Beautiful Boy – Official Trailer 2 – Watch Now on Prime Video | Amazon Studios
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Beautiful Boy – Official Trailer 2 – Watch Now on Prime Video | Amazon Studios

When I tried it I felt better than I’d ever had, so… …I just kept on doing it. – Why?
– I don’t know. I thought we were closer than
most fathers and sons. – Dad, I–
– This isn’t us! – This is not who we are!
– Can you please stop? Just… …please both of you stop! There are moments that I look at him… …and I wonder who he is. How’s our boy, David? Because I’m not giving up now. Never. You always got to be controlling everything. It doesn’t make any sense. – You’re controlling me right now!
– This is not you. Let us help you. I don’t want your help.
Don’t you understand that? I had such grand plans. He’d graduate from college… …do something amazing… …and now I just want him to not die. Who are you, Nic? This is me, Dad, here. This is who I am! If you could take all the words in the language… …it still wouldn’t describe how much I love you. I love you more than everything. I’m really sorry, Dad. It’s hard as hell to get sober… …but I love my family. I want them to be proud of me. I understand how scared you are. It’ll pass though. It always does. Nic, what you have is extraordinary… …and you’re going to get it back. You’re going to find it again.


  • Francesco Ramicani

    The no comment movie. A lot of lesson I can get from there. Almost all new released movies and serials I can find using boxxy software

  • Deepti Jain

    They are rightly saying that the guy is a mix between Christian Bale and Daniel Day-Lewis, with a little bit of Leonardo DiCaprio thrown in. The next big thing

  • Carl Davenport Jr

    Beautiful Boy is now playing on Amazon Prime. After watching this movie for the first time after since I saw it at the theater. I noticed the difference between the two character portrayal in this movie and Call Me by Your Name. I judge a actor by his ability to play a totally different character than the last one I saw them play. I can honestly say these two characters are as different as night and day. Timothee Chalamet was able to accomplish the task. His performance in both vehicles are outstanding. Steve Carnell delivered as he always do. The story line is real to life. It makes the tragic truth about addiction a heartbreaking experience on the parents and the tormented child that they can’t help. A testament to hard love. Giving the addict one choice. They have to want to change. You can’t make them.

  • Nicole Sakwe

    I cannot wait to finally watch this. Coming out this Friday, in South Africa or at least where I am in SA.
    Timothee is so talented. My gosh.

  • Selena Metz

    amazon have been releasing many good movies lately. only one problem, none of the movies are available in canada. i so badly want to watch beautiful boy but cant and I am a little frustrated.

  • Deanith

    I always have mixed feelings about addicts. I know as a non addict I can't know what is like so my opinion might be stupid.
    I get mad beacause these people choose their fate. Most of the times is people having fun , experimenting or even trying to get away from reality/ struggles etc. Either way it's a choice. It's not a real disease( in the way diseases isn't something u make a choice).

    I do believe it becomes a disease though. What I mean is you have symptoms you can no longer control, the addiction itself isn't something u choose anymore. It affects your mind and body in terrible ways.

    So I'm confused, feel mad or sorry for these people.

    Just don't even try, stay away from drugs. First time is a choice.

  • 123spleege

    This is one of the most irresponsible, lite takes on a subject most just cannot understand. Or can't deal with. a tragic result of whoring-wood. Every expected turn of this empty film is provided there. Believe it or not, its almost satire. This film is a joke. I was 8 years on opioids from the VA. If I felt like the average idiot was ready to deal with this, I would go into detail how fucking pathetic this roll of plastic is. But the truth is, judging from the comments, there are just too many morons.

  • Michael Johnson

    The acting was really good, the writing was good. However overall I will say I didn't like the movie. I could not get over the annoying flash back/flash forward scenes. It is alright to have these in films but they were all over the place. Also the transition back to the main story from these flash backs/flash forward were extremely poor. Some of the flash backs/flash forward scenes were extremely irrelevant to the overall film. It slowed down the flow of the film. It was like the film was copy and pasted. The story also nothing ground breaking. I give Beautiful Boy a 6 out of 10. Watch the films Traffic, Requiem For A Dream which are much superior films overall in related subject matter.

  • melnjada2

    how many times does Timothee have to break my heart? I'm telling you his acting in this movie was just phenomenal! He does justice to the sun falling on his hair by radiating so much fucking beauty!

  • Gail Remudaro

    Just watched this after seeing Timothee on the Golden Globes. I’ve never seen any of his work before and I’m blown away! I’m late in the game but I’m now gonna watch everything single thing he’d done. Steve and the rest of the cast were equally amazing – even the little kids. It is almost too hard to watch cuz it pulls on your heart and forces you to feel. I didn’t know Steve has acting chops like this. I’m just…I don’t even know what to say. It’s so fricken good. Oscars all around. ??

