammies. – Yeah. – Oh whoa, that’s fancy. What, what is this box? – This is the box it comes in, no joke. – This is so heavy. – Whoa, are those– – HyperAdapt 1.0, that’s awesome. – That’s so cool, don’t you
just wanna open ’em right now? – Yeah. – Aren’t you excited that
you can’t until we’re filming the main video. Okay, let’s open ’em on this video. Let’s do it, take it in the other room. Let’s put mom on camera, she
hiding behind the pillar. – Don’t please. – She must not be ready for the day. – I’m so sick. – Oh she’s sick, she’s
hiding behind there. Oh, where’s she going?
– Stop. – She’s gone, where’d she go? She’s going down the stairs now. – Seriously. – Oh my gosh, why’s there so many of them? – I don’t know, they just
went up on December 1st just all right there. – Look at all those. Lincoln, bust ’em out but you gotta be kinda of careful. (dramatic music) – More boxes. – [Daughter] Don’t open
up the window daddy– – Whoa, those are awesome. – We got it, we got the shoes. These are the first ones in Utah. So now we’ve got our
lights, we gotta get setup, we gotta figure out– I need a shower and get ready for the day and then we’ll film the video and hopefully it’s fun. So you probably have already seen it, I hope you enjoy this behind
the scenes travel vlog. I don’t know what it’s gonna
look like because we really, it’s just me travelling all over the place but I figured you might
as well get some insight into how I actually got these shoes. – They smell really good. – They do, they smell amazing. The future isn’t tomorrow,
it’s today Lincoln! – It’s today? – Today’s the future.
– Today’s the future, not yesterday, no no no, not tomorrow. – Not tomorrow, today is the future. – Today is the future. – But tomorrow would
be the future and today would not be the future
because today’s today and tomorrow’s the future. – Alright, go check out the other video if you haven’t already
and thanks for watching.


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