Beauty And The Beast – 18 DAYS
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Beauty And The Beast – 18 DAYS

I’m not usually good with women. I scare them. Especially when I try to woo them. So it’s probably good that I didn’t meet Hidimbaa at
court, and try to charm her with my wits. Or do it the old-fashioned way and meet… her family.
Well, sister? Are there many? Will it be a good hunt? Not for you, Hidimb. Find other things to kill tonight. There is one I want, but not dead. Fool! I am not what you might call a sensitive man. But somewhere in my bones I knew something special was to happen that night. GRAAR!! Finally! The entertainment! I was looking for someone to play with! There’s only one way these games end. Spare him! Why do you want me to spare the rakshas? He’s my brother. I see. They taught us refinement at court. Subtle glances, delicate signals. …but I was never very good at the whole manners thing. I am Bhima. I want you.


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