  • Yuri Breadstick

    The only way to watch this movie is to be high on heroin or meth..
    great movie I give it 83 golden pikachu's out of 13 joker faces…amazing!

  • Katelyn Villegas

    Parents need to understand that addiction is hard and getting over it is even harder, I’ve been sober for like 8 months now and it’s still hard when I was 15 I broke my arm and had to get plates put into my arm and I was prescribed norco and Vicodin for the pain I ended up abusing these and developed a very bad addiction all the way up til I turned 19 and during this time my mom kicked me out and refuses to talk to me even now if it wasn’t for my brother I’m 110% sure I would’ve been dead so if you know someone suffering with an addiction don’t pressure them and don’t rush them, recovery takes time

  • Chewey the king

    i watched it and omg im really still sad because it was so accurate and its a lesson. We should watch it because it is scary and it does scare us. Learn from it

  • Raditya Nichol

    I could barely felt the true message of any movies, but this one is an exception. Timothee is that boy who could make you angry, sad but touched at the same time. perfect.

  • Kea Michelle

    A disturbing story of teenage addiction and the agony it causes the parents AND, of course, the user. EXCEPTIONALLY well directed, acted and produced!!! Nothing about this movie could be improved… and I NEVER say that!!

  • Evan Peltier

    As a struggling writer at 21, I know what it feels like to think that you are a nobody, and that using drugs to make the emotional pain go away will make everything better.

    I was born on July 28, 1998. I was born 28 weeks early, and because of my premature birth, I have cerebral palsy on my left arm and leg. I started smoking weed at the end of 8th grade. I had no friends until high school, when a few kids found out I was into getting high and "chilling". I was, and still am, a loser, because I hid myself from the rest of the world and smoked weed with the stoners all day. It felt SO GOOD to just get high and not think about how I was doing nothing with my life.

    After a while, I started experimenting with psychedelics, (shrooms, acid) and because of my physical disability, no girls would ever talk to me. So that made the shitty feelings much worse. For those 4 years of high school, I was basically skipping class and getting drunk and high pretty much from the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to bed. I never used any hard drugs (crack, meth, cocaine, heroin, etc.) THANK GOD. However, I still had no self-control. Two years ago, I decided to quit for good. I struggled at first, but then I came to the realization that no matter what negativities you are dealing with in your life, the only way to push past it is with self discipline and control. Sure, your family loves you and they want to help, but if you don't stay grounded and focused, what good does it honestly do for you? ONLY YOU can find your way through the maze. Your loved ones can't find it for you.

  • Zacky909

    I really really like his acting. Dear haters, you can't necessarily be great like that. still waiting for the sequel "call me by your name"??

  • Sarah Maria Sander

    OK so I've just watched A Beautiful Boy and I just want to say to the people working at the movie theatre that it is absolutely NOT OK to not warn people before they go and see this movie, like idk, something like "beware, extremely sad movie" I mean I kind of knew that it'll be heavy but I JUST CRIED LIKE A BABY FOR 2 HOURS STRAIGT OK , jesus christ.

    so now that I've calmed down just go and watch it it's a masterpiece.
    Also before this movie I didn't understand why everybody was so excited about this new kid Timothee Chalamant, well NOW I know. Amazing actor. Also Steve Carell did a mesmerizing job. I can't handle my emotions right now

  • taylormxrie

    This movie was incredible.
    I personally have a sister that has been suffering with a meth addiction for years now. She’s been in and out of rehab, and it hurts, seeing her the way she is. I hope someday she finds peace. I love her so much.
    Meth ruins families, meth breaks hearts.

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    I watched this movie a day before my grandfather. He was an alcoholic for many years but he succeeded and I remembered moments when he was telling us to not do the same mistakes he made, he was not embarrassed, he was an example of not giving up. I cried so much during this moving while he was dying, I recieved a call a few hours later he was dead.

  • Silver Fox

    Great movie, loved it. Have to say I relate to much of the movie and am very grateful for what God has done for me in my life!

  • Norfolk250

    Just watched on disc… this thing threw my OCD into action. I didn’t have anything to write down a check mark for every time they said ‘okay’ (I omitted ‘all right’), but I did have some yarn and needles handy!! HA! I put a thumb-stitch on every time I heard it, and when it was done I had 63 stitches. That’s a LOT of times to hear that word. I mean… Mr Mackey wasn’t even IN this pitcher!!!

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